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( Clues (2)

Never married?

This answer took Xi Xiaye by surprise.

“I don’t think so. Back then, there were rumors that she had quit the industry to get married. Even though she was older, she could not just live her life in solitary right, she didn’t have children, because her body’s worn out from all the hard work, didn’t she find herself someone to take care of her?” Caitlin looked puzzledly at Sis Li.

Sis Li smiled and shook her head. “No, actually Sis Lan is a very loyal person. I heard that she did have a boyfriend, but they didn’t end up together, so she’s been single ever since.”

“Do you know that man?” Xi Xiaye asked.

“I don’t. I’ve only heard of him. Apparently, the man’s excellent. He’s a young heir from a prestigious family and has rarely appeared before anyone. I only heard of him back then. Everyone privately called him Mr. Wen.”

“What did you say? Mr. Wen?!” When Sis Li said that, Xi Xiaye was shocked. Her eyes immediately flashed.

Could he have been that mysterious man who blocked her way in the tunnel?

If it was, then this Mr. Wen must be related to Mu Zi, and they must be linked in countless ways.

In fact, recalling Mr. Wen’s tone the other day, he seemed quite unhappy with Mu Yuchen.

“Yes, everyone says so, but no one has brought this up ever since. I only accidentally heard a senior bring it up. I don’t know if it’s true either since she herself has never seen this Mr. Wen,” Sis Li added on.

Xi Xiaye held back the surge of emotions in her chest while she asked as calmly as possible, “Could you give me Sis Lan’s address and a way to contact her? It’d be best if I can get in touch with her as soon as possible!”

Sis Li hesitated for a moment, then she nodded and took out a pen and paper. She informed as she wrote, “Sis Lan isn’t in City Z now. Actually, she doesn’t quite like anyone bothering her. If you’re really going to look for her, I can give her a heads-up.”

“No need for that. Sis Li, Caitlin, I have something to attend to, so I’ll have to leave now. Thank you very much for today!” Xi Xiaye waved the paper that Sis Li handed her and swiftly got up. “Right, I hope that you can keep today’s meeting a secret.”

“Sure, don’t worry about it!” Sis Li and Caitlin smiled at each other before they nodded.

Xi Xiaye then picked her bag up and rushed to leave the coffee shop. She quickly got into her car and dashed to Glory World Corporation.

She wanted to tell Mu Yuchen this as soon as possible. Perhaps they had some leads on Mu Zi’s matters. She believed that as long as they found Sis Lan, they would have a huge breakthrough, so there was no time to lose!

At this moment, inside the Chairman’s office in Glory World Corporation.

Mu Yuchen was seated at his desk, his back facing Ah Mo. His expression was indifferent as he watched the rolling clouds outside his window. The air in the office was very still. It seemed filled with a detachment that felt suffocating.

“Where did you find them?” Mu Yuchen’s deep voice was suddenly heard.

“New York. We found her tracks there. She’ll be joining a financial analyst meeting in another half a month, and then she’ll do a public speaking tour. City Z seems to be among the cities listed,” Ah Mo spoke solemnly, uneasiness gathering between his brows.

“Does that means she’s planning to return?” Mu Yuchen’s apathetic voice was heard.

Ah Mo reflexively shuddered as he replied, “Probably so, Master!”

When he finished, Mu Yuchen’s noble and handsome face flashed with a dull gloom, and he fell silent for a while before nodding. “Got it.”

“Master, there’s no news about Qi Feng. Should we send our men to…”

Before Ah Mo could finish, Mu Yuchen already lifted a hand to interrupt him. “Since she’ll be back, everything will start over again, and he will return too.”

Mu Yuchen’s tone was calm and distant. With his back facing Ah Mo, Ah Mo could not read his expression, but he could vaguely feel the hostility emanating from him.

“Master, should we tell Missus these things? Otherwise, I’m worried that…” Ah Mo looked at Mu Yuchen hesitantly as a heaviness gathered between his brows.

Mu Yuchen held his heavy head in his fingertips as he sighed to himself, “Mmm, I’ll tell her. She’s been out of it these past two days, and I’m quite worried. Have you found the person I told you to locate?” When he said this, he suddenly turned to look at Ah Mo.

“We’ve found them. The information will be sent over after consolidating in two days. They retired from the military for less than a year. Their family owns a martial arts center, and they’re well versed in Yongchun and Muay Thai. I’ve personally checked on them. Their family background is clear, and they are good in all aspects too. Master, you may examine them personally yourself,” Ah Mo answered.

Mu Yuchen nodded in satisfaction. “Good, bring them over in two days and I’ll take a look.”

“Yes, Master! Right, Master, about the incident at the banquet, I heard Li Si say that it was the work of Qi Qiming’s people. Can we confirm that?”

Ah Mo had heard about the incident from Li Si, which was also why he had rushed back. It had not been peaceful lately, and he was worried about Mu Yuchen’s safety.

Mu Yuchen smiled and abruptly averted his gaze. He looked calmly out of the window at the bleak sky. “It should be Qi Kai. Whether it’s Qi Qiming or Qi Feng… It’s only those few people who have such grudges against me. I know that for a fact.”

“Master, how about I return and temporarily be your personal assistant again? That way, it will be safer. It was a car accident the last time, and this time it was a venomous snake. We don’t know what will come next. They come with ill intentions to hurt you and Missus.” Ah Mo was really worried.

“No need. You got a skilled one for me. I’m fine on my end. It’s mainly your sis-in-law they’re really targeting.”

“Master, Missus is very smart and very considerate. She’ll understand. Also, earlier they’ve just sent me this report. The results on the cars that you wanted to investigate are out. I especially went to understand things from Master Su, and we’ve checked the other cars too. They’re all fine, except for one of them. The chauffeur and the car were rented.”

Mu Yuchen paused and asked, “Mmm? Can we find out who rented the car?”

“We’re still investigating, but I’m afraid it’ll be hard to find out who.”

“He went to visit Lingtian’s tomb, and even remembered Lingtian’s birthday. He brought lilies for Lingtian and Aunty too. If I guess correctly, he must be someone who knows Lingtian very well. He might even be the one that we’ve been looking for.”




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