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( Affection (3)

Mu Yuchen’s eyes darkened as he looked at Xi Xiaye quietly after she spoke up.

Xi Xiaye held the glass in her hands tightly and sighed. “Some time ago, Ah Shi looked for Caitlyn. They didn’t mention it, but I know you guys have been struggling with it, so I convinced Caitlyn and her manager Sis Li who worked under Sis Lan before.”

He glanced at the paper and asked, “You went to meet them this afternoon?”

Xi Xiaye nodded. “Mm-hmm, I went to see them and to find out more. I suppose it’ll help us in the search.”

She reorganized her thoughts before looking back at him again. “Do you still remember that I asked you if you knew a man with the surname Wen?”

He looked downward quietly and nodded.

Xi Xiaye took a deep breath as her tone started to become heavy. “I heard from Sis Li that Sis Lan and Aunty were very good friends. After Aunty passed away, she’d come back to visit her grave during the Qixi festival [1] every year, so I think their relationship must be special. At least, I think Sis Lan knows something about Aunty that we don’t.

“Sis Lan didn’t get married. They said she had a boyfriend before and everyone called him Mr. Wen. He seemed to be a son from a prestigious family back then, but they didn’t get married afterward and no one knows why. As for this Mr. Wen… I think that there’s something odd about him. Remember yesterday you asked me what was wrong and why you couldn’t get through to my phone?”

“You told me it was because Lingshi talked about Aunty.” He glanced at her with a sharp gaze. “But I know that isn’t all.”

She rolled her eyes at him. “You and your all-seeing eyes. I can never hide anything from you. You always see through me easily.”

He smiled quietly. He could never tell her that he had already grasped what kind of personality she had, and already knew all about what she was thinking.

“Actually, I was followed when I left Ah Shi’s house. I wanted to shake them off quickly. However, when I entered the tunnel, they had cars block me from the front,” she stated calmly.

However, the expression of the man beside her shadowed. His calmness from before vanished and his features were taken over by a darkness within him as he stared at her. “What did you say?”

Xi Xiaye blinked and then looked downward. She glanced at his clenched fists and quickly grabbed his hands. “Don’t worry. They didn’t harm me. I wouldn’t be sitting here talking to you if they did.”

“Explain!” he demanded coldly.

Xi Xiaye nodded and then continued, “They only stopped me and wanted to give us some advice. The person inside the car called himself ‘Mr. Wen’. He was wearing a cap and sunglasses, and I couldn’t get anything out of his voice either. He also talked about settling some business with you. I can sense that he has grudges against you.

“Do you think this Mr. Wen is the same Mr. Wen mentioned by Sis Li? They were both mysterious and difficult to grasp. I guess they might be related in some way. While these coincidences feel unreal, I think we’ll be able to make a huge breakthrough by reaching Sis Lan!”

Her eyes flashed with various emotions, including doubt, worry, and a mix of other things.

Mu Yuchen just listened quietly without replying even after a while she was done talking.

After some time, he looked at her with his sharp eyes as he glanced all over her. He asked in a concerned tone, “Did they do anything to you?”

Xi Xiaye shook her head. “Not really. They just stopped me and asked me to pass you the message. I thought he might be working for Qi Qiming. The accident in City B and the wedding dinner might be their work, and his so-called advice might be just to invoke a sense of fear in us.”

He let out a sigh of relief. It seemed like there was a need to get her a personal female bodyguard as soon as possible. Ah Mo did say that the person was ready.

He did not reply on that matter, so Xi Xiaye then looked at him in puzzlement. “Don’t you have anything to say?”

He leaned back against the sofa. “I know about Sis Lan whom you mentioned. When my parents investigated, they looked for her as well, but didn’t manage to get much out of her. From what you’ve said, she seems to be pretty important. We can try looking for her again.”

“Can you take a look into Mr. Wen as well? I think this person is mysterious and very dangerous. He mainly acts in the dark, and I heard that he holds a huge grudge against you. Have you been offending a lot of people all these years?”

“Your Mr. Mu is just an ordinary businessman who fights for profit. Of course, there’ll be a lot of conflicts involved, but don’t worry. I’ll get people to look into this. Where did they stop you?”

“The second tunnel after leaving the city, but they didn’t do anything to me. Don’t worry.”

Xi Xiaye put the glass on the table and then looked at his conflicting face as she asked quietly, “Do you really not know Mr. Wen? I think he’ll leave an impression even if you’ve just met him once. He had this kind of aura around him and he should be someone of high societal position as well. Hence, I feel that he should be the Mr. Wen that Sis Li mentioned. If we find Sis Lan, we can probably find out more about him very soon.”

“Mmm, I really don’t know any Mr. Wen, but if it’s like you said, we’ll be able to find out about him after a quick check.”

“Great, I heard Sis Lan will be returning during the Qixi festival. Let’s head over then.”

She kept the piece of paper.

“The Qixi festival, huh?” Mu Yuchen mumbled to himself.

Xi Xiaye nodded doubtfully. “Mmm, the Qixi festival. What’s wrong? You don’t look that great…”




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