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(Yellowing Picture (4)

Xi Xiaye wanted to refute his statement. However, a scene played back in her mind.

On a certain night on Han Yifeng’s birthday, she did give him a full jar of folded paper stars, and then…

She went quiet.

He already knew the answer just by looking at her reaction.

He had to admit that he was jealous of Han Yifeng. What had he done to deserve so much attention from her?

“If I had met you earlier, I would’ve folded tonnes of paper stars for you.” She sighed after a while as she looked at him seriously.

He smiled and patted on her head. “With that determination of yours, it’s a much better gift than tonnes and tonnes of folded paper stars.”

She leaned against the side of his body and smiled. “Well, I can start folding later…”

He chuckled as he patted her more firmly. “We’re not young anymore. Do you still think you’re a teenage girl?”

“Who said only young people can do that? Well, I do think we’re still pretty young after all.”

Xi Xiaye stared at him. Then, she went to the table after casually grabbing a thick book and flipped through it. It was a collection of poems. The pages still felt pretty new. After flipping through several pages, just when she was about to close it, a photo slipped out and gently fell beside her feet.

Frowning slightly, she squatted down to pick it up. Then, she realized it was a photo that had turned yellow. It was kind of blurry, but the people in the photo were still identifiable — Mu Zi, also known as Mu Zixi!

It seemed to be a photo of a gathering. The photo consisted of her and three other people, one woman and two handsome-looking guys with sunglasses on. They seemed to be pretty close to Mu Zixi.

When Xi Xiaye wanted to get a better look at it, a large hand came over and grabbed the photo.

“It’s Aunty… and some others. Can you recognize them?” Xi Xiaye looked at him and asked.

Mu Yuchen stared at the photo for some time as he pondered quietly. The light in his eyes faded a little and he shook his head. “It’s not very clear.”

They wore sunglasses and hardly any facial features could be distinguished although they did look rather handsome just like that.

“Aunty was really beautiful when she was young!” Xi Xiaye studied the woman in the photo. Indeed, she was a charismatic lady.

“My grandparents were really good-looking when they were young too. Of course, my aunt inherited it from them,” Mu Yuchen replied as he kept his eyes glued onto the photo.

“Can we find the woman inside the photo? She seems very close to Aunty. We might be able to find something out from her,” suggested Xi Xiaye after giving it some thought.

Mu Yuchen frowned slightly. He grabbed a chair and sat down as he held a corner of the photo and continued staring at it without replying.

“There are some words on the back!” Xi Xiaye glanced over and saw a line of words on the back. Immediately, Mu Yuchen flipped the photo over and saw the line which looked like the handwriting of a woman.

At times, you look at me. At times, you look at the clouds. I think that it’s far when you look at me, and it’s near when you look at the clouds.

Xi Xiaye snuggled over and read the text out loud. She was surprised. “This is very familiar. It sounds like Gu Cheng’s ‘Far and Near’, but what does it mean?”

Mu Yuchen had some doubts. He studied the photo back and forth several times and still could not figure it out.

“Is this Aunty’s handwriting? Or Ah Shi’s?” Xi Xiaye raised her eyebrows as she asked.

He took a deep breath as he put the photo on the table. “It should be Aunty’s. Lingshi’s handwriting is really illegible.”

“Mmm, the ink looks like it’s been there for many years. Why is this photo inside here? And this line of words…”

“Let’s not think about it now. Pack up and check if there’s anything else we need to bring.” Mu Yuchen put the photo back into the book and left it there. “Remember to take this book out later on.”

Xi Xiaye nodded while her eyes were still focused on the book. “Can we find out a bit more? That lady just now looked a little familiar. Maybe she’s a good friend within the industry.”

“We’ll find out soon. Are you done?” He went up to her as she carried a thick stack of books.

“I’m done. Let’s go. There’s nothing much here, just a few books. As for these music scores, I don’t understand them either Hmm, did Ah Shi inherit her musical talent from Aunty as well? I remember that Aunty has a nice voice. She was very highly praised in the industry for her marvelous singing. Many of the popular songs that were trending back then were written by herself. To a certain extent, she was really talented in music too.”

Xi Xiaye somewhat remembered some of the information that she had read up on Mu Zi.

“Mmm, she’s indeed musically talented. She joined many competitions while she was still in school and easily won numerous awards. My grandparents were really proud of her.”

“Ah Shi seems like her now. She’s really enjoying being a DJ, and she’s managing the Imperial Sky Entertainment Club well.”

“As long as she likes it. After all, she learned a lot from working in several clubs in New York and France in the past few years, so it’s best for her to apply what she’s learned.” Mu Yuchen felt comforted when they talked about this and his face softened.

She followed behind him with a stack of books as she said, “How can you not worry about leaving a girl like her at those places?”

“Lingshi is strong, and always being reliant on others isn’t going to last long. Most importantly, she needs to know how to protect herself,” he replied as he put an arm over her shoulder and his other hand into his pocket as they strolled.




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