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They planned to have dinner at the Mu Residence before heading back, but when they were done packing up, Mu Yuchen’s phone started ringing.

It was a call from the Provincial Government Department about something urgent, and they wanted Mu Yuchen to go over for dinner.

Mu Yuchen wanted to decline, but Xi Xiaye asked him to go. At the same time, she wanted him to deliver the things to Mu Lingshi as well. She had already loaded them into the car this morning. Coincidentally, her drop-off place was on the way to his destination.

“Leave me at the junction ahead. You can bring the people with you,” Mu Yuchen spoke up as they arrived at an entertainment club and he unbuckled his safety belt.

“It’s okay. You should bring them. Don’t appear alone in public. They are supposed to follow you anyway.”

There was another car with the bodyguards following them behind.

Things had not been really peaceful lately. Since Ah Mo and Li Si insisted, Mu Yuchen would bring the bodyguards with him whenever he went out just to avoid similar incidents like the one in City B from happening again. He also planned to get a female bodyguard for Xi Xiaye. Ah Mo was recruiting for this position and the bodyguard would soon be ready when he got back.

The car arrived at the entrance and stopped just when Xi Xiaye said, “It’s alright. I’ll just stay there for a while. I’ll be back to fetch you at around 9.30 pm.”

“Be careful on your own. Is your phone fully charged?”

Xi Xiaye could be pretty forgetful, so it was not uncommon for her to have her battery dead.

She searched through her bag and grabbed her phone. The battery icon showed a full bar, but after just a glance, the man took it from her and handed her his phone. “Let it charge in the car and be careful.”

He swiftly got out of the car and went into the building. The bodyguards went with him as well.

Xi Xiaye started the car again after his figure vanished inside and she continued forward.

The sky turned dark when she arrived at Ah Mo and Mu Lingshi’s villa. The world seemed depressingly gray.

The villas here were pretty high-class while the environment around there was peaceful and calm. The street lamps started to light up as the sky turned dark, so it still felt like day time with all the bright lights around.

“Sister-in-law!” Mu Lingshi came up to Xi Xiaye as she just parked her car.

Xi Xiaye picked the bags beside the trunk up and opened the door. “Have you been waiting for long?”

“It’s alright. We just finished dinner between the two of us. Let’s have a barbeque. My friend came back from north-western China and brought me some beef steaks which tastes pretty amazing. Try them later and bring some back for my brother.”

Mu Lingshi took the bags from Xi Xiaye. After stealing a glance inside, she looked at her gratefully. “You brought them all here?”

Xi Xiaye closed the door and locked the car. “Mmm, we just came over from the Mu Residence. We wanted to have dinner with Grandfather and Grandmother, but your brother had a sudden appointment nearby, so I dropped by. I’ve never really been to your place. I almost got lost on my way here even with the GPS system.”

“The land around here is only starting to get developed, but the views at night are great. How about we take a stroll around after dinner? It’s only 7 p.m. now. We can head out at around 8 p.m. since it’s too hot during the day. It’s much better at night.”

“Let’s head in now. I have to pick your brother up later. I’m not sure if I can make time for it.”

It had been some time since Xi Xiaye last visited a night market. Su Nan always asked her out to visit one before she got married, but now that Su Nan was pregnant and married, they spent less time with each other. Most nights, she would just watch TV or some sports matches with Mu Yuchen after dinner. Otherwise, they would be busy working until late at night before heading to bed.

“Sister-in-law, I notice that you and my brother prefer to always stay at home. You two rarely go out. Recently, a pretty decent band is playing at the club with some dancers, both street and pole dance. This is all in the midnight show. Are you guys interested?” Mu Lingshi shot Xi Xiaye a glance as she whispered beside her ear.

Xi Xiaye raised her eyebrows and looked at Mu Lingshi.

A smile appeared on Mu Lingshi’s face. “Don’t look at me like that. While my brother is a good man, you have to think of something to keep that passion and freshness alive for him. We’re both women. There’s no need to be shy about it.”

She chuckled when she saw Xi Xiaye blushing. Sometimes, she felt the little girl in her sister-in-law was oddly similar to Mu Yuchen’s old man personality. No wonder they matched each other so well.

“You little brat, you sure do know a lot, huh? What about you and Ah Mo?” Xi Xiaye shot her a look before walking into the villa with a grin.

“I’m serious here. You have the assets, so why waste it?” Mu Lingshi caught up with her and said in a serious tone.

“It’d be a miracle if your brother doesn’t think of me as crazy. You’d better save that up for Ah Mo.”

“Sister-in-law, do you listen to everything my brother says at home?”

“Of course not! He listens to my orders!”

He said it himself — she was in charge at home.

Mu Lingshi loved steamboat or barbeque, especially with one or two good friends and a few iced whiskeys, top-grade lamb, secret-sauce beef steaks, and some pumpkin porridge, which were all of her favorites.

“That pen is really beautiful and unique.”

At the dining table, Xi Xiaye put a beef steak on Mu Lingshi’s plate as she glanced at the girl who was rummaging through her bag.

Mu Lingshi was stunned for a moment. She then picked the box up and opened it.

“Mmm, this is the only gift Mother left for Lingtian. There’s nothing else.”

Holding the exquisite pen in her hand, she could feel the chill of the metal through her fingertips. That temperature and weight felt like it was passed from several centuries before. It was very distant, as if it were a dream-like daze.




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