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(To surpass oneself)

Every movement and expression was executed well; even his rate of speech and pauses were in line with character.

He was on a totally different level compared to the newbies' exaggerated performances.

[Wah! Our Xu Ming's amazing! Aggressive, domineering, cool and awesome! He's totally my ideal Lin Luo Chen! Who said nobody could surpass Luo Chen as Lin Luo Chen?]

[As a fan of the original work... Xu Ming wasn't bad indeed, much better than all the others who auditioned just now! He really executed the tyrannical Lin Luo Chen well! He gave a feeling of breaking free from his bondage and becoming unworldly!]

[I find that Luo Chen has a greater advantage - not only does he have more time to prepare, but he can also copy our precious Ming's acting and bluff his way out! Isn't this a little unfair?]

[I'd like to see how he'll act later; if he dares to copy our precious Ming, we'll flame him to death!]


As for Xu Ming's acting, the assistant director and producer nodded with satisfaction repeatedly. Even Song Jin Lin, who hadn't looked too happy the entire evening, started to ease up as well.

When the assistant director turned to Luo Chen, he looked quite insincere and gave a perfunctory reminder, "Luo Chen, you may start!"

Compared to Xu Ming who got into character in five seconds, Luo Chen continued sitting in his seat after the assistant director told him to start.

Very soon, people started throwing insults.

[What's going on? He's taking so long to get into character? Xu Ming only took five seconds!]

[As a professional actor, getting into character quickly is the most basic skill. He can't even do this and this is when he has the advantage of going after Xu Ming!]

[The gap between these two people is too wide!]

[Xu Ming has the bystanders' vote! We can't wait for Xu Ming to bring us a whole new Lin Luo Chen!]

[As one of the original fans, after watching Xu Ming's performance, it makes me look forward to it too!]


Luo Chen's circumstances were in fact quite unfavorable. It was exactly because he was the original actor and had a high benchmark that fans' expectations of him were naturally more demanding.

Not only did he have to perform better than all the candidates, but he also had to surpass himself.

After about 15 seconds, Luo Chen finally made some movements.

He lifted his head up slowly and looked in the direction of Xu Ming. There was no evil in his eyes, nor was there indifference. Instead, there was a tinge of intimacy and wistfulness.

Yun Hai was once his closest brother studying under the same master, but today, the contrast between these two people was like heaven and earth.

Yun Hai was the most outstanding man in the young generation who was on a righteous path, while he was a devil people scorned.

However, even though they had changed and everything else stayed the same, even though Lin Luo Chen had already given up on everything... when he saw Yun Hai, this brother whom he had once gone through life and death with, he still treated him as an old friend.

Xu Ming wasn't doing anything when Luo Chen turned to look at him, but now, Xu Ming suddenly morphed into the male lead, Yun Hai, in Luo Chen's mind.

This was a solo audition; the director hadn't arranged for anyone to act with them as the male lead. While Xu Ming simply imagined the male lead to be standing there during his audition, Luo Chen actually spoke directly to Xu Ming, treating him as Yun Hai.

After Luo Chen glanced at Xu Ming, he lowered his eyes and let out a low chuckle, "Ha..."

Luo Chen's young and handsome face looked as if he'd lived a lifetime. "The right path? Evil path? What's right and what's evil?"

Luo Chen sighed lightly and looked at Xu Ming; his clear eyes seemed to show the youth who used to ride on horses and talk about anything under the sun with him. "Yun Hai, you're still so naive!"

When Luo Chen reached this segment, he merely said two short lines that were the same two lines Xu Ming said; everyone knew what was going to happen next and what the lines were but...

Everyone there, including the audience who had been throwing insults, held their breaths with their eyes fixed on the screen, waiting for Luo Chen's next performance.



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