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( Mysterious Man Before The Tombstone (6)

He was looking at the two tombstones quietly as he remained stationary for a long time with his head remained lowered. He looked at Mu Zixi’s faded photo as the depressing aura around him intensified as if he was remembering the past.

After a while, he turned his gaze to Mu Lingtian’s tombstone. He bent over and tried to remove the spots of dirt on his photo.

“Stop right there!”

As they walked forward, Mu Yuchen’s voice reached her ear as he pulled her backward.

Startled, Xi Xiaye turned around and looked at him in doubt. She then noticed that his eyes were staring forward, so she looked over to see someone there. If she was not mistaken, that was the location of Mu Zixi and Mu Lingtian’s tombstone!

“Who’s that?”

Xi Xiaye was alert. From the appearance, neither did it seem like Mu Tangchuan nor Mu Yinan, so who else could it be?

Xi Xiaye looked at Mu Yuchen whose expression was still calm as usual, but his eyes were restless. He stared at that figure for a long time. Then, he put on a cold grin as he went forward with her in tow.

However, that man in the black suit was on alert as well. At almost the same moment they walked towards him, he looked at them. With the large sunglasses covering his face, they could not get a good look at his face.

He seemed to have noticed Mu Yuchen and Xi Xiaye from afar too. He turned around to leave swiftly.

“Stop right there!” Xi Xiaye yelled anxiously. She let go of Mu Yuchen’s hand as she chased the man!

“Stop! Who are you?!” she demanded while she chased.

That man was fast. In just the blink of an eye, he swiftly went down the other side of the stairs. Then, he slipped behind another tombstone. When Xi Xiaye and Mu Yuchen arrived, there was no sign of anyone.

Xi Xiaye looked at the empty spot and asked, “Who was that person?”

Mu Yuchen did not say anything. They went back to Mu Lingtian and Mu Zixi’s tombstone. They then noticed that there was a bouquet of white lily before each of their graves.

Only a handful of people knew Mu Zixi and Mu Lingtian liked white lilies, so who exactly was that?

“Why would he come and visit Aunty and Mu Lingtian’s grave? And he even knew that it’s Mu Lingtian’s birthday today!”

Xi Xiaye frowned as she looked at the birthday cake left before Mu Lingtian’s grave. “It doesn’t seem like someone we know.”

Mu Yuchen put the white lilies down as he stared at the other white lilies and the cake for a long time. The faint light in his eyes became stronger. Xi Xiaye followed his example and put the bouquet of white lilies before Mu Zixi’s grave as well.

“It should be someone related to Lingtian,” Mu Yuchen voiced out his thought.

“It must be. There’s no other way he would remember Mu Lingtian’s birthday… Could it be his friend? Or…” Xi Xiaye frowned. Although an answer appeared in mind, she did not say it. She just looked at Mu Yuchen in silence.

“Lingtian was pretty introverted and didn’t socialize much, so he had very few friends. Apart from Ah Mo and Lingshi, the others were only the two brothers from the Qi family.” Mu Yuchen gave a simple explanation.

Xi Xiaye nodded. “Who do you think that person is?”

“Not many people know that Aunty and Lingtian liked white lilies…”

“Do you mean that that person… might be… but we didn’t get to see his face clearly just now, so maybe it’s just a friend?”

Xi Xiaye could not believe it. “I remember that you told me you’ve investigated many times and you couldn’t locate Ah Shi’s biological father. That person… Aunty’s photo was obviously cleaned just moments ago. Look, it’s very clean now.”

Mu Yuchen nodded. “That’s right. This time, maybe…”

He quickly took his phone out and dialed the bodyguard near the car. “Go to the entrance and look for a man in a black suit with large sunglasses. Stop him on sight. At the same time, note down the car plate numbers nearby. Be quick!” He hung up on the call after giving his order.

Xi Xiaye took a deep breath as she looked at the eternally beautiful smile on the tombstone. “Did Aunty never leave any information regarding Ah Shi’s father at all?”

Mu Yuchen was suddenly reminded about their wedding in the small town and his conversation with Mu Lingshi on the balcony that night.

Mu Lingshi had always wanted to look for her biological father, but how could she do it? Mu Zixi had never said anything about him, so there were no leads at all.

After so many days, it was unknown whether she had any progress on this. Although he promised to help her, he almost forgot about it with all the work piling up recently.

“My parents would’ve found him already if there was. We have zero ideas about that man,” Mu Yuchen replied.

Xi Xiaye sighed. “It’s been almost thirty years. That man… Has he never appeared? I think he must know about Lingtian and Ah Shi’s existence. Otherwise, Ah Shi wouldn’t…”

“Mmm, I’ll investigate this thoroughly.”

Mu Yuchen then glanced at the direction that the mysterious man disappeared. “I hope what we saw today will be a breakthrough!”

Xi Xiaye understood exactly what he meant, so she nodded and looked over in the same direction as him. “I hope so too. Looking at his back and attire, he didn’t seem ordinary. He’s probably someone with high status, but I couldn’t see his face clearly and gauge his age. He did not seem to want us to know about him, that’s why he left so quickly. If he knew us, he would’ve at least greeted us before leaving,” she analyzed.

Mu Yuchen nodded. “Mmm, that’s right! He doesn’t wish for us to know of his existence, which is what caught my attention.”




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