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(I Am Ji Zitong (2)

“I vaguely remember you, Ji Zitong. You came in top three for that year’s devil-like training camp. You’re quite capable.” Mu Yuchen made a simple comment.

He, Su Chen, and Zhou Zimo had retired from service after they finished that training. It had already been five or six years since then. Back then, Ji Zitong seemed to have been recommended with the new recruits despite only being 18 or 19 years old then. Now, a few years had passed, and she was already over 20 years old now. She had shed her juvenile features from back then, so she now looked much sharper and steadier.

“Instructor Mu, you’ve got a good memory,” Ji Zitong coldly answered.

With a smile, Mu Yuchen set aside the document in his hand and looked her from the side. “Ah Mo has already told me about you. You’re skilled and have high awareness too. Your counter-reconnaissance skills are strong too. Well, I’m very happy with everything. I’m sure Ah Mo has already told you roughly the tasks you need to do.”

“I will do my best to ensure Missus is protected!” Ji Zitong responded in a firm tone.

Mu Yuchen nodded with satisfaction. “Not bad. Your job is to protect her, and be her personal assistant.”

“Okay, you’ve met everyone now. All of you, work with each other,” Mu Yuchen concluded. Then, he called Xi Xiaye’s office for her to come up.

Over ten minutes passed before Xi Xiaye arrived. She pushed the door open and saw the people standing in the office. She was even momentarily stunned, especially when she saw Ji Zitong. Her eyes were filled with doubt as she examined her, then squinted at Mu Ycuhen.

“Xiaye, come. This is Ji Zitong. She’ll be your personal assistant from now on,” Mu Yuchen introduced calmly.

“Hello, Director Xi. I’m Ji Zitong. You can just call me Zitong.” Ji Zitong bowed indifferently.

Xi Xiaye then remembered that Mu Yuchen did say he was going to get her a female bodyguard, especially after he found out she was blocked at the tunnel. She had already rejected him once, but unexpectedly, he just got someone to come right away.

She thought about it and knew that it was a crucial period right now, so she just acknowledged, “Hello, I’m Xi Xiaye. You can call me Xiaye.”

“Okay, now that you’ve met each other, from today onwards, you must carry out your duties well. Ah Mo, bring her down to settle in first. All of you can leave too.” As Mu Yuchen gave his last orders for the session, he reached out to pull Xi Xiaye in.

Ah Mo nodded and brought Ji Zitong out.

Xi Xiaye placed the documents in her hand in a corner of his table and asked puzzledly, “Do you know Ji Zitong?”

“I was her instructor when I was still serving in the army, but she should be even closer to Su Chen. Back then, Su Chen made her do drills after drills. She’s quite skilled, so I sort of remember her. She hasn’t changed much. She’s just become more mature and steadier than she was.”

“It’s been so many years now, but you can still remember how she looked like? Did you notice her from back then?”

When Mu Yuchen told her all this, Xiaye immediately felt afflicted. Her beautiful eyes darkened and glared at him. Even though her tone was casual as always, she could not hide the jealousy that colored it.

Upon hearing this, Mu Yuchen instantly chuckled. He circled her waist with his arm helplessly and smiled. “What do you have there in your head? I only found out when Ah Mo brought her over. She’s not my type. Do I look like the kind of person who would make a principled error?”

“Who knows!?” Xi Xiaye rolled her eyes at him.

He was at his wit’s end as he spread open his hands. “Well, if you’re not happy then we can change to another one.”

She then smiled and shook her head. “Forget it. I was just messing with you.”

“I know you are. However, Su Chen does quite like this type. Elder Su has been troubled by Su Chen’s matters recently. If you do have some thoughts, you could put your skills to use. Aren’t Ah Mo and Lingshi doing alright now? Su Chen’s turning 33 soon, yet he doesn’t even have anyone,” Mu Yuchen admitted. He was starting to worry about his buddy’s happiness.

“How do you know he has no one? In fact, with Su Chen’s status, he doesn’t seem like someone without a girlfriend.”

“I know well enough whether he has anyone or not. Apart from having a crush on our art teacher back in school, he really hasn’t fancied any other women. He’s as clean as a sheet! Sadly, you don’t have any single friends. Otherwise, with such a good resource, wouldn’t it go to waste?” Mu Yuchen glanced at Xi Xiaye, lamenting about what a pity it was.

When Xi Xiaye heard this, she immediately widened her eyes and looked in disbelief at Mu Yuchen as she cried out, “Really? He is Deputy Chief Mr. Su, Deputy Chief of the Traffic Control Bureau, yet he has never dated anyone or had a girlfriend. Who’d believe you?”

“What is so unbelievable about that? Wasn’t I like that before I met you? His elder’s hardcore, a classic old revolutionary. He has very high expectations of Su Chen too. We were in the army for so long. Naturally, we didn’t have time to care about these things. When he returned after leaving the army, he furthered his studies abroad for over a year. After that, he was sent back until now. Zimo says that because he missed the art teacher he had a crush on back then. He even checked on her, but she got married a long time ago and by then, her child could already run around. When this fellow found out, he even got himself drunk, denying that he would ever like anyone else.”

When Mu Yuchen recalled this, he could not help but guffaw out loud.

“Was your art teacher very pretty?” asked Xi Xiaye as she blinked her twinkling eyes with curiosity.

Mu Yuchen nodded. “Very pretty! She was a very gentle woman and she had dimples when she smiled. Su Chen liked her like that. When she smiled, Su Chen would be entranced. Come to think of it, it was a little embarrassing.

“But he should have turned over a new leaf by now. That was just a brief interlude in your innocent youth. All things considered, he seems to be a rather pure and simple person.”

He smiled when he recalled the interesting stories of their youth and felt nostalgic.

“Okay, let’s not talk about these. Right, we finally have news about Sis Lan that you mentioned. She’ll be rushing back to City Z the day after tomorrow. She’s flying in from Italy.”

“The day after tomorrow?”

As Xi Xiaye listened, she paused. Then, she remembered that it was the Qixi festival in a few more days.

“Mmm, she’ll be landing in City Z on a flight in the afternoon the day after tomorrow,” answered Mu Yuchen softly. His eyes were faintly filled with stillness.

“Mmm, I got it. I’ll go over to take a look then.”

“Okay, she has her guard up high. Years ago, Father and Mother did personally meet her, yet they did not find out about anything.”




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