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The next afternoon, Shen Yue and Ah Mo finally returned to City Z. Mu Yuchen and Xi Xiaye went to pick them up.

Shen Yue seemed exhausted, especially since he had caught a cold. Xi Xiaye quickly got him some medicine when he returned to the Shen Residence and he fell asleep quickly as a result of the side effect. Mu Yuchen and Ah Mo went back to the company instead.

Inside the small living room beside Shen Yue’s bedroom, Lan Zilang reassured as he accepted the cup of tea that Xi Xiaye handed him, “Don’t worry, Xiaye. Elder CEO will be fine. He just caught a cold because of the rainy weather over there.”

Xi Xiaye nodded graciously. “Thank you, Uncle Lan.”

Lan Zilang smiled. “You don’t have to thank me.”

“How’s my mother’s condition?”

Xi Xiaye’s top concern right now was her mother. She had only been in contact with her through phone calls for the past few days.

“The doctors there did say there’s a chance for recovery. Your father is taking care of her well. Elder CEO only came back because he didn’t want to be the third wheel there. Mr. Ah Mo arranged everything over there though it’ll take some time. Ms. Na has been in a jovial mood recently. Don’t worry about it and give them some time together.”

Lan Zilang sipped some tea before he continued, “Elder CEO seems pretty healthy these past few years, but he is getting weaker by the day. He was slightly relieved after you married Chairman Mu, Ms. Xiaye. Elder CEO has been working hard his whole life, so I hope…”

Before Lan Zilang could finish, Xi Xiaye raised her hand and stopped him. “You don’t have to tell me, Uncle Lan. I understand. I’ve talked to Mu Yuchen about this and Glory World will start to be involved in property development. I’m in charge of the South River project now and I’m collaborating with Fu Hua at the moment. I’ll take over Grandpa’s burden as soon as possible.”

Lan Zilang nodded his head in satisfaction. “That’d be great. Don’t worry, Ms. Xiaye. Elder CEO will pave the path for you. With Chairman Mu around, you’ll be able to handle it. Moreover, with the oldies like me around, it’ll be fine! Fu Hua has a great culture. Sure, it’s not as fancy as Glory World, but we have a distinguished reputation in the property industry, which is all thanks to Elder CEO’s effort in the earlier days. We’re all grateful to him, so…”

Lan Zilang did not continue, but Xi Xiaye understood what he was trying to say.

Instead of resting, Lan Zilang went back to the company after enjoying the cup of tea. Xi Xiaye went back into the room to take a look at Shen Yue worriedly. She was relieved when she saw him sound asleep. After adjusting his blanket a little before she was about to leave, Shen Yue suddenly opened his eyes.

“Xiaye—” His tone sounded worn out, and Xi Xiaye felt pained hearing it.

“Grandpa, did I wake you up?” Xi Xiaye sounded apologetic.

“No, I can’t sleep anyway. I just wanted to talk to you. Have a seat!” Shen Yue sat up, his voice clearly indicating that he was feeling unwell.

Xi Xiaye got him a glass of water and then sat on his bed. She looked at him and asked gently, “What do you want to talk about?”

Shen Yue drank some water and handed the glass back to her. “About your father and mother.”

Shen Yue was a little startled by Shen Yue’s words. She watched Shen Yue quietly for some time before saying, “Do you really dislike Father that much?”

“Mmm, I’ve always thought that he’s not worthy to be with your mother, whether in the past or even right now.” Shen Yue gave his honest opinion, yet he had a helpless expression on his face. “However, that’s what I think. No matter how unwilling I am, I can’t stop them. Maybe this is what fate is about. We can’t do anything about it.”

“So, Grandpa, you’re saying that you’re now… accepting Father and Mother getting back together again?” Xi Xiaye’s eyes brightened up as she looked at Shen Yue.

“What else can I say? Your mother’s already like this, and she still can’t let go after so many years. She’s determined to follow your father till the very end. Whatever, as long as she’s happy I don’t really mind anymore.” Shen Yue sounded a little lonely.

‘Thank you, Grandpa! I’ve always wished they could… Father’s heart only belongs to Mother. I hope you don’t blame Father. His love with Mother is genuine. However, their feelings were trampled by a cruel conspiracy. They’re the innocent victims. From our point of view as bystanders, his mistake might be unforgivable, but there can only be two endings, and I’d never pick the ending to him being forever alone.”

Shen Yue nodded, seeming to blame himself. “I’ve thought about a lot of these few days. Maybe the intention of protecting her was a mistake. If I could’ve sincerely accepted your father as the Shen family’s son-in-law back then and be more lenient instead of being so stubborn, I think we could’ve avoided the tragedy.”

“I understand how you feel, Grandpa. You just want Mother to be happy. She never blamed you, so you don’t have to feel bad about it. There’s still a long way ahead. Just be happy.”

Xi Xiaye took his hands and smiled. “Grandpa, did you notice that you’ve become more sentimental lately? You’ve changed. Actually, what Father and Mother need the most is your approval. Although Father isn’t perfect, I don’t mind as long as he’s genuinely sweet towards Mother.”

“However, your mother has no intention of remarrying him. She told me about it herself.” Shen Yue frowned.

“Don’t worry about that, Grandpa, sometimes feelings aren’t bound to that one piece of paper. I believe things will be fine in the end. We just need to let things flow naturally and leave them to work it out themselves.”

“Xiaye, I feel like you’ve changed a lot. Is this Ah Chen’s doing?”

Shen Yue looked at Xi Xiaye doubtfully.

She had become much more open-minded, instead of being stubborn.

Xi Xiaye was stunned for a moment. After a while, she smiled. “No, I’ve just upgraded my EQ slightly and simplified the complicated issues. I used to think that I couldn’t let things go, but once I learned how to do so, I realized that all that so-called pain and suffering aren’t that big of a deal.”




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