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( I Am Ji Zitong (3)

“Perhaps she wasn’t willing to bring up the past again. Her best friend did leave suddenly. This is a sorrowful thing for anyone. I hope that this time, I’ll be able to meet her and find out something from her.”

Xi Xiaye stayed silent for a while. Then, she put a hand on his shoulder. With a deep breath, she consoled, “So, we’ll just do our best. Lingshi has been looking for this answer too. I believe that everything will become clear to us very soon.”

“You’re quite optimistic. It’s something that has been silent for 20 to 30 years now. Do you think that it could all be explained so quickly? If it truly could, then it wouldn’t have waited until now when the matter is still foggy. However, with this attitude of yours, it’s worth encouraging no matter what. We’ll see how this goes. You should be happy with this Ji Zitong since Ah Mo praises her highly too. From now on, whenever I’m not by your side, she must follow you closely.”

Mu Yuchen lifted a hand to cover her hand on his shoulder as he said this.

Xi Xiaye nodded. “Mmm, I got it. Don’t worry. It’s fine. Those people aren’t stupid either. They wouldn’t hurt someone in broad daylight, but I’ll be more careful.”

“It’s best to be more vigilant. You’ll never know with these things. Without anyone guarding by your side, I have to worry,” Mu Yuchen said sensitively.

“I got it. Okay, I’m going back down now. Take a look at these documents and sign them if they’re okay. I have to send them to the Commerce Department tomorrow. Bye!”

She smiled and planted a kiss on his face, pointing at the documents she brought over. Before Mu Yuchen could respond, she already turned to leave, taking her cold fragrance with her. When he snapped back to his senses, she had already vanished out the door.

As he watched her little figure disappear, a faint curve flashed on his lips.

When she returned to her office, Ah Mo was already waiting inside with Ji Zitong.

“Feel free to have a seat!” Xi Xiaye’s beautiful face widened with a casual smile as she pointed at the sofa on the side and skillfully boiled some water for tea. “Let’s sit and talk.”

“Thank you, Director Xi!”

“Missus, there’s no need to be all courteous.”

Ah Mo and Ji Zitong exchanged a smile before they sat down too.

“I don’t have many rules here, so the two of you don’t need to be all courteous with me,” Xi Xiaye chided calmly while she swiftly pulled the drawer on the side open to take the tea leaves inside out. “Is Pu Er okay? Your brother’s been drinking this recently. I took this from him.”

Then, she subconsciously looked at the two of them.

Ever since Xi Xiaye entered through the door, Ji Zitong’s sharp eyes had been observing her. She noticed that she was not egoistic. Instead, she was rather elegant and casual, thus her tensed heart then eased off a little.

“Anything’s fine. Thank you, Director Xi,” Ji Zitong answered humbly.

“Missus, you two enjoy your tea. Zitong, explain your situation to Missus. I have to go out for a bit. Later, I’ll arrange your office and a place to stay,” explained Ah Mo with a smile before leaving.

“It might get a little exhausting after this. I’m usually quite busy, but don’t worry. I’ll do my best to give you time to rest.”

Xi Xiaye casually poured some tea for Ji Zitong, and naturally examined the girl again. She had quite a positive impression of her. Although she sensed that she was a person of few words and appeared quite cold, when she did speak, she seemed rather humble.

Ji Zitong straightened up as she said, “It’s fine. I can be on standby for 24 hours.”

When she heard this, Xi Xiaye grinned instead. “I’m not that demanding. Don’t worry. I heard that you previously served in the army, didn’t you?”

Ji Zitong nodded gently as she lifted her teacup up and took a sip before she continued, “Yes, I was in the army for a few years. I did counter-reconnaissance.”

“Army, counter-reconnaissance… You’re quite good.”

As Xi Xiaye listened, she seemed to be rueful. She sipped her tea. “Actually, I used to be in the military academy too. Once, I yearned for a life in the army too.”

“The military academy? Director Xi, are you a servicewoman too?”

When Ji Zitong heard this, her eyes lit up as she silently looked at Xi Xiaye’s little face with a hint of shock.

Xi Xiaye lowered her gaze. Then, she laughed a little bitterly and shook her head. “No, I can’t be considered a servicewoman because I had to leave after less than a year.”

When Xi Xiaye said this, the light in Ji Zitong’s eyes dimmed. She could vaguely feel the disappointment in Xi Xiaye’s tone, but she did not want to say anything about it. After some thought, she decided to keep quiet in the end.

Moments passed before Xi Xiaye finally relaxed and smiled up at Ji Zitong. “Ah Mo says you’re quite skilled. ”

“My father loves martial arts, and I’ve been learning some from him since I was young, so I’ve got some foundation. He owns a martial arts center. When I was free, I would swap pointers with the other students. Perhaps I’m not skilled in anything else, but I sure can put up a fight,” Ji Zitong answered softly.

Xi Xiaye nodded. She turned her body slightly as she examined Ji Zitong from the side. She could not help but laugh gently. “Actually, if we’re talking about putting up a fight, I’m no stranger to it at all.”

The two of them chatted for quite a while, and Xi Xiaye got to know Ji Zitong. Frankly, she quite liked this Ji Zitong. Even though she had few words, looking at her reminded her of her past self. She was not sure why but she seemed to be able to sympathize with the kind of loneliness that she could sense from her.

When Ah Mo came back for her, Xi Xiaye slowly stood up and said, “Okay, go and arrange things with Ah Mo first. Rest for two days. Just come straight to the company on Monday morning.”

“Alright, thank you!” Ji Zitong nodded gently. Then, she turned to follow Ah Mo and left.

In the afternoon, Xi Xiaye went to discuss some project matters with some partners. She was busy until late at night. When she reached home, Mu Yuchen had already prepared a spread full of delightful food.

However, Xi Xiaye did not seem to have an appetite in recent days, so she only had a few mouthfuls before she played around with the rice in her bowl. When she saw that the man across her was almost done eating, she muttered, “Mr. Mu, I don’t want to wash the dishes tonight…”

“Finish the food in your bowl, then I’ll allow you not to wash them. You’ve been quite busy these past few days, yet your fighting strength has weakened. Are you bored with the dishes?”

Without a word, he added more food into her bowl again.

“No, it was the day before yesterday when I went for inspection with them and got caught in the cold wind. Even though I did take some medicine when I got back, I seem to have gotten a cold.”

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