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(That Youth is No Longer Here)

Up till now there were still people who would bring up the incidents where Ning Yaohua’s daughter had drunk the lemon water meant for washing hands and worn a counterfeit dress to a banquet as jokes. If other people managed to dig up the ugly truth of what had happened that year, then how could he still show his face in those circles?

Ning Xi’s face turned pale after hearing Ning Yaohua’s words.

That night, that stranger, that dead infant…

This was her Achilles heel.

The Ning family had covered up the whole incident due to fear of embarrassment, and Ning Xueluo had not spoken of it outside due to fear of the truth getting exposed. However, this had been her greatest nightmare ever since the start.

“I’m giving you the chance to gracefully exit the stage on your own. Since you don’t want it, then don’t blame me for not considering our relationship as father and daughter.”

“Heh, to think we still had something like a father-daughter relationship between us…”

“Dad, Xiao Xi… what’s going on?” Ning Xueluo’s surprised voice sounded from behind them.

Upon seeing Ning Xueluo, Ning Yaohua’s face changed to a loving expression, “It’s nothing, you don’t have to worry about it. When you go back, get your company to find someone else more suitable for the supporting female lead.”

The other meaning in his words was that Ning Xi was to be switched out.

Ning Xueluo was rejoicing in her heart, but she acted anxious on the surface, “Dad, why?” Xiao Xi has been set as the supporting female lead!”

“It’s already good enough for her to act in minor roles. How could she have the ability to act such an important role? I’ve invested 30 million yuan into this movie, and this isn’t somewhere she can play around!”

“But, Dad, Xiao Xi worked really hard to get into this movie…”

“Xueluo, you don’t have to speak for her. What did I tell you previously? I told you not to help her, but you wouldn’t listen! You even praised her in front of the reporters! Does she deserve it?”

“But, Xiao Xi is your…”

“Quiet, you’re not allowed to mention that sort of thing ever again! I’ve said it before, you’re my only daughter!”

“Dad, please don’t get angry. I won’t do it anymore, okay?”

“I have some other business later. I’m leaving now. If you have some time, then help me persuade her to stop being so stubborn!” Ning Yaohua shot a warning look towards Ning Xi, then turned to leave with a cold expression.

After Ning Yaohua had left, the well-behaved expression on Ning Xueluo’s face slowly melted away as she spoke innocently, “Ning Xi, this time it wasn’t me who was trying to make things difficult for you. I had wanted to give you a chance, only…”

“Ha…” Ning Xi couldn’t hold back a laugh. In that one sound, there was endless despair.

Who would have thought that the one who would wipe out all her efforts and push her back into obscurity would be her very own biological father?

She had spent so much effort preparing for this role all this time and had fought so hard to acquire it…

…but all her efforts had been in vain.

When the banquet had ended, it was already 11pm.

It seemed to be true that a person would get drunk easily if they were in a bad mood.

Ning Xi felt that she hadn’t drunk much today, but she started wobbling when she stood up, and her temples started throbbing in pain.

It was right at this moment that she saw someone who would make her feel even worse…

Su Yan…

Some of the cast, especially the women, had already started exclaiming in surprise upon spotting the new arrival.

“Ah! It’s Young Master Su! How handsome! He’s a hundred times more handsome than the rumours!”

“He must be here to escort Ning Xueluo! I’m so envious of her, her acting career is going so well, her family background is so good and her boyfriend is so handsome! She really is a winner at life!”

“This kind of person has already won on the starting line. We don’t even have the right to envy her!”


Ning Xi held onto the wall, somewhat stupidly looking at the man who was walking towards Ning Xueluo step by step.

The Su family had been doing quite well these few years. Su Yan’s social status had risen accordingly. Ning Xi could not longer see the youth of the past in him.

That sickly youth who had been living in the countryside to recuperate from a lung disease, the Su-gege who had read stories to her warmly, had already died in the passing of time…



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