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(The Twins Versus the Manipulative Bimbo (10)

Huo Mian stood up and put on her coat. “We’ll be going then… You two enjoy.”

“Okay. Grandpa has been missing the kids. Next time when he comes back from Jing City, you should go and have a meal with him.” Su Yu was reluctant to let them go.

“Sure.” Huo Mian nodded.

“See you next time, Handsome Su.”

“You must remember what I said to you, Handsome Su,” Pudding exhorted.

“I got it, you little nagging girl …” Su Yu smiled.

After the family of four left, Jian Tong finally let out a sigh of relief.

“President Su…”

“Waiter, check please.” After Huo Mian left, Su Yu lost all of his appetites.

Jian Tong was somewhat surprised. She had not eaten much yet, and he was asking for the check already?

“I have somewhere else to be. I’d like to go first… If you haven’t finished, you can stay.”

“No, I want to go with you. Can you drive me home? I didn’t bring my car…” Jian Tong desperately wanted to spend time with Su Yu.

After that, they both stood up.

“President Su, President Qin already paid for the bill…” The waiter had their bill in his hand.

Su Yu had a glance at the bill, then he nodded and went out the door.

After Jian Tong got in the car, they left.

Su Yu didn’t say much along the way…

Jian Tong couldn’t hold it in anymore. “President Su, the twins are very funny, ha.”

“Yes, they’re like two fairies… They have a lot of little ideas.” Speaking of the twins, Su Yu was full of pride.

It looked as if they were his own daughters.

“Your family… likes them very much?” Jian Tong probed.

“Yes, my whole family likes Pudding and Little Bean very much, especially my grandfather. I have never seen him like children that much… Even when I was a kid, he wasn’t like that. It must be fate.”

“But I think… the twins are not as simple as they seem.”

“What are you trying to say?” Su Yu turned and looked at Jian Tong.

“Don’t get me wrong, President Su. I’m not trying to say anything, but it seems like the twins are quite cunning, they don’t have the innocence of three-year-old children… But it’s also quite understandable. After all… Huo Mian is a very calculative person…”

“Huo Mian is not calculative but just a little more mature… The twins inherited their mother’s excellent genes… so they naturally learn everything quickly. They’ve already completed the junior high school curriculum… This is no surprise… You don’t know them, so it’s normal for you to misunderstand them. In fact, they are both very naive and lovely, and they have all the natural instincts that a child should have…”

“Really?” Jian Tong reluctantly laughed.

“Please don’t mind what they said tonight. Sometimes they are so outrageous that even Huo Mian can’t do anything about them.”

“I didn’t mind. After all, they’re just children. But I’m just worried… if they are doing and saying things like this at such a young age… When they grow up… what would they… I’m afraid nobody will be able to control them.

“That’s Huo Mian’s problem, not yours. You are thinking too much,” Su Yu said lightly.

But discontent was present in his words…

Seeing that Su Yu was a little unhappy, Jian Tong dared not to say anymore. She just sat quietly in the passenger seat.

On the way back, Huo Mian felt that she had lost face.

Although she didn’t like Jian Tong, who could stand being hurt like that by two little guys?

“Qin Zhaozhao and Qin Mumu, you two…”

“Mommy, please pass me the potato chips from the front seat,” Little Bean interrupted.

“You still want to eat?” Huo Mian didn’t know what to say.

“I’m just bored and trying to kill time…”

“Pudding, we can forget the nonsense Little Bean said today, but you are her older sister, you…?”

“Mommy, I’m a little tired… I’d like to nap for a little while. Please wake me up when we are home. Thank you.” After that, Pudding leaned back in her seat and closed her eyes.

Huo Mian: “…”

“Qin Chu… Look at your two wonderful daughters!” Huo Mian was ready to collapse, so she ended up venting her anger out on Mr. Qin.



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