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( Upgrade To Parents To Be (2)

Xi Xiaye barely remembered what Doctor Huang said after that. Her head was only filled with one fact: she was pregnant.

The fetus was five weeks old, so she and Mu Yuchen had a child who was more than a month old.

She knew that he had been thinking about this. If he woke up in the middle of the night, he would even stare longingly at her belly. For a few nights when she had been in a sleepy daze, she would catch him like that, and those valuable paintings at home had been changed into huge pictures of cute babies. It was easy to tell what he had been thinking about.

Life was miraculous. After much anticipation, such a bundle of joy had finally arrived. This news was enough to make her burst from delight. She did not realize she had been anticipating this for so long, especially when she saw how Su Nan was like.

As she thought about this, the joy surged in her heart. She subconsciously felt for her phone, and then remembered that she had been unhappy with him earlier!

Xiaye decided that to punish this fellow. She would not tell him first, and let him be the last to find out to keep him in suspense!

However, she could tell her grandpa, Shen Yue, Wang Hui and the rest. Let them be happy about it. With a little one coming, it would be a very blessed thing!

However, in the midst of her happiness, she seemed to have forgotten that Doctor Huang, who had done the check-up for her, was an appointment arranged by Mu Yuchen. When she was done and had gotten the results, they had already messaged Master Mu to inform him, so he even knew this wonderful news before she did.

Ji Zitong, who went to pick the medicine up had not returned yet, so she waited quietly. Xi Xiaye did not know how long she had sat there blankly as she looked down and read the lab test results over and over again. Her exquisitely beautiful face blossomed with a smile that was ever more radiant. In her trance, there was a whiff of a cold yet familiar fragrance. She seemed to have realized something, so she quickly glanced up and realized that the man was standing before her. His unpredictable eyes were watching her with a gentle light.

Looking at him, the light in her eyes became even more dazzling. She was about to get up to him, yet in the next instant, she immediately put on a straight face and quickly hid the lab test results behind her and turned away, not looking at him.

He narrowed his eyes and his handsome face flashed with a demonic smile as he gently enticed her. “Missus, show me that thing in your hand.”

Sulking, Xi Xiaye hid it very well. She glared at him as she stood up, and was about to leave when he immediately came up to her and put her into his embrace in the next instant. Her hand that held the lab results were locked behind her against the wall too. Because his tall figure held her down, she could not move at all.

Ignoring her dark eyes that contained unhappiness, he immediately pried her slender fingers away and took the wrinkled lab report. Squinting at the text, his noble, handsome face instantly brimmed with tenderness as he chuckled. “Missus, all your efforts weren’t wasted after all. My dear, we have a child!”

The smile that curled up on his face was as radiant as the rainbow. He could not hold back his happiness, but he could not care less about expressing his thrill while his slender hand subconsciously caressed Xiaye’s belly. She then pushed him away and blushed. “What are you doing?! This is a hospital. There are cameras!”

When she said that, Master Mu then realized that he had forgotten himself. He quickly fixed her clothes and her messy hair as he said apologetically, “I was too impatient…”

Initially, he was a little annoyed, but seeing her at this moment, all of his sourness was wiped out. This was extremely wonderful news!

“You didn’t explain to me what your fiancèe Gu Lingsha was all about!” Xi Xiaye put on a straight face. Clearly, she had not forgotten the unhappiness earlier!

Of course, she felt that it was best to ask him directly to avoid getting all depressed and guessing things herself. They said they were going to trust one another fully anyway, so she should be able to ask him anything.

The moment Xi Xiaye finished, Mu Yuchen shot her a side look and said, “Who cares about Gu Lingsha?! I don’t even remember how the hell she looks like. I’ve got nothing to do with her. It’s only when the Gu family came looking for me that I found out about the engagement. Even though the Mus and the Gus were family friends back then, I’ve always stayed at school even during vacations, so we barely met. Don’t put the two of us together!”

When he blurted all this out, the man even seemed quite cold.

“If you’ve got nothing to do with each other, then why did you propose for marriage?” Xi Xiaye rolled her eyes at him. Out of sight, out of mind, she turned away to ignore him.

“It’s not what you think it is. If you must have an explanation, then I’ll give you one. It was just a trick of mine. As horrible as I am, I wouldn’t be this desperate. Initially, when I found out about her and Qi Feng, I proposed rejecting the arranged marriage and was willing to let them be together, but it was them who didn’t want it.”

When Mu Yuchen mentioned this matter, he was quite troubled.

Then, Xi Xiaye suddenly remembered that back then after the tender meeting, when he and Qi Lei bumped into each other, they seemed to be…

“You…” she softly spoke and was about to say something, yet after a while, she did not what to say either.

When she looked up at him, his gloomy expression had returned to its usual indifference. He leaned down to hold her in his arms, and lift her up. He looked down at her, his tone becoming much more at ease and gentle now. “Okay, don’t be angry with me because of these things. No matter what, you’re Missus Mu, and you even have a baby now. What are you worried about? If you’re willing to listen, I will simply repeat it for you.”

As he spoke, he walked ahead in huge strides. Xi Xiaye struggled for a while, wanting to get down, yet he hugged her even tighter. Helplessly, she could only let him be.

“There’s actually nothing to talk about. This marriage was randomly decided upon when Grandfather had too much to drink back then, yet the Gu family actually took it seriously. Grandfather and Mother were unhappy with each other about this. You know my mother’s a very open-minded woman. She would never agree with this so-called bethrotal at childhood. When I retired from the army, she and my father thought of many ways to help me reject this marriage, especially after Gu Lingsha and Qi Feng became a harmonious couple. So, initially, this marriage caused dispute too. After all, Gu Lingsha was a half-fiancèe of mine too. It was only after I retired from the army that I officially met her. Prior to that, we didn’t have much contact.”

Mu Yuchen’s tone was very calm as he narrated the background of the matter. The light in his eyes seemed hazy as if he was chasing a very, very distant memory.




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