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(Clues (1)

The grandfather and granddaughter chatted for a while. It had been a long time since the two of them chatted idly like this.

Shen Yue was chatting quite happily as he brought up some memorable recollections from Xi Xiaye’s childhood. Xi Xiaye would only smile as she listened. Finally, when he was so tired that he could not keep his eyes open, she coaxed him to sleep.

Shen Yue had finally given the green light, causing Xi Xiaye to feel over the moon. She took her phone out from her pocket to send a message to her father, Xi Mushan.

Father, determination is a wonderful thing. As long as you don’t give up, there’s still hope! Grandpa just told me that he hopes that you and Mother will do well together. Seeing his relieved smile, I feel content too.

When she received Xi Xiaye’s call, Caitlin was obviously a little surprised, especially when she had asked her to bring her manager, Sis Lee, along. However, she still met her on time because to her, Xi Xiaye was not just her superior, but she was also a patron who had recognized her worth.

The meeting venue was the same as the previous time. It was in that secluded corner at the sane alfresco coffee shop.

When Caitlin and her manager, Sis Li, reached, Xi Xiaye had already been waiting for quite a while.

“Missus Mu…”

Caitlin wore a refreshing and leisurely summer dress. When she faced with Xi Xiaye in a light muslin dress and sunglasses, she did not know how to address her.

Xi Xiaye took her sunglasses off and casually smiled at the two people across her. Then, she pointed at the empty seats. “Have a seat. Skip the courtesy. Just call me Xiaye. I think we don’t have to be too courteous either, Sis Lin.”

Xi Xiaye took the lead and changed the way she addressed her first. Her generous and casual personality made Caitlin and Sis Li find her very friendly.

“Thank you for the honor, Xiaye,” responded Caitlin with a smile.

“Director Xi, you’re the humblest and most sincere Missus from a prestigious family that I’ve ever met. You aren’t as arrogant as what the others say,” Sis Li could not help but voice out.

“Arrogant? A Missus from a prestigious family?”

Xi Xiaye naturally did know what everyone was thinking of her right now since she rarely paid attention to such news.

With a nod, Sis Lee smiled. “Yes, Caitlin has always praised you highly. I’m quite excited to meet you too. I…”

Xi Xiaye chuckled softly, “I’m just like everyone else. I know that you’ve come over during your break on set, so I don’t plan on delaying you either, I’ll be frank then.”

Caitlin and Sis Li exchanged a glance before the Caitlin smiled and said, “Go ahead.”

Xi Xiaye nodded. “Okay, Sis Li, I heard that you learned from the famous manager, Sis Lan, for a while. I wonder if this is true.”

When Xi Xiaye said this, Sis Li already know what Xi Xiaye had come for because a while ago, Mu Lingshi had gone looking for her too. She only found out about Mu Lingshi’s identity after that, so she knew what to expect. However, she did not know why they were trying to find out about Sis Lan who had already retired for many years now.

“Director Xi, are you looking for Sis Lan too? I did previously learn from her, but why are you looking for her?” Sis Lee asked puzzled.

Xi Xiaye took a simple sip of coffee and said softly, “I want to ask her about some private matters. I wonder where I can find her.”

“Sis Lan? She retired long ago, didn’t she? She’s retired for many years now. Xiaye, you know Sis Lan?” Caitlin was astonished as she looked at Xiaye.

She heard that Sis Lan was quite capable. She was a famous gold-star manager in the industry with many A-List celebrities under her, and she upheld a great reputation in the industry. In fact, she was highly respectable.

Xi Xiaye shook her head. “There are some things I want to find out from her, but I haven’t been able to locate her.”

“Sis Lan has retired for many years now. She seems to have been traveling around all these years. I don’t know if she’s in the city either. Previously, I thought about visiting her too, but I didn’t get to see her,” responded Caitlin with a frown.

Sis Li thought about it, then answered, “Director Xi, Sis Lan has been living a secluded life all these years. Even I rarely see her. However, Chinese Valentine’s Day is coming soo which is when she returns every year. When that happens, you can go visit her. She should be home.”

Chinese Valentine’s Day?

Stunned for a moment, Xi Xiaye thought about it, then asked again, “When did you begin following her?”

“About 10 years ago, I think. I just began in this industry back then, so I was a rookie while she was experienced. It was my honor to learn from her. To be honest, I really have to thank her for her great guidance for my achievements today.”

“Chinese Valentine’s Day, Chinese Valentine’s Day… I thought that most people would be more interested in the Western Valentine’s Day,” Xi Xiaye softly muttered, then smiled calmly.

“Well, it’s not really about Valentine’s Day or not. She’ll actually be returning to visit a good friend’s tomb. You might’ve heard of this person too, but we aren’t quite familiar with her. She’s someone from the past.”

“Who is it?” Xi Xiaye subconsciously straightened up as her heartstrings pulled. She looked at Sis Li who seemed to be lost in her memories.

“Mmm, Mu Zi… She was a popular female celebrity back then. I heard that the two of them were extremely good friends. It’s been many years now. Back then, we were quite young too, so we probably don’t quite remember them. I only found out by chance from being by her side for many years.”

Frowning, Xi Xiaye quickly took out a yellow picture from her bag and handed it to Sis Li. She asked anxiously, “Is Sis Lan in this picture?”

She showed Sis Li the faded picture that she had accidentally found in between the books.

Sis Li took and looked at it and nodded. “Yes, she’s Sis Lan and this should be Mu Zi. My gosh, she’s so beautiful… but, who are these two men at the back?”

“Can you recognize the two men behind?” Xi Xiaye tightened her grip as she asked a little nervously.

Sis Li stared at the picture for a long time but shook her head in the end. Then, she let Caitlin take a look, Caitlin shook her head too.

“I don’t remember the two men at the back, but I’m certain that this is Sis Lan when she was younger. Mmm, this was probably when she was Mu Zi’s manager. They look quite close.”

Xi Xiaye took a look at the picture and probed, “Could it be her husband?”

Sis Li shook her head. “Impossible. Sis Lan never got married. Where could the husband have come from?”




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