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( Darkness Dissipates; The King Returns (12)

Huo Mian didn’t even blink and stared at the man in front of her, and she actually couldn’t believe if all of this was real…

She felt like a century had passed as she stared at the familiar face and the gentle smile of the man standing in front of her.

“Mian, it’s really me, you’re not dreaming,” Qin Chu opened his mouth once again. His voice was just as magnetic as it used to be and as quiet as a whisper. It seemed like he was afraid to scare Huo Mian.

Suddenly, Huo Mian ran up to him with all her might, burying herself in Qin Chu’s embrace. She didn’t say anything and she could already feel the tears stream quietly down her face.

She hugged him as tight as she could and grabbed his black shirt as if she was afraid that he would disappear into thin air in that next second.

Qin Chu seemed to understand how Huo Mian felt; without another word, he reached out and hugged her back… slowly melting her with his gentleness…

No one knew how long Huo Mian had been waiting for him to come back. She had imagined this scene countless times, but the reality was more soul-stirring than ever.

Compared to the class reunion so many years ago, their reunion was a lot more nervous and exciting this time around.

In the end, Qin Chu couldn’t help but hold up Huo Mian’s beautiful face. Looking at her gently, he said, “Mian, I’m sorry that I made you wait.”

Then, he kissed her…

When their lips touched, Huo Mian felt her entire world spin. She greedily took in his unique and familiar scent, reveling in his slightly icy lips.

Even so, Huo Mian never once let him go…

She kissed him back, lovingly and passionately. The kiss began gently, then turning into a wave of desire and domination before finally slowing down, once again…

– Inside the Ballroom –

“Where’s Huo Mian?” Zhu Lingling glanced around the room, curious that Huo Mian had disappeared.

“She was just here, maybe she went out,” Gao Ran said, putting his arm around Zhu Lingling.

Zhu Lingling had their son, Gao Boyuan, in April, and he was seven months old right now.

They were going to bring him onto the boat today, but because Gao Boyuan napped way too much, Zhu Lingling ended up sending him to his grandma’s house.

“The twins’ performance is over, Yu, bring Huo Mian back. After all, she’s the main character today,” Tang Chuan reminded.

“Okay, I’ll bring her over.”

Su Yu couldn’t suppress the excitement and anxiety bubbling in his heart. Last night, he barely slept, feeling as if something big was about to happen.

He walked outside and onto the deck. Upon seeing Huo Mian’s back, he was just about to call out when he suddenly froze.

It was because she saw her tightly holding onto a man…

Who was he?

After recognizing who it was, Su Yu stumbled back a few steps, afraid to disturb them.

It was Qin Chu!

It had been almost four years since Huo Mian became pregnant and Qin Chu disappeared. But today… he quietly returned… just when Su Yu was about to propose to her…

Su Yu felt like something had stabbed his head.

He instinctively reached into his suit pocket and took out the brocade box, feeling the irony as he looked down at it.

“I’m glad I didn’t say anything… or else, Mian’s not going to be the only one feeling awkward.” Su Yu smiled bitterly as he lowered his head and caressed the box.

He saw how passionately they were kissing each other on the deck and felt like his entire world was crumbling around him.

So, it was fate. Huo Mian was not destined to be his.

Su Yu walked back into the ballroom with an ugly expression on his face and sat down quietly.

“Yu, what’s wrong? You didn’t find her?” Wei Liao looked at him and asked.


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