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( Isn't this his Little Candied Plum?)

Upstairs, in the makeup room:

Gong Xu leaned against a big, comfortable chair with his legs crossed and a phone in his hand. He was currently engrossed in his game while the hairstylist, makeup artist, and stylist frantically worked around him.

There were two little assistants by the side. One of them held a massive coconut, standing beside him attentively. Once Gong Xu moved his gear to neutral, she would have to bring the coconut over carefully and let him have a sip.

The other person was standing a few steps away, busy snapping photos of him.

"Xu-ge, it's done. Please take a look to see if these are alright?" The assistant brought the camera over nervously for approval.

Gong Xu took a quick glance and the disapproval was evident on his face. "Tsk, you didn't even get a good shot of young master's stunning looks!"

The little assistant quickly tried to suck up to him. "How could that be, Xu-ge? You don't have a single bad angle - you look good no matter how you're photographed!"

Gong Xu did not care for such flattery anymore and simply picked a couple of photos impatiently. "This, this and this. Send them to my phone, I'm posting them on Weibo..."

"Yes, right away!"

"Don't forget to photoshop all the pimples on my forehead!"

"Yes yes yes!"

After the photos were done with, Gong Xu posted them on Weibo with a sorrowful expression.

He attached a photo of himself first then smacked his lips and typed out a sentence: [It's been three days since I met you and I haven't received any news about you. Little Candied Plum, there's an endless sea of people. How can I find you~]

The little assistant beside him leaned over and read the post. Her face darkened instantly.

Our dear artist is starting up his tricks again and asking for trouble. My heart is so tired...

"F***! Lighter! Do you know how precious a strand of young master's hair is?"

"Sorry, sorry!" The hairstylist apologized profusely.

Lately, Gong Xu's mood had been exceptionally irritable and he was harder to work on. These people could only blame their bad luck...

Everyone was fearfully trying to manage this "little ancestor." Suddenly, there was a loud "bang" that came from the door - someone had kicked it open from the outside.

All they saw was a young man standing at the door casually. After he swept his gaze at everyone in the room slowly, his eyes landed upon Gong Xu. The man gave him a forced smile.

Gong Xu stared at that insolent man who dared to kick open the door of his makeup room. "Who are you?"

After the little assistant next to Gong Xu saw the man, she quickly whispered into Gong Xu's ear, "Xu-ge, he's that Ye Bai I mentioned to you before... this guy probably knows that you snatched Luo Chen's role and is looking for trouble now!"

"He's Ye Bai..." Gong Xu raised his brows.

After Ye Wanwan locked onto her target, she didn't say anything as she curled her lips and walked towards Gong Xu step-by-step. When she got to him, she placed one foot on Gong Xu's chair.

A strong sense of oppression hit him in the face. Gong Xu subconsciously cowered and yelled, "Ay ay ay, what do you want? Trying to rebel, huh!"

"Ye Bai! What're you doing?!" The two assistants panicked as well. They berated her while shouting towards the door, "Security! Where's security?"

Ye Wanwan tapped a photo in her phone leisurely and placed it right in front of Gong Xu, letting him take a look.

The moment Gong Xu, who was still yelling, saw that photo, he was completely stunned.


This... isn't this my Little Candied Plum!!!

Why would this chap have a photo of my Little Candied Plum?



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