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(Gu Lingsha Is Still Alive? (2)

Yang Sheng nodded. “Yes, Master Qi! VP Wang should be back in City Z in two days. She’d need to wait for VP Wang to return anyway.”

Qi Lei closed his eyes as his smile grew wider. He did not say anything else and instead stepped on the accelerator and sped up!

Yang Sheng went upstairs to get some documents.

“Master Qi, it’s the weekend tomorrow. Do you want to return to the Qi Residence for a visit? CEO Qi invited some friends over, and Yue Hai and some others will be attending.”

“I don’t care who’s going! I’m going to rest this weekend. Don’t bother me.”

Qi Lei tossed the document folder to Yang Sheng. “Ask VP Wang to sign this as soon as possible. I’ll send someone to collect it on Monday. I’ll continue to handle the South River project. There’s no need to change, so you can go back now.”

“Yes, Master Qi!” Yang Sheng then left with the folder.

Qi Lei glanced at the door when he heard it close. He sat down on the sofa beside the table as the faint light in his eyes turned cold slowly.

Dawn came. As the light of sunrise crept through the half-opened curtains, Mu Yuchen woke up. His first reaction was to hug the woman beside him, and he was shocked to find her absent!

He quickly sat up in the next moment, the blurriness in the eyes fading away as he became calm as usual. After a while, he got out of bed and grabbed some clothes before heading into the bathroom.

After he washed up, he went downstairs and saw the tiny woman being busy in the living room. He halted his steps and just watched her from above.

Xi Xiaye was sitting on the sofa with a big bouquet of champagne rose before her as well as several nameless purple flowers. She was arranging the flowers at the moment while breakfast was already laid out on the dining table.

She was really focused on arranging the flowers in the vase.

He actually realized she was very fond of flowers. Maybe it was the same for every woman. Having some flowers at home did make the house seem a little livelier.

He just stood there and watched her for a while. She swiftly arranged the flowers and then placed the vase in its corner before starting to clean up. Suddenly, soothing music reached her ears. Xi Xiaye raised her head and noticed that he was squatting beside the coffee table as he flipped through the newspapers that had just been delivered this morning.

She narrowed her eyes before walking towards him. She sat down beside him and took out the first-aid kit. “How come you never make a sound?”

“I’ll change the medication on your wound.” She opened the kit as she grabbed his arm.

“Hmm? I’m alright. It’s just a small wound.”

“Here, antiseptic. It’ll get better soon. Su Chen seems to be quite experienced. If it weren’t for him, you might have needed to be hospitalized.” She handled his wound as she spoke.

He laughed. “Of course, all three of us were trained in the wilderness. It was common during our training period. We have to keep calm during these situations. Only then will you come up with a plan.”

“I’m very afraid of snakes… so…” Xi Xiaye was still traumatized by what had happened. It was pretty common for girls to be afraid of creatures like these.

“There’s no way there would be snakes in the hotel unless someone brought it in.”

“Li Si is already investigating it. We’ll probably have the results later…”

Before Mu Yuchen could finish his sentence, the doorbell rang. He raised his brows and glanced over at Xi Xiaye before taking the cotton bud away. “It should be Li Si. Go and get the door.”

Xi Xiaye stood up and went to the door. As expected, the screen showed Li Si and the others waiting outside, so she then pressed on the button to open the door.

Li Si came in swiftly.

“Good morning, Master, Missus!” he greeted politely as he reached the living room.

“Morning!” Xi Xiaye replied as she packed up the first-aid kit.

“Master!” Li Si went to Mu Yuchen.

“How did the investigation go?” Mu Yuchen adjusted his sleeves while looking at Li Si.

Li Si bowed slightly and handed a document to Mu Yuchen. “I’ve checked the security camera footages, but the cameras were damaged right before the incident, so we got nothing out of it. I conducted investigations as per your orders but didn’t get anything particularly notable as well. However, we did notice something odd when looking through the security camera footages near the entrance.”

Mu Yuchen frowned when he heard Li Si. He opened the document and started flipping through it as Li Si continued.

“According to the footages near the entrance, we noticed there were people inside a car parked in the car park right in front of the entrance. They were staring at the hotel entrance the whole night. Afterward, Qi Lei noticed them and followed them. I’m afraid to cause unnecessary attention, so I didn’t go along. Master, do you think Qi Lei did it? He seems to have unkind intentions. It might be him,” Li Si analyzed.

Mu Yuchen closed his eyes as he listened to Li Si and gave his analysis some thought. Xi Xiaye, who was packing up the first-aid kit, was stunned for a moment as she looked at Li Si in surprise. After being quiet for a while, she said, “Qi Lei, it’s probably not him. He’s not someone who’d be this wicked towards a woman.”

While Qi Lei did have some other intentions, they had been in contact for some time.

Qi Lei did not give her the impression of being someone like that. Although he seemed pretty mysterious and hard to grasp, he was not someone like that. He was probably not someone who would do something like that.

“How are you so sure that he won’t play little tricks?” Mu Yuchen frowned and looked at Xi Xiaye as he said coldly, “He was so arrogant in front of me last night and totally forgot that I’m your husband. I’d have cut him if it was somewhere else!”

Mu Yuchen’s expression turned bitter as he remembered Qi Lei’s attitude last night. His eyes were chilly, and the words that Qi Lei left him with echoed in his ears again.




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