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(Retired After Winning Merit, Honourable Although Defeated (34)

“Stop it… Don’t say things like that… You won’t die… You’re as adamant as a cockroach…”

Qiao Fei didn’t respond.

Not everyone would like a woman like Lu Yan, but Qiao Fei did, which meant that he didn’t like good girls.

He wasn’t at all tired of chasing after her all these years…

He had been all over the world, from the Alps to the Himalayas…

However, when he was shot, it was the first time that he felt like he was going to be taken by the Devil of Death…

He ate a small spoon of congee and slowly said, “I really thought I was going to die this time… Before I lost consciousness, a scene flashed by my head… It was the time when we first met. Do you still remember it?”

“When we first met? When was that? I forgot…” Lu Yan was the careless type.

“It was when you were ten… It was my first time visiting Amsterdam with my dad. We were going to see you and your dad… You were standing amongst a field of tulips, wearing a yellow dress. You looked like a beautiful painting from afar…”

Qiao Fei had an icy personality and rarely sweet-talked.

Therefore, when he did, Lu Yan blushed shyly.

“Your pervertedness began all those years ago…?” Lu Yan joked intentionally.

“When I saw you back then, I thought life with you would be amazing…”

“Haha, you flatter me. Life with me is no more than killing and running… When I was ten, I was already traveling between countries because my old pop was being chased down. When I met you in Holland, my dad and I had just bombed a base. I felt a bit gloomy so I wore something pretty and bright. He brought me to the tulip field because he wanted to repent or something… Qiao Fei, I’m no angel. I’m just a ruthless killer… I’m also not from a good family nor am I a movie star. I’m not even a normal girl from a good ordinary family… I am Lu Yan, famous for her own mercenary group. I am one of the top ten assassins in the world, hunted by Interpol… I’m not as amazing as you think.”

Lu Yan looked down, for the first time feeling ashamed about her occupation.

“Yan… I’ve wanted to say this to you for a long time now. Even though I had many chances before, I never did. This time though, after almost being separated forever…

Lu Yan slowly looked up…

Qiao Fei held both of her hands tightly…

“Yan… If you were an angel, I will go to heaven with you; if you were a devil, then I will go to hell with you… No matter where you are, I’ll be right by your side…”

“Qiao Fei, I… I…”

Lu Yan didn’t get to give him her answer when the door of the room suddenly burst open, prompting Lu Yan to immediately free her hands and step back, keeping a safe distance between her and Qiao Fei.

She was afraid that others might think there was something going on between them.

“Hey son, you’re awake. That’s great…” Mr. Qiao looked very glad.

“Um… Uncle Qiao, you guys chat. I’m going to go out and buy him some fruit.”

Then, Lu Yan rushed out the door…

“Dad… I suspect someone from the inside leaked my tracks so they could harm me.”

“Yeah. Lu Yan also mentioned that. I already have people investigating into the matter.” Mr. Qiao nodded.

“Dad… have you investigated my second elder brother?” Qiao Fei asked with an icy tone.

“Your second elder brother? You’re suspecting Qiao Nan…?” Mr. Qiao’s eyes widened in astonishment as he looked at his son.


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