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( Is she very scary?)

Late at night at Jin garden:

Si Ye Han stared at the girl tucked in bed. The gentleness in his eyes was tossed about by the wind and rain.

The scene at the bar kept replaying in his mind...

The girl was forced to her limit and fought, not knowing she was exhausted.

That numb, cold little face...

She became so calm the moment she saw him...

It was as if a sharp claw was gripping the softest part of his heart; Si Ye Han felt a suffocating pain...

At the same time, in another villa in Imperial City:

Si Xia sat in front of the computer screen in a daze.

One set of images after another appeared on the screen.

Gun and fresh flowers...

Strawberry cake and almond cake...

Smoke from chimneys spiraling upwards and a galaxy of stars...

The images repeated themselves over and over again on the screen.

Suddenly, a special reminder rang out.

The teenager absent-mindedly opened his email and read the news as usual without high expectations.

There was a short clip attached in the email. The video was quite shakey. Through the dim lighting and messy crowd, the girl moved so swiftly that only a vague figure of her could be seen. Her moves were accurate and each attack was meant to kill. Finally, she sent Liu Ying flying with a kick to his chest...

The second he opened the clip, Si Xia stood up instantly and his expression changed. His light gray eyes lit up as he murmured in disbelief, "Jie jie [1]..."


A few days later, in the morning.

The rays of sun seeped through the gaps in the leaves and sprinkled a golden brilliance in the room. The gentle breeze ruffled the tree leaves lightly, leading to some rustling.

A girl quietly laid on the soft and snow-white bedding. Her clean little face was innocent and flawless without a single speck of dust on it and she was as gentle as a delicate flower stalk in a greenhouse, unable to withstand any wind or rain.

Ye Wanwan was awoken by the pain in her head.

Her hangover made her feel like there was an ax wedged between her head, chopping it in half. The pain was excruciating.

Damn it...

What happened?

Why am I back in Jin garden?

I remember that last night...

I went to the bar to look for Jiang Yan Ran and after that, I seemed to have bumped into a group of troublemakers...

It felt like those people forced quite a bit of liquor down my throat...

Then... then I can't really remember what happened after that...

Right, where's Si Ye Han?

Ye Wanwan realized there was nobody by her side, so she climbed out of bed while rubbing her painful temples.

The moment she sat up and prepared to get up, she nearly fell head first on the ground.


What's going on?

Her entire body felt as if it had been running the entire night around Imperial City. Her muscles were aching so badly and her legs didn't even feel like they belonged to her. Simply lifting her knee caused her to grit her teeth in agony.

Damn it...

What did I do last night? How did I get beaten up so badly?

Ye Wanwan was full of suspicions. She needed to use the edge of the bed to support herself and inch her way out of the room.

With great difficulty, Ye Wanwan finally reached the door and slowly stretched to push the door open.

When she pushed the door open, there happened to be two guards conversing right outside the door.

Thus, Ye Wanwan quickly asked the two of them for Si Ye Han's whereabouts, "Er... may I ask, where's..."

She merely opened her mouth when the two guards jolted upon seeing her as if they were looking at a monster. Their expressions of horror were extreme and even the hairs on their heads were about to stand upright. After loudly wailing "ow," the two of them ran away and disappeared...

Uh, where's... your master...

Ye Wanwan didn't have a chance to complete her sentence. She froze with her arm in midair and the corners of her mouth twitched.

What's the meaning of this?

Am I that scary?




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