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( Retired After Winning Merit, Honourable Although Defeated (41)

“Mian, why is it that every time we meet, you’re always so aggressive and asking me what I want? What do you think I want? You’re so smart, how can you not know?” Huo Siqian let out a smirk.

“How would I know what the devil is thinking? After all, we’re not the same kind of people.”

“Hmm, I hear so much resentment.”

Huo Mian didn’t reply and looked at him with caution.

“Don’t be scared, I won’t do anything to you. If I really wanted your body, you wouldn’t be safe and sound like you’re now. After all, you did sleepover here once.”

A chill ran down Huo Mian’s spine. However, Huo Siqian simply walked over towards the dining room.

“Mian, come and have a late-night snack with me. I won’t give you a hard time, and as promised, I’ve let Zhu Lingling go. So, listen to me and don’t make me mad. Or else…I can’t promise I will be this kind the next time.”

“So, you’re threatening me now?” Huo Mian glared at Huo Siqian with anger in her eyes.

“You can interpret it that way.”

Huo Mian came today without any preparations, so she didn’t have the self-made explosives on her like the last time.

Huo Siqian, on the other hand, also knew Huo Mian came today without being prepared. If he were to take a gamble, he didn’t think she could leave here in one piece, safe and sound, if he didn’t want her to.

“Why are you still standing there like a dummy? Come and eat.” Tenderness suddenly spilled out of Huo Siqian’s eyes.

“When can I leave?”

“I’ve already told you we can discuss that after you eat.”

“Huo Siqian, you should know that even if I came unprepared today, Su Yu still knows that I am missing. He will find me very soon,” Huo Mian watched his eyes and said slowly.

“You’re threatening me with Su Yu? You think I’m afraid of him?” Huo Siqian smiled profoundly.

Huo Mian remained silent, not letting him leave her sight.

“Mian, everyone is always saying how smart you are. But, sometimes, you’re so adorably dumb. If I really wanted to do something to you, do you think I’d let Su Yu find us? Even if he found you, I would have already done what I wanted to do. For example, like now. You can’t resist me, can you?” As Huo Siqian spoke, he walked over in a couple of steps, closing the gap between them. Before Huo Mian could react, he had pushed her tightly against the wall as he leaned in on her.

The two of them stared at each other face to face with proximity. Huo Mian could almost hear her own heartbeat.

Her back was against the wall.

Huo Mian was not prepared for this. As she stared up at the face that is closing in on her, she felt her mind slip towards insanity.

“Huo Siqian, I’m warning you. Don’t mess with me, or I will kill myself right here and right now.”

“You’re so adorably stupid,” Huo Siqian chuckled, then continued, “But, I still love you so much, what should I do?” His tone became soft and tender, completely different than how

Desire filled his eyes. Huo Mian watched closely as her heart began to pound, she knew what he wanted.

Huo Siqian leaned down towards her. Thinking he was going to kiss her, Huo Mian turned her face in avoidance. But to her surprise, he simply leaned towards her neck and breathed in deeply – greedily taking in her unique sweet aroma.

“Mian, you’re the only thing that makes me feel safe in this world. With you, time is gentle, the years are static, and life is beautiful. Mian, do you think I’m right?”

“You…?” Before Huo Mian could finish, Huo Siqian grabbed her wrist and dragged her up to the dining table

“Huo Siqian! Let me go! Don’t touch me!” Huo Mian scrabbled to resist his touch as it made her feel disgustingly nauseous.


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