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(Sharing the Bed)

On the other end of the phone, Lu Jingli suddenly went silent for a couple of seconds, making Ning Xi feel even more agitated. She urgently asked again, “Second Young Master, does he or does he not?”

It wasn’t a big problem if he was just sleepwalking, but on the off chance that Lu Tingxiao had some other sickness, she had to quickly send him to the hospital!

It was really scary that he had suddenly turned into a pervert in the middle of the night and then abruptly knocked out, all right?

“Ah, I just found it a little odd that you would suddenly ask this. He actually does have such a problem. How did you find out that my brother sleepwalks?” Lu Jingli replied, his tone seemingly normal.

After hearing that, Ning Xi finally heaved a sigh of relief. She sounded relaxed as she laughed, “It’s nothing much. I was thirsty in the middle of the night so I came downstairs to drink some water, and I saw him standing in the middle of the living room staring blankly. He gave me a fright, that’s all!”

“Oh yeah?” Lu Jingli’s tone sounded contemplative. He then spoke earnestly, “It’s no big deal, it’s just an old problem. Don’t mind him and just let him continue doing whatever he’s doing. Be sure to avoid waking him up. He’ll go back to his room on his own!”

“Ah? Let him continue… and don’t wake him up? Then… then… alright, I got it!” Anxious that Lu Jingli would detect that something was off, Ning Xi hurriedly hung up the call.

With a headache, she looked at Lu Tingxiao who was lying down next to her.

To avoid waking him up, did she really have to let him lie here like this?

What if he started sleepwalking again?

She was going to drown in worry!

Because of this sudden, unforeseen development, the all-encompassing panic she had experienced earlier had already completely disappeared without a trace.

She looked at the man sleeping completely unaware by her side. The more she looked, the angrier she got. Finally, as if to vent her anger, she reached out and pinched his face, “You bastard, you’re sleeping so comfortably. I was nearly scared to an early death by you…”

Even after being pinched like mad, Lu Tingxiao was still quite obedient and looked completely harmless. She pinched him quite a few times before she was satisfied and withdrew her hand.

It looked like she could only wait for him to leave on his own now. She had heard that if people in the middle of sleepwalking were woken up, they could suffer a huge shock and possibly even drop dead.

She was clearly the one who had suffered the bigger shock though…

Ning Xi had originally planned to wait for Lu Tingxiao to leave before going back to sleep, but she unintentionally fell asleep while listening to the steady heartbeat by her ear.

After a long time, the man next to her slowly opened his inky black eyes, revealing an expression of relief.

Then he absentmindedly watched the girl and used his finger to gently touch her faintly knitted brows with a complicated look on his face…

The next morning, Ning Xi was woken up by a phone call.

Rather than picking up the phone, her first reaction was to turn her head over to look at her side.

Sure enough, Lu Tingxiao had already left.

Afterwards, she dazedly groped for the phone and pressed the accept button. A second later, a furious voice immediately sounded through the phone.

“Ning Xi, you’ve really done it now! I’ve been warning you since the start to be careful about your words and actions and to avoid embarrassing the company, but look at you! Right now, everyone in the company has lost face because of you!”

Ning Xi immediately woke up, “What happened?”

Chang Li spoke unhappily, “Take a look for yourself on Weibo!”

Ning Xi climbed out of bed and quickly turned on the computer to log into her Weibo.

Then she realized her Weibo had exploded!

The Weibos of most actors were typically taken care of by their management. Of course, Ning Xi didn’t get that treatment. She hadn’t bought any followers or launched any campaigns. On Weibo, she only had a little over 30,000 fans. She couldn’t even match up to an internet celebrity. Normally, she enjoyed sharing some tidbits about her daily life, but the number of comments and likes had never surpassed a hundred.

However, right now, over ten thousand mentions and comments had suddenly appeared overnight.

After skimming as quickly as possible over these messages, she finally realized what had happened.



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