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( It’s Her Ex Again)

“Have you found out who they were?” Lu Tingxiao’s expression spoke of hunting down the perpetrators without mercy once their identities were found.

Lu Jingli knocked on the table, “That’s the main point I was going to talk to you about. Even with my information network, I couldn’t find out who those two people were. It looks like you’ll have to wait for them to do it again before we have the chance to find out who they are.”

The evil demon king’s gaze was enough to kill right now, how could he wait for them to do it again?

Lu Tingxiao immediately dialed a number, and with a cold tone as frosty as the wind blowing off a glacier, “Cheng Feng, investigate two men for me.”

Lu Jingli’s face was filled with surprise, “Wow, even your secret troops have been mobilised!”

His brother’s information network wasn’t something his gossip network could match up to, because if you left a single clue, they would be able to dig up everything about you mercilessly.

“Bro, I’ve already told you that Ning Xi’s past is complicated. You finally believe me, right? I think you should just let Cheng Feng investigate Ning Xi while you’re at it!” Lu Jingli sincerely and earnestly advised.

“There is no need for that.” Everyone had skeletons in their closet. He wouldn’t touch the parts that she didn’t want others to find out. If she wanted to tell him, then she would tell him herself.

At six in the evening, filming finally ended for the day.

The most important scenes today had been between the male and female leads. However, although Ning Xi did not have many scenes, she still had to appear in the background, so she had acted like an ornament for the whole day.

It was tiring enough to act as an ornament. However, she still had to wear such a heavy costume, her neck was about to break, and rashes caused by sweat were starting to appear on her body.

After changing out of her clothes and removing her makeup, she put on a surgical mask and prepared to take the subway.

She wasn’t all that famous right now, so no one would recognise her. Taking the subway was convenient, and she wouldn’t get stuck in traffic.

As she was walking towards the bus stop, a black Maserati stopped next to her.

The car window rolled down, and Su Yan smiled as he looked at her, “Xiao Xi, I’ll send you home!”

Ning Xi: “…”

Her ex…

Why was it another ex again…

Couldn’t they let her live in peace just for a bit?

“No need.” Ning Xi continued walking straight, she didn’t want to look at the face that made her want to puke.

However, Su Yan slowly drove after her, unwilling to leave, “Xiao Xi, can we talk?”

Ning XI sneered, “What’s there to talk about with you? Do you think I don’t have enough scandals around me? Are you waiting for someone to take a photo of us and create an even bigger scandal?”

Su Yan frowned, he wasn’t used to getting cold sarcasm coming from the girl who used to listen to his every wish, “Xiao Xi, that’s not what I mean. I really have something important to talk to you about!”

If she continued exchanging words with him like this on the road, they were definitely going to be photographed.

This idiot’s car was so eye-catching.

Ning Xi looked left and right, making sure that there was no one around, before quickly getting on and closing the door.

After half an hour, in a private room of a certain restaurant.

Su Yan ordered a bunch of dishes after calling the waiter over, and most of them were things she liked to eat, “Xiao Xi, long time no see. I don’t know if your tastes have changed, have you been well while you were overseas these few years? I sent you money, but you returned it all, and you even changed your account…”

“If you have something to say, say it.” Ning Xi propped up her head with one arm as she focused on sending a text message to Little Treasure, informing him that she would be back a little later tonight.

Su Yan had no other choice but to push a check to her.

Ning Xi looked at the check for 8 million from the corner of her eyes- then narrowed them, “What’s the meaning of this?”

Su Yan’s expression was severe, “Xiao Xi, don’t do something you’ll regret.”

Ning Xi put down her phone, and looked at him with a fake smile, “Oh? Do tell me what I’ve done?”

“Then tell me, how did you get this role?” Su Yan’s tone suddenly turned even more serious.



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