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(Affection (1)

There was a tint of hidden sadness in his words. He closed his eyes and kept them shut for a long time.

Ah Mo was startled when he heard him. He stared at Mu Yuchen in shock. “Master, do you mean that… Lingshi’s biological father is highly likely the man we met at the graveyard?”

Ah Mo had put in a lot of effort all these years to look for Mu Lingshi’s biological father. They were destined to be together, so he knew what she was thinking.

Mu Yuchen opened his eyes and took a deep breath. “If I guessed correctly, there’s a very high possibility. I tried to filter through the people who were close to Lingtian before, but there aren’t many left. Even if it weren’t them, it has to be someone who’s close to Aunty. In order to satisfy these two conditions, there’s no one else.”

“If it is him, the fact that he visited their graves means he acknowledges Lingtian’s existence, and knows about Lingshi too, but why have we never seen him before? From what I remember, Aunty said that she had fallen in love with a person who couldn’t marry her. It must’ve been someone who holds a high position in society. Master, we should narrow down the scope and filter them out one by one. Lingshi has been struggling with this recently.”

Mu Yuchen turned his chair around and opened a drawer. He took a document out and handed it to Ah Mo. “These are the results of the investigation I ordered, including everyone whom Aunty interacted with when she was still alive, and their backgrounds. Use this to filter them out. Get Lingshi involved. There’s a lot of work to do here, but I believe we’ll be able to get something out of this.”

Ah Mo was startled for a moment. He then quickly took it and flipped through several pages. As expected, it was all the information of people as well as a mapping of their relationships.

“Don’t worry. As long as we’ve got a clue, we won’t get lost!”

Ah Mo closed the document and took a deep breath. “Leave this to me, Master. I’ll find him.”

Mu Yuchen nodded. “You’ll be in charge of this. Don’t worry about anything else. Just find him as soon as possible and spend more time with Lingshi, alright? From now on, you belong to yourself and Lingshi as well, understand?”

Ah Mo was stunned by his sensitive words. He glanced at Mu Yuchen who was calm as usual while a sour feeling rushed up to his throat. After a moment of feeling both happy and grateful, he quickly nodded as his voice turned hoarse. “I understand, Master! You’ll forever be the Master I guard as well as the big brother I respect!”

Mu Yuchen waved nonchalantly. “I don’t need you to thank me. You should thank yourself. You did great all these years. You made our parents and grandparents happier than I did, so if you have time, come home together with Lingshi. Be with them and make them happy. That’d be nice.”

“No, Master, you’re irreplaceable for everyone. of course, I’ll do my best and I hope that you and Missus, I mean, Sister-in-law can be well.” Ah Mo did not know how to speak fancily. He was a straightforward man like that.

“Alright, you just returned. You should head home soon. I’m sure Lingshi is waiting for you. Just remember to come home soon.”

“Yes, Master! I’ll get everything done very soon.”

Mu Yuchen nodded before Ah Mo head out. He turned his chair around again as the door closed. Then, he looked out at the clouds high up in the sky.

As Ah Mo left Mu Yuchen’s office, he heard the sound of solid footsteps. To be exact, it was the sound of high heels clacking on the floor. He looked up and saw Xi Xiaye!


Ah Mo was surprised to see Xi Xiaye in a rush. He also noticed the unease on her face, so he quickly went up and asked, “What’s wrong? Did something happen?”

Xi Xiaye halted her steps when she saw Ah Mo. “Ah Mo? Is he in the office?”

“Master is in the office. You…” He looked at Xi Xiaye hesitantly.

“Is he busy?”

“Not really. He just finished working on some documents and is taking a break right now.”

“Alright, I have something to talk to him about. I’ll head inside and see him.”


Xi Xiaye smiled and continued forward after she got a reply from Ah Mo.

She was about to knock on the door and head in, but she suddenly stopped as her hand touched the knob. A faint light flashed past her eyes as she then pushed the door open gently and walked in quietly.

As expected, when she went in, she looked towards the office table and saw him right there.

With his eyes closed, Mu Yuchen picked up a familiar scent. He smiled and at the same time, a pair of cold hands covered his eyes.

“What’s the code word?” A childish and teasing tone of voice came from his back.

“Prosperity and fortune to my wife!”

Xi Xiaye was entertained as he just replied almost instantly. She chuckled. “What kind of code word is that? Hmm, but it does sound nice!”

“Of course, you’re someone’s queen. There’s nothing wrong with having a unique code word.” He then grabbed her hand and pulled her into his arms.

“Really? Who’s this certain someone?” She stared into his eyes, unable to hide the smile on her face.

“Who else do you think it could be?” He laughed as his eyes emitted an ever-so-indulging warm ray of light.

Her heart warmed as her smile seemed bright as ever. She leaned on his chest and crossed her arms behind his back. “Hello, Mr. Mu.”

“Hello, Mrs. Mu,” he replied sensually.




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