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(Upgrade To Parents To Be (4)

At the Mu Residence at night.

After a simple dinner and some tea, the whole family took a break together. Wang Hui was sitting by the table and going through her old letters, mostly consisting of some trivial matters and photos. She would take a look at them whenever she was bored to reminisce the past. With her getting older, she could only think about what she had done when she was younger, and what was memorable to her.

Mu Yinan was sitting on a rattan chair nearby, reading a book with the help of his glasses.

“Hey, I really think that I’m getting old now. I feel so sentimental every time I look at these pictures. It feels like we just joined the army yesterday. How did we get old in the blink of an eye?” Wang Hui touched the old photos as she said.

Mu Yinan averted his gaze from his book and looked at his wife. “Well, that’s just how it goes. Do you still think that you’re twenty over years old? Even Tangchuan is past 50 now!”

“My body is still holding up fine. Hopefully, I can live long enough to see Xiaye and Chen Er’s child grow up. They’ve been married for half a year. Why is there no news at all? Do you think they don’t care about this at all? Chen Er is going to be 32 soon, and I’m pretty worried about them. Xiaye should be around 27 or 28, isn’t she?” mentioned Wang Hui anxiously.

“Leave the youngsters alone and let things flow naturally. Moreover, they’re busy now. Shen Yue is getting old and retiring soon. He’s got it much rougher than us. Shen Yue’s been alone for a long time. Hasn’t he thought of finding another partner? Liang Fuhua passed away so many years ago.” Mu Yinan sighed.

Wang Hui glared at Mu Yinan the moment he finished his sentence. “What do you know? Shen Yue is just an army recruit who had nothing. Just who do you think Liang Fuhua is? It’s his blessing that she got together with him!”

“Hmph, didn’t Shen Yue treat her really well afterward? Sure, Shen Yue was like a thug. I wonder how he ended up with Liang Fuhua. Her admirers could fill up a soccer field. I don’t understand what she saw in Shen Yue. And then there’s you, I doubt there’s anyone as good-looking and talented as I am among your admirers. Why did you even dislike me at first?”

“Liang Fuhua has excellent taste. If I really have to point it out, you’re definitely not better than Shen Yue.”

“How is he better than me? I’m born prestigious and a gentleman. How is he better?”

“Just by the fact that he loves his wife faithfully, that’s so much better than you! For his company, Fu Hua Property, he used Liang Fuhua’s name. What about you? Before you knew me, you were just another playboy. Do you think you’re better because you have more money?”

Mu Yinan realized he had made a mistake. He should not have mentioned this. Women were especially scary when talking about the past. He had experienced this many times before!

When he first got married to Wang Hui, she could easily pin him down and he could not do anything. After that, people knew Mu Yinan had gotten himself a fierce wife and had become a typical wife slave.

“I’m not going to talk to you about it again!”

If he continued they would probably start an argument again. After all, they had been going at it for several decades!

As Wang Hui was about to say something, the telephone started ringing. Mu Yinan went to pick it up.

It was a call from Li Si!

“Elder President, I’m Li Si!” Li Si’s voice came through.

“Oh, Li Si? It’s been a while since you called me. What’s the matter?”

Li Si had worked for Mu Yinan before. More specifically, Mu Yinan trained Li Si to be Mu Yuchen’s assistant. As a smart and capable young man, Mu Yinan thought highly of him.

“Are you doing well?”


Li Si had just gotten off work before he quickly gave Mu Yinan a call. “Elder President, I’m calling you today to congratulate you. Has Master told you yet?”

“Tell me what?”

Mu Yinan found it odd. He had just called them this afternoon to ask about Xiaye, so Li Si’s congratulatory message was weird.

“What? Elder President, Missus is pregnant. Didn’t Master tell you?”

“P-pregnant? Do you mean I’m going to have a great-grandchild soon?

This was massive news, especially to Wang Hui who was sitting by the table! She was already listening in when Mu Yinan spoke on the phone. When she heard the news, she dropped whatever she had in her hands and rushed over, confirming it with Li Si again!

That night, everyone in the Mu Residence worked hard until midnight.

The next morning, at the Maple Residence.

Mu Yuchen woke up early on a weekend. As he was about to make breakfast, he found Mu Tangchuan sitting on the sofa when he went downstairs. Wang Hui and Zhuang Shurong were giving instructions to Sis Wang and the others, swapping out the potted plants. Mu Yuchen had no idea what they were called, but the new plants were all fresh and green, making the environment smell great.

A lot of stuff was being hauled into the storeroom.

Zhuang Shurong was making breakfast as Wang Hui just stood beside the door. Mu Yinan should be in the back yard since he was always concerned about the flowers whenever he came over.

“Put these into the wardrobe separately. I’m sure it’ll be of use in two months’ time, and this… rearrange it over there.”

This family acted quickly on the information. Mu Yuchen knew that they had already found out about Xi Xiaye’s pregnancy by the looks of it.

“Master, please let us through!” A servant who was holding some anti-slip floor mats was going up the staircase.

Mu Yuchen moved away slightly and went downstairs.

When the servant’s voice was heard, Mu Tangchuan looked over at the staircase.




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