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( You Can Call Me Mr. Wen (1)

A strong gust of wind came and before the fallen leaves could settle on the road, the car behind was catching up with her!

Xi Xiaye’s heart strained with anxiety. They managed to catch up with her quickly even though she could escape earlier. The quiet highway became their race track, and they would soon be entering a tunnel ahead.

It was a long tunnel with many curves. With the dim lights inside, it was an accident hotspot. Xi Xiaye was forced to slow down as it was difficult to control the car on a winding road.

The whole tunnel was empty with dim lighting. There were no other cars around except for the car that followed behind her persistently. As Xi Xiaye got used to the driving and was about to speed up, a strong, bright light came from in front when she was about to step harder on the pedal. She could not open her eyes. Instead, she shielded the bright light with one hand while stabilizing the steering wheel with the other as she braked!

At the same time, a loud screech came from the front.

The loud screech broke the silence, and Xi Xiaye bumped into the steering wheel as the car stopped steadily. Although the headlights from the car in front were still lit, she could see there was a car blocking her way in front.

There was another squeal of brakes that came from behind too as the two cars from earlier finally caught up with her.

Xi Xiaye quickly wound the window up and put both her hands onto the steering wheel. Her eyes were alert as she stared at the car right in front.

The bright lights were finally switched off, allowing her to see more clearly. It was a luxurious black car blocking her way. The door of the front passenger seat opened, and a man in a black suit with sunglasses came down and was walking towards Xi Xiaye’s car.

When he walked up to her car, she noticed that the large sunglasses covered nearly half of his face, so she could not see him clearly. She tried to take a look at their plates and then noticed the cars were unregistered.

“Miss Xi Xiaye, our boss would like to see you!” The man went beside Xi Xiaye’s car and knocked on the window. His deep voice traveled through the tiny window gap, and she could not hear him clearly.

Xi Xiaye was stunned for a moment. Her eyes turned sharp as she glanced at the man. She then stared at the car in front of her coldly. “Who are you people? Why are you blocking my way?”

“If you’d like to know the answer, Miss Xi, why don’t you come with us and find out?” replied the man in the black suit coldly.

“I don’t know you people. You lot had better let me go. Otherwise, I’ll call the police!”

“You can’t get any signal inside this tunnel, Miss Xi! Please get out of the car. Our boss would like to meet you. Otherwise, don’t blame us for being rough,” he threatened impatiently.

Xi Xiaye’s expression darkened. She quickly picked up her phone and noticed that the signal bar was empty!

Damn it!

They set her up!

When had she been targeted? She did not notice them at all!

She glanced at her surroundings. The people from the two cars behind got out as well. They looked like street thugs wearing flowery shirts and dark sunglasses. They were all walking towards her car with their arms crossed menacingly.

Xi Xiaye took a deep breath as she realized how dire the situation was. They were not leaving and she was not able to go anywhere being sandwiched there with them surrounding her now. They might smash her car even if she hid inside!

Who was it?

Who would use such an intricate plan to trap her?

Xi Xiaye’s chest tightened. She took a deep breath before winding her windows up and turned off the engine. Of course, she was holding a baseball bat in her hand when she opened the door.

“Back off!” Her expression was frigid as she aimed the bat at the man in the black suit.

The man smiled coldly and backed off. Xi Xiaye closed the door and slowly walked forward toward the black car.

The window of the passenger seat of the luxurious car suddenly rolled down as she walked nearer. Under the dim lighting, she saw a man with a baseball cap and sunglasses reading the newspapers.

She could not see the man clearly since the newspaper blocked most of his face. She only managed to see that he had an average build with a mysterious face. In general, he seemed pretty tanned.

Xi Xiaye halted her steps when a deep voice reached her. The voice was evidently deepened intentionally, so she could not guess the man’s age.

“Miss Xi, you’re pretty good at driving. My people spent a lot of effort to stop you. You’re really something.” His tone of voice held a teasing note but there were no other emotions in his words.

Xi Xiaye held the baseball bat tightly in her hands as she stared at the man in the car and demanded, “Thank you. Who are you and why did you stop me?”

The man in the car suddenly laughed. He averted his eyes from the newspaper to Xi Xiaye, taking her in and smiling. “Miss Xi, you seem pretty vigilant. Are you worried that I might harm you?”

“If you can stop the nonsense and tell me who you are and what you want, I’ll be grateful.” Despite sounding tough, she was afraid. Her gut feeling told her these people would not be easy to deal with, especially since she had no idea when she had been targeted!

“You’re pretty straightforward, but you can take a guess.” The man smiled as he lowered his head and started reading the newspaper once again.

“Back off! Don’t come near!”

Xi Xiaye tried to suppress the unease and fear within her when the men in the black suits around her closed in. She pointed at them with the baseball bat in her hand.

“Move aside. Don’t scare Miss Xi.”




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