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(Gu Lingsha Is Still Alive? (1)

When Yang Sheng said this, a light flashed past in Qi Lei’s eyes too as he looked contemplatively at the car that slowly drove into the darkness. After a while, he said coldly, “Sit tight!”

“Master Qi, do you want to chase them?” Yang Sheng asked as he buckled up.

Qi Lei did not answer. He started the car and drove towards the direction of the black car.

The car was driving towards the west of the city. After it drove for quite a distance, Qi Lei felt that something was not right. The car ahead quickly picked up speed and he chased it all the way.

“Master Qi, they seemed to have noticed us! Look, we’re back here again!” Yang Sheng suddenly pointed out, staring ahead. “Master Qi, be careful! There’s a car rushing this way from behind!”

Right at that moment, an SUV suddenly rushed in from behind them. With a whoosh, it dashed past Qi Lei. Accompanied by a sharp whistle, it then cut the front of Qi Lei. His heart sank as he subconsciously turned the steering wheel halfway and quickly evaded it, yet that car drifted around and blocked his way again. Consequently, Qi Lei’s vision was blocked as well. In just the blink of an eye, the car had already vanished.

“Master Qi, they’re gone!” Yang Sheng looked at the road ahead. The car had already evaded them, and the traffic port was just ahead. They probably could not find them anymore.

Qi Lei’s face sank further. He could only drive to the side and park his car as he stared at the empty road ahead. After a while, he slammed a fist onto the steering wheel. “Did you get a good look at the car plate number?”

Yang Sheng nodded. “I did. I’ll go get someone to find out who the car owner is right away.”

Then, he quickly took his phone out and made a call. The other person on that end picked up very quickly.

“It’s me. Run this car plate number for me right away. The number is XXXXXX. Okay, be quick!” Yang Sheng said and hung up.

“Master Qi, we’ll get the results tomorrow. It’s very late now. Shall we…?” Yang Sheng probed.

Qi Lei fell silent for a while, then he looked up ahead for a long time before he started the car and continued to drive. He turned around at the traffic port, then drove toward the north of the city.

Yang Sheng could vaguely feel that something was not too right either, so he softly asked, “Master Qi, do you think those people were there to target someone?”

“Go back right away and investigate the incident tonight. Let me know once you’ve found out about anything.” Qi Lei was puzzled and uneasy as he was quite curious about what had happened. He seemed to be interested in Xi Xiaye’s matters.

“Alright, Master!”

“I asked you to investigate Xi Xinyi and that old man as well as Yue Hai’s matter. How’s that going?”

Half a month ago, Qi Lei had asked Yang Sheng to investigate Qi Qiming, Xi Xinyi, and Yue Hai once again. Qi Qiming did not seem like the kind of person to do a bad deal. If it were purely because of Yue Hai that he decided to rescue Yueying, this would mean that Xi Xinyi and Yue Hai were quite important!

In fact, from what Qi Lei could observe, Yueying was not worth much. It was a company that was close to bankruptcy, so what good could it do?

What was the old man trying to do?

Qi Qiming had never liked him. Even though his older brother, Qi Feng, had passed away, he never seemed to have changed his mind about Qi Lei. All these years, he had been indifferent to him. No matter how hard Qi Lei tried, there was no way of making Qi Qiming change his mind about him.

Qi Qiming would never praise him. By name, he was the Second Master of the Qi family, but to Qi Qiming, he was probably no more than a subordinate.

Qi Qiming and Wang Qin had a classic marriage between two rich and powerful families. Both of them had someone else they loved before getting married, yet because of their interests, they tied the knot. After they got married, Qi Qiming and Wang Qin did not have a stable relationship, especially after his elder brother, Qi Feng joined the family. The whole family’s conflict thoroughly exploded.

Wang Qin was capable and firm. In fact, she was vicious in her methods. After Qi Feng joined the Qi family, she had never been nice to him. Even though she did not scold and beat him like a stereotypical stepmother, she was still a cut above others and she treated Qi Feng like air.

However, Qi Feng had been smart and sensible since he was young. Talented, he learned everything very quickly, and it would not be an exaggeration to call him a prodigy. In fact, he was handsome and dashing, so everyone liked him. On the other hand, even though Qi Lei was born from a prestigious family, he was naughty and mischievous, thus he was not liked.

However, Qi Lei was used to it. That was just how he was like. He was confident and did as he pleased. He would never pander to anyone.

“Master Qi, the detective agency is still investigating. We should have the results quite soon,” Yang Sheng answered.

“How’s my mother?”

Qi Lei’s relationship with his mother, Wang Qin, was quite tense. Albeit knowing that Wang Qin had his best interests at heart, she was also competitive and ambitious, so she was hell-bent on controlling Qi Kai to hand over to Qi Lei.

“VP Wang went to City B for two days. Director Lee and Glory World’s newly developed Movie City seems to be quite interesting. She’s gone to discuss business, and at the same time, she planned to take a look.”

City B, huh?

When Qi Lei heard this, a coldness flashed in his eyes.

“Right, Master Qi, VP Wang wants you to watch over Miss Xian Er…”

“Make that woman leave. Tell her to get lost if she wants to have a little bit of dignity left! Otherwise, don’t blame me for being mean! She’s just another pretentious woman. What right does she have to have a piece of me?” Qi Lei sneered with disdain, then he suddenly sped up.

Yang Sheng chose his words carefully, and he finally said, “Master Qi, actually, Miss Xian Er was once good friends with Miss Sha Sha… After Miss Sha Sha passed away, she went abroad and has only returned quite recently.”

“Sha Sha’s good friend? Isn’t that Xian Er from City C or something?” Qi Lei looked puzzledly at Yang Sheng.

“Their company is in City B. This time, VP Wang went with Miss Xian Er, yet Miss Xian Er said that she was going for a social event with some friends, so she was delayed.”

Wang Qin had always liked Miss Xian Er, but Qi Lei never paid any attention to her.

When he heard this, Qi Lei’s eyes began to shift. Although he looked calm, you could not tell how he felt. Out of the blue, his demonic face flashed with a very ambiguous sneer.

After a while, Qi Lei suddenly asked softly, “Is she still in City Z right now?”



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