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(The Shocked Parents)

Ning Xi struggled with herself for a long time as she was wondering whether to call. She dialed the number she had been given in the end.

She didn’t really like children since the incident five years ago. In fact, she was somewhat avoiding getting close to them.

It brought up some bad memories for her and made her think of the child she had lost…

That child had carried her warmest hopes. It also represented her dirtiest past.

For some reason with Little Treasure, not only was the uncomfortable feeling gone, but she inexplicably took a liking to him. She couldn’t resist getting closer to him.

It was strange.

“Hello…. Hello?” There was no sound although the call had been picked up.

Ning Xi knew that it must be Little Treasure and chuckled, “It’s Little Treasure right? Sorry, auntie just finished her work and thought of calling you.”

Little Treasure couldn’t speak and had no way of replying her. So Ning Xi could only talk to herself and try to think of things to say.

“Darling, have you eaten yet? You’re too skinny so you have to eat more okay?”

“Kids can’t be picky with their food! You won’t grow quickly if you’re picky! Kids are also really cute when they’re chubby! Although you’re already plenty cute right now…”

“Oh yes, I saw your dad on TV just now! He just successfully signed a huge business deal, he’s really impressive. Help me congratulate him!”


Ten minutes later, Little Treasure put down the phone and took out the whiteboard he had not used for some time.

He wrote in English stroke by stroke: Congratulations.

He was good at both Chinese and English even though Little Treasure didn’t know how to speak. He stuck to writing English most of the time because he felt that Chinese writing was troublesome.

However, he had not written anything for a long time because he had no desire to communicate.

The two elders were frozen in shock.

Lu Jingli was still relatively calm since he had already seen this before.

Lu Tingxiao had secretly overheard Ning Xi’s words. A trace of a smile showed on his ice mountain-like face after seeing that single word. He rubbed that little head, “Thank you.”

After Little Treasure was done writing, he started eating without another word with a very serious aura.

He even ate the carrots he hated the most.

The two elders continued staring in shock.

The elders had just smiled. Their obedient grandson had voluntarily started writing and eating. He had even eaten carrots…

Madam Lu finally regained her senses. Unable to restrain herself, she asked: “Jingli, what did that girl say to Little Treasure in the call just now?”

Master Lu also had an expression of wanting to know.

Lu Jingli, who was in the center of attention from his parents, slowly said, “She didn’t say much, she just told Little Treasure to eat more and not to be picky. She even asked Little Treasure to convey her congratulations to big brother.”

Madam Lu had a disbelieving expression: “That was it?”

Lu Jingli shrugged: “What else could it be?”

Master Lu looked grateful, “That girl actually managed to achieve more in a single phone call than what Little Treasure’s psychiatrist did in a year.”

“That’s right!” Madam Lu was surprised and happy, “This girl doesn’t seem bad! Tingxiao, you have to work hard!”

Lu Tingxiao: “Un.”

Madam Lu looked at her eldest son with a disgusted look. She then turned towards her youngest, “Lao Er, your brother is like a piece of wood, how would he know how to chase a girl? You have to help him, okay?”

“Now you know how useful I am!” Lu Jingli harrumphed proudly, “Don’t worry, I’ll definitely use my lifetime’s teachings to help my brother! let’s set down rules first, you two aren’t allowed to interfere. You know that it’s too easy to ruin everything at this stage when parents come into the picture!”

The two elders agreed repeatedly, “We understand, we understand, we’re only asking!”


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