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( Darkness Dissipates; The King Returns (13)

“I’ll go and look for her for you, or maybe you should use the speakers on the ship, haha. I’m sure Huo Mian’s not far away,” Tang Chuan laughed.

“Yu, did something happen?” Xiaowei immediately noticed the odd expression on Su Yu’s face.

He looked up; with a pale face, he said, “He’s… back.”

“Who’s back?” The group was more confused than ever.

“Qin Chu’s back…” Su Yu mustered up all the strength in his body to say these words. Then, he felt all of his energy left his body.

His four simple words left the entire group in shock.

Zhu Lingling and Gao Ran looked flabbergasted, and Wei Liao and Jiang Xiaowei’s expressions filled with bewilderment.

Ni Yang and Chen Jie didn’t say anything, shocked as well as they stared at each other.

Tang Chuan, on the other hand, dropped his wine glass. Flabbergasted, he thought Su Yu was just playing a prank on them. “Yu, are you kidding me? Stop messing around!”

“You guys will see him soon…”

“If Qin Chu’s back… then what does that make you?” For the first time, Wei Liao felt bad for his friend. In the past, no matter what Tang Chuan said, he never said anything.

But this time, he couldn’t stay silent.

Why didn’t he come back a day earlier or later? Why did he choose to come back on the day Su Yu was supposed to propose?

Was Qin Chu messing with him? For the first time in his life, Wei Liao felt sorry for Su Yu, a man who wasn’t afraid of anything.

If Su Yu missed this chance, he would never get Huo Mian.

There was not going to be a second chance…

“I was by her side for the last three years, but all she really wanted was a warm hug from Qin Chu. I lose. I may have lost, but I retired after winning merit and am still honorable although defeated. It seems like I was bound to lose to Qin Chu, from the very beginning.” Su Yu looked up and smiled awkwardly.

His forced smile sent a stab into everyone’s heart…

“Yu, she’s not worth it! It’s been three years, even a dog would have developed feelings for you by now, let alone a living human! Is Huo Mian an idiot? Didn’t she see what you’ve done for her? Now that her husband is back, is she going back to her lovey-dovey life? What are you going to do then, what does that make you, huh? No, I can’t take it, I have to get an answer from Huo Mian. What is she trying to do to you! Is she only going to stop after toying you to death?!” Tang Chuan, a straightforward person with a hot temper, was furious by what happened to Su Yu. Therefore, he stood up to leave.

Su Yu grabbed the corner of his shirt. “Come back.”

“Su Yu…”

“I said sit down!” Su Yu roared angrily, prompting everyone in the room to glance his way.

The twins were still singing Frozen’s Let it Go with seven languages. Their perfect pitch left everyone in awe.

After pulling Tang Chuan back into his seat, Su Yu glanced around the room. “Fishbones cut my throat, but I still like eating fish. I was bitten by a dog and scratched by a cat, but I still like animals. I had a million cavities growing up, but I still loved sweets. Yes, Huo Mian pushed me away time and again, but I’m still willing to move words to see her. I’m willing, because I like her…”

“Yu…” Jiang Xiaowei wanted to console him, but Su Yu reached out his hand, cutting her off.

The group fell silent, waiting for Su Yu to finish what he wanted to say.


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