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(Mysterious Man Before The Tombstone (3)

“I’ve just received a call from Ah Mo. There’s hope for Mother’s recovery, but she’ll need to stay there for a while. Father will stay there for a while too. Grandpa returns tomorrow, so we’ll pick him up from the airport in the afternoon the day after tomorrow,” Mu Yuchen spoke quite calmly.

However, just as he said this, Xi Xiaye’s starry eyes immediately lit up. She subconsciously held his hand and said a little nervously, “There’s hope for recovery? There’s really hope? That means that Mother will be able to see the light again, right? I just called Mother yesterday. She said she was going for a check-up at the hospital today.”

“Mmm, this is good news, so be happy. Once Grandpa gets back, I’ll arrange for people to guard them over there since only Father and Mother will be there.”

As he said this, he looked meaningfully at Xi Xiaye.

Xi Xiaye smiled happily and gently nodded. “I truly hope that when they return, their relationship will go to the next level. If Mother recovers, then Father lectures together with her at University A, and no one disturbs them, that is something worth looking forward to!”

“It was always supposed to just be temporary loss of sight. Don’t always be so worried and scare yourself too much.”

“Mmm, right, when’s Ah Mo coming back then? Lingshi’s been quite busy these two days. She’s planning on renovating the Imperial Sky Entertainment Club office. In fact, Grandmother and the rest have begun to get her and Ah Mo moving. I think we’ll be able to anticipate another round of good news.”

Xi Xiaye played around with the flower in her hand, and she laughed gently.

“They are truly childhood sweethearts. They should’ve been married by now. Ah Mo is a rare honest man. Lingshi won’t lose out being with him. Just like us, Grandmother and the rest have long been looking forward to their marriage, and now that you’re their sis-in-law, encourage Lingshi a little. It’s a glorious thing. I think you and Lingshi get along quite well. She rarely talks to me about anything, but she did tell you quite a bit.”

Obviously, it would be best for Lingshi to have one or two people that she could talk to. Actually, Lingshi was quite similar to her sometimes. Perhaps they could empathize and get along with each other better because of their similar personalities.

“There are some things that you can only tell your good friends and not your other half. Right, tomorrow I’m going to go over to Lingshi’s. The things that I brought from the Mu residence are still at home. I should deliver it to her tomorrow.”

“Mmm, I’ll send you and go over to see Su Chen for a bit.”

They were beginning to get some clues regarding the incident at the wedding banquet, so there were some things they needed to discuss and delegate.

“I almost forgot. Tomorrow is Lingtian’s birthday. Xiaye, tomorrow morning come with me to the cemetery. After our wedding, we should go take a look.”

After a momentary silence, Mu Yuchen’s handsome face suddenly flashed with a sorrowful expression. He turned around and his gaze turned toward the sky outside through their window. It was slightly gloomy, and the mist outside made one feel a sense of loneliness.

There was a ridge from his past that was hard to get over. Xi Xiaye had always known this.

That ridge was Mu Lingtian!

Xi Xiaye did not know what she could do right now. She could only hope that Detective Zhang would be able to get the news she needed sooner. She had already given him quite a few calls, yet it kept showing that his phone was switched off, which only made Xi Xiaye rather anxious.

She hoped to be able to get some clues by understanding the Qi family.

Upon seeing a hint of loneliness in his eyes, Xi Xiaye could only nod. “Mmm, you don’t have to be so hard on yourself. Even though I don’t know what exactly happened, I know that our lives have just begun, so let’s not let the past overshadow us. As the ones who are still alive, what we can do for the dead is to keep on living and remember them.”

When he heard her dish her sermon and felt that it sounded quite familiar, ease colored his face and he smiled. “Are you lecturing me right now?”

“It’s not necessarily just the teachers who have things to teach students. Sometimes, there are many things that are worth learning from the student too. This truth disregards seniority and hierarchy.”

She smiled slowly. Somehow, she started to have a habit like him. She liked to touch his head and messed up his neat hair before tidying it again.

“Hey, Mr. Mu, why do you think people are so afraid of dying? Is it just because they’re afraid of the pain that comes with death and the helpless struggle?”

She tilted her head and thought about it for a while. Suddenly, she looked puzzledly at Mu Yuchen, hoping to get an answer from him.

When he heard this, he looked at her in astonishment and teased, “What? Mrs. Mu, have you begun to explore the meaning of life now?”

“I’m just having a moment. I asked you, so just answer!”

“Your Mr. Mu is just an ordinary man. He’s not some master who searches for the meaning of life, so how would I know? But now that you asked, apart from what you’ve said, my main answer would be that perhaps we’re afraid of being forgotten and that we’ll no longer be able to have the things we own. So, being forgotten after death is truly when you lose everything.”

When Mu Yuchen said this, his gaze hardened a little.

She understood very well that he could not let himself forget Mu Lingtian, so he was destined to continue suffering.

Her fingers interlocked with his as she suddenly asked softly, “Mr. Mu, Mu Lingtian… Was he a good person?”

Upon hearing this, he was astonished for a moment. Then, he shook his head and said softly, “I don’t know…”

“You don’t know? Why not? I remember you telling me that someone who treats you well is a good person. Otherwise, they would be a bad person. Isn’t that so?”

She raised her brows at this juncture.

The curve on the corner of his lips widened as he reached out to rub her head and did not say anything for a while.

“Xiaye, sometimes, I really wish to still be simpler like you. Before I met you, I always felt like I was tired of holding up, and I always felt like I was living a rather lonely and boring life, but now…”

He did not continue, yet in his profound eyes, he had already shown his feelings that were concealed in the depth of his eyes.

She went blank for a moment, then she thought about it and smiled.

Actually, was she not the same?

From meeting to getting to know each other and falling in love, it was all a very wonderful journey. Now that everything had steadily progressed and continued on, she felt extremely grateful.

She was about to say something when the sound of rushed footsteps came from outside.

“Master!” Li Si’s impatient voice interrupted them!




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