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Mu Lingshi finished chewing her food, and then took a napkin to wipe her mouth before softly answering, “Of course, I’ve checked. Previously, Caitlin’s manager’s teacher worked for my mother, so she must be quite familiar with her. However, I’ve asked Caitlin before, and they know nothing about those incidents. Furthermore, they’ve already long retired, so I couldn’t find her.”

When she said this, Mu Lingshi could not help but feel defeated as she lowered her gaze sadly.


Xi Xiaye’s eyes flashed with a memory of Caitlin’s figure. She hesitated for a moment, then she asked, “Did you tell her who you were?”

Mu Lingshi shook her head. “Everything about Mother is a taboo. All these years, because Grandfather and Grandmother concealed it well, all these were never exposed. If they’d known that Mother was pregnant out of wedlock and gave birth to us, before she ended her life because of depression, the entire City Z would probably go crazy!”

She smiled bitterly.

How was she supposed to face all of this with an identity that could not be exposed? Even if it were not for that, she would still have to be considerate about Mu Zixi’s reputation.

All the rumors said that Mu Zixi could not take the pressure and fell into depression before she passed away from an illness, yet not many knew the real reason behind her tragic death.

Xi Xiaye nodded and fell silent for a while. “Alright, let’s not talk about this. We’ll definitely find him. Have something to eat now.”

“Okay, this is grilled quite well. Sis-in-law, you should try it too. What do you think of the texture? It’s quite nice, isn’t it? Later on, take some home for Brother too.”

“Keep it for yourself. He doesn’t like to eat these kinds of things much.”

“Just let him try. Ah Mo enjoys it.”

“Ah Mo? Right, where are you and Ah Mo at right now?”

“What do you mean where? We’re not up to anything!”



“I’m going to ask Ah Mo tomorrow. With such a beauty living right next door, how could he be so calm?”

“Sis-in-law! Why are you teasing me too?!”

When she left Mu Lingshi’s villa, it was already past 9 p.m. Mu Lingshi had drunk quite a lot, but because Xi Xiaye knew that she had to drive, she only had a few sips.

Mu Lingshi was practically staggering unsteadily on her feet as she sent Xi Xiaye out. Fortunately for the previous arrangement, there were servants and bodyguards stationed in the villa. After the accident in City B, everyone became much more vigilant.

Xi Xiaye opened her car door and then turned to say to Mu Lingshi in concern, “Okay, go back now and quickly take a shower. Sleep well. You’ve drunk quite a bit tonight.”

Mu Lingshi smiled sweetly. Then, she could not help but burp again. Her eyes turned a little misty as she looked at Xi Xiaye and waved. “I’m fine! Even if I drink a few more glasses, I’ll be fine. Tonight, I had a lot of fun. I haven’t had this much fun in a long while. Sis-in-law, thank you. Come over more often!”

“Take it easy. As long as you had fun. Bye!” Xi Xiaye waved back at her as she closed the car door and swiftly started the car.

Then, the black car sped away and vanished amidst the waning streetlights.

Mu Lingshi stood where she was for a long while before she snapped out of it.

She drove out of the villa area and reached the wide roads after some time. The villas were in the suburbs, so she needed to take the highway back to the city.

The highway was very quiet at night, and there were not many cars around. From time to time, she would see a thin, long light flash past her. Xi Xiaye habitually drove swiftly while playing fast music in the car and leaving the window down. The refreshing wind streamed past her and she seemed much more relaxed.

The car speedily turned at a roundabout as Xi Xiaye propped her head up with a hand by the window by habit while the other hand controlled the steering wheel. She sped ahead, then she saw the car in front slow down. Just as she was about to slow down, her clear gaze unexpectedly caught sight of another car in her rearview mirror!

That black Santana!

Xi Xiaye remembered that when she left Mu Lingshi’s villa area, it had already been following her from behind!

She had already driven through quite a few junctions, yet it was still following her!

Was she being followed?

Xi Xiaye’s mind flashed with the possibility of a stalker, then she quickly thought of something. She fixed her gaze in the rearview mirror for quite a while. The car that had rushed up from the junction earlier gradually slowed down while the car behind her continued to pursue her.

She had a bad feeling as she squinted coldly ahead at the car that slowly stopped. They planned to intercept her by stopping in the middle of the road. A glimmer flashed through her eyes while a sneer curved on her lips. She floored the accelerator and drove straight ahead.


Because the car was so quick, it flashed past like a bolt of lightning fleeter than one could blink. The car that had just slowed down ahead had not fully come to a stop when the car behind Xi Xiaye rushed up and spun all of a sudden!

There was the sound of the tires squealing in protest.


Heralded by the brakes screeching, one side of the Porsche lifted a little as it did a beautiful drift, and very promptly recovered.

Xi Xiaye deftly steadied her car and stared at her rearview mirror again. She realized that the car behind had already turned around and continued to chase her. With a wry smile, she jammed the accelerator hard, making her car race ahead at the speed of light.

Swoosh, swoosh!

The car continued to chase her wildly at a horrific speed.

Xi Xiaye did not even have the time to guess who was chasing after her. Still, she felt like a bundle of nerves. This person was probably trying to trap her.

When she thought about this, that scene from the washroom during the banquet flashed in her mind again. Would it be the same this time?

She was already driving fast enough, yet the person behind was not slow either. His or her car had clearly been modified. Although it could compare to Xi Xiaye’s car, it would definitely find it hard to catch up with her.

The car was like a whistling hurricane as it raved ahead like mad. With the wild chase whizzing on the quiet road, many of the cars that they brushed past were forced to stop, especially those coming from the opposite direction. The drivers could not open their eyes because of the extremely bright headlights. As the cars hurtled by, the angry sounds of curses were heard, yet they instantly faded away with the strong wind.

This was the only highway that headed toward the city center. In order to ditch them, she had to hastily return to the city. There were very few cars on this road, similar to the Ninth Crooked Bend near the Grand Waves Villa Area. They were both newly developed areas, so Xi Xiaye dared not slow down!




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