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(You Can Call Me Mr. Wen (2)

The mysterious man in the car suddenly spoke out to ask his men to stand down.

The man in the black suit nodded to the thugs, and they then stood aside quietly.

“I don’t have the mood to play your little guessing game. I suppose you guys have been onto me for quite some time. What do you want?” said Xi Xiaye coldly as she looked at the man in the car.

The man in the car chuckled. “Miss Xi, you’re really brave. I thought you’d go speechless in fear. It seems that Mu Yuchen has good taste. That’s right. My people have been following you for a while. In fact, we’ve been watching you ever since you parted with Mu Yuchen at the entrance.”

“Why? I don’t remember there being any conflict between us. Why are you blocking my way?” Xi Xiaye demanded, “Moreover, you haven’t told me who you are!”

She was alarmed. This man must know Mu Yuchen since he mentioned his name.

“You can call me Mr. Wen. We’ve been keeping an eye on you since a long time ago, Miss Xi! I’m surprised to find out that you are the woman who married Mu Yuchen. Would you believe me if I say I wanted to see just how special you are?” the man replied calmly.

Mr. Wen?

Mr. Wen who?

Xi Xiaye was sure that she did not know anyone called Mr. Wen, or anyone with the surname Wen either.

“I don’t know you! If you just wanted to see me, can I leave now?” Xi Xiaye stared at him as she asked coldly.

The man flipped a page as his deep voice reached her once again. “Don’t worry, Miss Xi. We’ll let you leave safely. However, I’d like you to pass a few words to Mu Yuchen for me. I believe you’re definitely willing to do so!”

“I don’t know you, so why should I help you. Do you have any conflict with Mu Yuchen?” Xi Xiaye made a bold assumption.

This man probably had some issues with her husband!

“You’re smart, but not very bright. Don’t you think Mu Yuchen would be worried sick if we trapped you here all night long? Of course, we know that you’re a director of Glory World. It’s been a long time since I’ve wanted to meet you, and today was a really good opportunity. I think you wouldn’t want anything to happen to you so that you can head back earlier, don’t you?”

The man put on a wry smile while his sharp eyes behind the pair of sunglasses stared right into Xi Xiaye’s eyes. He seemed to be satisfied with her reaction.

“Just what happened between you two for you to do this?”

“There are many people holding grudges against him. If he continues to do things his way and ignores everyone’s advice, it won’t just be stopping you somewhere the next time. He doesn’t control the whole of City Z alone. People will eventually come to him sooner or later. If he wants to play a game of chess, he’ll need his pieces to obey him willingly. What do you think, Miss Xi?”

Xi Xiaye was startled by his words. She stared at him with her icy-cold gaze for some time. “So, you’re saying that the accident in City B and the snake that appeared at the hotel was your doing? Are you working for Qi Qiming?” Her tone was cold as she stared right at the man.

The man chortled again. “I told you. You can call me Mr. Wen. As for who I am, you’ll find out soon. I’m only here today to take a look at you, Miss Xi.”

The man suddenly paused and closed the newspaper in his hand as he glanced at her quietly. He then smiled. “Miss Xi, regarding the incident with Yueying, you guys won flawlessly. However, your luck ends here. It’s payback time.”

The man laughed before Xi Xiaye could reply. The car in front took a turn and swiftly drove past her, retreating. The other guys quickly got into their car and left as well.

She was left alone in the cold and empty tunnel.

Xi Xiaye was still holding onto the baseball bat, her body trembling slightly as she realized that a layer of cold sweat was covering her back. She quickly turned her head around and watched the cars drive away. Soon, they all vanished into the night.

He had not answered her question at all!

He seemed to hold a huge grudge against Mu Yuchen based on his tone of voice. Was he behind the accident in City B and the hotel? He did not answer her.

Did they make such intricate plans to follow her to just leave a few words for Mu Yuchen?

Was that person working for Qi Qiming?

Countless questions hovered in Xi Xiaye’s mind. After some time, she came back to her senses. She suppressed her curiosity at that moment and got into her car.

She drove out of the tunnel and went straight into the city. When she arrived, her phone started ringing, and the man’s anxious voice reached her ears. “Xiaye? Why couldn’t I get to your phone just now?”

“The signal might’ve been weird inside the tunnel. Come out now. I’m already downstairs.” Xi Xiaye hung up on the call after a brief reply.

Soon, Mu Yuchen appeared at the entrance. He entered the car swiftly when he saw her parked by the side.

Xi Xiaye did not say anything and focused on driving. However, she seemed to be in deep thought, and she had no idea that Mu Yuchen had called out to her multiple times.

“Do you know someone called Mr. Wen?” Xi Xiaye finally asked as she drove into the Grand Waves Villa area.

“Mr. Wen?” Mu Yuchen glanced at Xi Xiaye in confusion. “Who is Mr. Wen?”

He gave it some thought, unable to remember anyone with the surname Wen.

“What’s wrong? You seem to be lost in your thoughts the whole way back. Did something happen?” He looked at her with concern.

Xi Xiaye took a deep breath and shook her head. “Nothing, I’m just curious. I spoke a lot with Ah Shi. She told me something about Aunty. It’s been so many years that she’s been suffering.”




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