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The phone showed that it was Mu Yuchen calling. She stared at the phone for quite a while before answering it. Mu Yuchen’s low and gentle voice came through from the other end. “Why did it take you so long to pick up? Are you home yet?”

Upon hearing his sensitive voice of concern, she immediately felt a sourness in her heart. She sighed softly before answering with a raspy voice, “No.”

Just with one word, he could already hear her unhappiness. “What’s wrong? Who made you unhappy now?”

When he did not hear her answer, he continued, “Didn’t Zitong bring you to the hospital?”

She did not answer him and just held onto the phone as her eyes flickered between darkness and light.

When she did not answer after a long while, he frowned and commanded, “Speak, Xiaye.” He turned around in his chair to look out at the city ablaze with lights out his window, yet his heart started to feel uneasy for some reason.

“I don’t want to talk to you right now,” Xi Xiaye lowered her gaze and answered plainly, her tone clearly gloomy.

“Does that mean I’m the one who annoyed you?”

As Mu Yuchen listened, he suddenly chuckled softly. With one hand holding onto the slightly cool arm of the chair, his gentle voice was very sensitive. “Tell me. What horrible, wicked thing have I done this time to make you so unhappy? I need to see if I have to self-respect.”

Xi Xiaye sighed, yet the more she heard such sensitive words, the sadder she felt. She even started to imagine if Gu Lingsha was some devastatingly beautiful woman. Was she a stunning girl with brimming talent?

Because humans cared, we would become sensitive and vulnerable. Although it was not a good thing, sometimes it was just inevitable.

After a long while, she complained, “Mu Yuchen, you’ve been dishonest with me…”

Mu Yuchen immediately raised his brows on the other end in surprise. He then smiled helplessly. “How have I been dishonest? I’ve been sitting around in the open waiting for you to get to know me, but I’ve never seen you take an interest in me.”

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When she heard this, Xi Xiaye’s eyes darkened slightly. She curled up on the bench, thought about it, and finally decided that she was too lazy to make guesses. Asking up front would probably be better.

“Do you still remember your fiancè, Gu Lingsha? Didn’t you say that you barely knew her? You bastard, you even proposed marriage to her, didn’t you? We’ve been married for so long, yet you never told me about this! What if that woman comes back?”

Her tone was a little distant, and the agitation was evident.

When Xi Xiaye finished, Mu Yuchen was stunned. His still eyes suddenly turned solemn as his handsome brows furrowed into a knot. He looked up at the dim light above him and tried hard to think for a very, very long time.

Gu Lingsha…

After a long while, that beautiful and bright face finally completely appeared in his mind.

The memory was distant, yet at the mention of this woman’s name, the hostility that he suppressed in his heart suddenly surged out.

He has long blurred out this woman’s face, but all the things that she had done revealed a bitterness in his eyes. Of course, there was that other person!

He had been searching for them for many years now, yet he could never find traces of them. It was only recently that some leads began to surface.

Mu Yuchen suddenly fell silent. Xi Xiaye could also suddenly feel an indescribable suffocating pain as if something was weighing on her chest. She could barely breathe properly. She thought it, then sighed deeply. Her voice remained calm as she dismissed the matter. “I’m tired. Forget it. We’ll talk when I get back.”

“Don’t hang up, Xiaye! Let me explain.”

Before she could finish, he suddenly stopped her. His usually calm voice was colored with anxiety now.

“What do you have to say? You’ve already silently admitted to it. Your beloved fiancè is much more excellent than I am, and you even proposed to her back then.”

Seconds later, his low voice finally demanded calmly, “Who told you that?” One could vaguely hear the coldness in it.

“Who cares who told me as long as it’s the truth? Didn’t you get people to chase after them because she was eloping with Qi Feng back then, ruining your wedding? Do you dare say you’ve only met her a few times? Is there an unforgettable past between you and her?”

“Who says we have any past? I don’t even remember how the hell Gu Lingsha looks like anymore. I only proposed marriage to the Gu family because back then I thought that it didn’t matter who I married. In fact, I wanted to see what the Gu family was up to when they insisted on making that woman marry me.”

Hostility crossed Mu Yuchen’s handsome face as a stern light flashed through his dark eyes.

“Xiaye, there’s nothing between me and Gu Lingsha. Apart from the invalid so-called arranged betrothal when we were younger, it’s not what you think.”

However, Xi Xiaye still had not heard Mu Yuchen’s explanation. All of a sudden, there was no more sound from the phone. She then realized her phone was out of battery!

On the other end, Mu Yuchen called over a few times and thought her phone was switched off. Because he was too anxious, he could not sit still and quickly got up. Without packing anything from his desk, he rushed out.

“Master, the document…”

“Get them to bring it over tomorrow. Prepare the car. Go to Hospital T right away!”

How dare she hang up on him? He would have to teach her a lesson!

Mr. Mu was really annoyed right now. She should have given him a chance to explain no matter what. What did she mean, just hanging up like that?

After waiting for quite a while, Doctor Huang finally walked out from the consulting room with a smile and the lab test results in her hand. She looked at Xi Xiaye with her head lowered and silent on the bench before quickly going up and announcing very cheerfully, “Missus Mu, congratulations! You’re pregnant. The fetus is about five weeks old and is very healthy. However, your body is a little weak and needs to be nursed. Here are the lab test results. Take a look.”

As Doctor Huang spoke, she handed Xi Xiaye the lab test while beaming.

The moment Xi Xiaye heard her, she was stunned for a moment. The light in her eyes paused, and she almost could not hold back the surge of joy in her heart.

Really, it really was a positive pregnancy result!

She could not care less about how unhappy she had been earlier. A full smile lit up her pale face immediately as she quickly took over the lab report Doctor Huang handed and looked through it in detail.

Doctor Huang obviously took in all of Xi Xiaye’s reactions grinning. “You can’t do vigorous exercises in the first three months, and you must watch your food to have a balanced diet. I’ve just prescribed some medication for you and written down the things to take note of. Missus Mu, you must take care of yourself. Remain in a cheerful state of mind, and come for regular check-ups.”




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