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(Upgrade To Parents To Be(3)

His initial unhappiness was instantly chased away by the arrival of the child. When Mu Yuchen walked out of the hospital all relaxed and calm, it was early evening. The car was parked right beside the road.

When they saw them walking over, the bodyguards in black quickly opened the car door.

When they got into the car, Xi Xiaye said, “Assistant Li Si, call Zitong. Hmm, she’s worked hard today. Tell her to go home soon. Later on, just get them to send the things over.”

“Got it, Missus!” Li Si answered with a smile. It was rare to see the tenderness openly shining in Master’s eyes. The way he was so careful only meant that there must be some good news. As he thought about this, he thought about letting the old Chairman know as soon as possible so that they could be happy about it too!

Mu Yuchen very honestly explained everything to Xi Xiaye. Even though it was a little different from what Detective Zhang said, it was about the same overall.

“Lingtian and Qi Feng, Qi Lei, and Gu Lingsha were great friends. Back then, Lingtian was classmates with them, but they weren’t in City S High School, but in XX High School.”

He settled Xi Xiaye in, and then pulled a pillow to put behind her as he tried hard to recall.

“XX High School?” Xi Xiaye softly muttered. She tilted her head and thought for a while before she said in shock, “That seems to be the most famous elite school in the whole city, isn’t it? It’s quite similar to City S High School, but that’s where most children from aristocratic families gathered.”

Mu Yuchen nodded. “Him, Lingshi and Ah Mo studied there. Su Chen, Zhou Zimo and I were at City S High School, so they were quite close. In fact, I’m older than them by a few years, so we don’t gel quite well.”

“Well, as they say, there’s a generation gap every three years which sounds quite logical too. No wonder you and I had a generation gap back then too.”

Xi Xiaye now remembered that this man was three or four years older than her. Sometimes, he felt more like her senior such as her father or elder brother, and even her so-called husband, especially when he tried to lecture her about something.

“What generational gap could we possibly have? Aren’t we getting along well right now?” he objected and answered. His jet black eyes subconsciously glanced at her belly. Xi Xiaye could not help but laugh at that expression, yet he continued the topic earlier, “As for Gu Lingsha, I just want to explain once more to you that she’s got nothing to do with me. This did not change in the past and will not change in the future, so you don’t have to care about her. Just remember that she’s an unimportant person.”

Mu Yuchen clearly did not want to remember this woman much. Apart from his own woman, he did not give two hoots about other women. Other people always said that he was inherently cold and apathetic, but he knew himself well enough that as great as someone could be, it had nothing to do with him. He was simply contented with her.

From the way it looked, loyalty to her was not difficult. What was hard was that not everyone could see it clearly. A lack of self-restraint at the moment could bring endless trouble. If one did not want to err, then they would have to be self-disciplined. Of course, he did not have much thought about this. With all of the passion that he had for her, he had nothing extra to give.

“Okay, now you’re clear about this. Because of this, Grandfather and Mother were quite upset. It was only after that that things became better. Just don’t ask about it in front of the two of them. If you want to know even more, then go ask Grandfather and Grandmother. The two of them probably knew about the whole matter best.”

When he said this, Mu Yuchen finally seemed to be coming to an end. With one hand, he circled Xi Xiaye’s frail shoulders and pulled her into his broad chest. He could feel her warm temperature very quickly through his chest. “Next time, don’t be unhappy with me about these petty things. You’re the most precious one to me. I always listen to you, don’t I?”

“Who told you to be so vague and not explain it earlier? Suddenly, I have to find out that you had a fiancèe.” Xi Xiaye rolled her eyes at him as she looked down at his hand that was on her belly.

“Don’t worry. Your charm is enough to push her back by ten miles. You’re not even on the same level. How old is it?” He was emotionless in the first half of the sentence. Then, his gentleness emerged heard in the second half.

“Five weeks…” she softly responded.

He probed around, but he did not dare to feel too hard as he asked a little puzzled, “That’s a long wait then. Why can’t I feel anything?”

“It’s only five weeks. It’s probably not even the size of an egg. You’d probably feel it only around two or three months. Back then, Su Nan’s bump was only more obvious around the fourth or fifth month.”

As Xiaye spoke, she drew a little egg in the air. After she thought about it, she then turned to look at him. Her eyes flickered with a faint radiance as she asked in anticipation, “Hey, would you like a boy or a girl?”

“As long as it’s from you, I’d like either, but I do hope even more that this would be a girl. When she grows up, she could be closer to you, go shopping and get facials with you. I’m afraid boys aren’t that considerate. He’d have to be like me. He’d have to have a taste of all of the hardship I went through. Otherwise, he’d think that we had him just to let him enjoy life!”

Mr. Mu now began to anticipate their life hereon after.

“Don’t you like boys? What if I have a boy?” Xi Xiaye began to worry about the future. The image of Su Nan and those words suddenly flashed across her mind. She quickly felt her belly nervously. That exquisitely beautiful little face looked uneasily at him as she muttered, “Mu Yuchen, do you think I’ll become as fat as a ball? Would you not like me then? And then if I give birth to a boy, would you not like me?”

Mu Yuchen immediately laughed softly and helplessly. He reached out to touch her head. “Can’t you just think more positively? Your fullness will just make you seem more prosperous and spirited. That’s not a bad thing. It doesn’t matter whether you have a boy or a girl. Just let things be.”

She frowned and said softly, “I don’t want to be like that.”

“I already said I’d still like you. Still, it’s you who’s worried yourself. Later on, I’ll get you a professional nutritionist to watch your diet. That way, you won’t have to worry.”

“If this is going to be a boy, then in a few more years, let’s have another one…”

“One is enough.”

“Don’t you like my children?”

“What nonsense are you saying?”




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