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(Gu Lingsha Is Still Alive? (3)

His tone sounded pretty harsh, so Xi Xiaye instantly knew he was upset. She shrugged. “Don’t mind him. Didn’t you shut him up afterward? Also, we have projects with Qi Kai now.”

Without missing the slight sense of jealousy in the air, Xi Xiaye added with a chuckle, “Moreover, he’s not my cup of tea.”

Mu Yuchen glanced at her before looking back to Li Si. “Keep an eye on the Qi family. At the same time, do everything you can to find out who was in the car. Also, check through all the hotel’s employee’s information, especially those who joined recently as well as their whereabouts last night.”

Li Si instantly understood what Mu Yuchen’s intention was.

He suspected that there was a spy within the hotel employees, or someone pretending to be one of their employees.

After giving it some thought, Li Si agreed that there was a very high possibility of this happening, he then nodded. “Yes, Master! I understand. I’ll get it done now!”

He then left after giving that brief reply.

It was a weekend, a day to rest. Having been busy for the past few days, Wang Qin arrived back in City Z before afternoon. She felt exhausted after working abroad for several days.

As Wang Qin stepped out of the airport, Yang Sheng went to pick her up.

“VP Wang!” He called out to her as she came closer.

Wang Qin nodded and sat inside the car. “Where’s Xiao Lei?”

“Master Qi is at the Grand Waves Villa. He’s handling an emergency case and can’t take time off, so he sent me to pick you up.” Yang Sheng closed the door carefully and went to the driver’s seat.

“Excuses! He doesn’t even care about his mother anymore. With his personality, he’ll never be favored by Qi Qiming! Did he go home last night?”

Wang Qin was outraged when he heard Yang Sheng! She was really frustrated!

She knew Qi Qiming too well. He liked people to get on his good side and he desired to be regarded highly. Always acting all high and mighty, he could not put himself down even for a moment.

Actually, the two of them were really similar in nature. They were extremely stubborn and none of them liked to admit defeat.

“VP Wang, Master Qi attended Glory World’s Master Mu’s wedding last night. That’s why he didn’t go back., CEO Qi is meeting some friends at home. I invited Master Qi to go home, but he declined. I think he didn’t want to see CEO Qi. Because of what happened with Yueying the other day, Master Qi is a little…”

Wang Qin knew very well what Yang Sheng meant.

She had the same opinion as Qi Lei on Yueying’s matter. They did not want to help clean this mess up. However, Qi Qiming insisted on doing so. It seemed odd to both her and Qi Lei that he put in so much effort to help Yueying, and because of this, the father-son pair was very unhappy with each other.

“Did CEO Qi call Xiao Lei to ask him to go back?”

Wang Qin knew that even if it was just a simple meal at home, if Qi Qiming genuinely intended to repair his relationship with Qi Lei, this was a very good excuse. Otherwise, Qi Qiming could have just totally left Qi Lei out.

Having worked for Wang Qin many years, Yang Sheng understood very well what she meant. She was trying to find an excuse for Qi Qiming, but that was not his intention at all!

“VP Wang, CEO Qi did not call Master Qi. He called Yue Hai over instead,” Yang Sheng replied carefully.

As expected, Wang Qin’s expression turned into a dismal storm! From the rearview window, he could see her anger and she was almost bleeding herself from pinching her palm too hard.

“VP Wang, are you alright?” Yang Sheng called out to her after a while.

His voice calmed her down and she came back to her senses before replying coldly, “I’m fine. Head straight to the Grand Waves Villa area.” Wang Qin then took out her tablet and was scrolling through it quietly.

“Yes, VP Wang.” Yang Sheng stepped on the pedal and sped up.

Wang Qin opened her inbox. She had not had the time to check her mail in her past few days and many documents from her subordinates were sent right to her inbox.

As usual, she checked her inbox and went through the emails one by one. However, an email titled “Covered Truth – Qi Feng” caught her attention!

She clicked the email and it loaded gradually. It was a very long email with many image attachments!

Wang Qin read through it in detail, but just the first few sentences into it, her face turned pale!

The attached photo was also a shocker!

She very well recognized the woman in the photo.

Gu Lingsha!

It was her!

It must be Gu Lingsha!

A side profile of her face was enough for Wang Qin to recognize her!


Wang Qin’s hands trembled and her tablet fell onto the floor as her pale expression darkened!

Gu Lingsha!

They could not find her body at the accident scene back then. Qi Feng had disappeared with her as well. Tragically, Mu Lingtian was found dead. If Gu Lingsha was still alive, where was Qi Feng? Was he still alive as well?

These two witches!

They were actually still alive?

Although there were some signs that they might still be alive, she had investigated numerous times before and could not locate them. She tried to track Qi Qiming down in secret and could not get any useful information too. Now, someone had noticed Gu Lingsha was in Los Angeles?

The aura around Wang Qin turned chilly while sweat formed on her palms as she clenched her fists.

The Gu family!

No wonder the Gu family acted indifferently toward Gu Lingsha’s death. They must have been aware that Gu Lingsha was still alive.

If the Gu family knew Gu Lingsha was alright, that meant that Qi Qiming knew it as well, and he must have known Qi Feng was alive. He never disputed any news claiming that Qi Feng was dead over the years. Furthermore, he had been holding onto the company that should have been handed over to Qi Lei long ago!

Ample evidence suggested this bastard Qi Qiming had been paving a path for Qi Feng. He had never thought about letting Qi Lei take over Qi Kai!




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