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(Shocked 4)

Inside the kitchen, Xi Xiaye was still preparing some soup and some snacks to sober up.

She lowered her gaze and silently watched the small flame flickering on the stove. Her beautiful face was dense with a hint of worry. When she remembered what had happened earlier, she still had lingering fears.

Who could have done it?

She only remembered back then that she seemed to have heard the very light patter of footsteps. The person had not been wearing high heels, but it should have been a woman because she seemed to have heard the sound of long fingernails scraping against the door.

However, it did not seem right if she thought about it again. Would a woman have been able to get a snake into the washroom?

In fact, was that person targeting her?

How could they have been so sure that she would have gone to the washroom?

Could it have been pure coincidence?

Or perhaps that person had been watching her.

If that was the case, then that would be terrifying!

When she thought about this, Xi Xiaye could not help but shudder. At this moment, a pair of strong arms gently hugged her from behind, pulling her into his safe embrace. His deep and sensitive voice held a hint of consolation. “What are you thinking about? Still afraid?”

She fell silent for a while, then she shook her head, “I’m just puzzled, wondering who could have done it.”

“Li Si is already investigating this, we’ll see then, don’t worry, I’m here,” he said as his arms around her waist suddenly tightened a little.

Hearing his words, Xi Xiaye paused. Her mind flashed back to the scene when he had quickly pulled her into the protection of his embrace and held back the snake that launched itself at her. She abruptly felt her heart soften as she quickly turned to him and face him. With one hand, she pulled his bandaged hand closer and stared at it for quite a while. Her eyes could not help but turn misty.

“Does it hurt?” She sighed and slowly looked up, quietly meeting his dark eyes that gazed down at her.

Upon hearing this, he smiled. “It’s just a small wound and it doesn’t hurt much. If you commend me a little or offer some proper consolation, I’ll immediately be fine tomorrow.” His extraordinarily handsome face flashed with a demonic smile.

She raised her brows. “How do you want me to commend you then? I don’t know how to do praises, but I do know this—”

Then, she tiptoed and gently planted a kiss on his cheek.

“That’s all?” He narrowed his eyes that were filled with a discontented coldness.

“Hmm?” She smiled faintly.

“Is this too easy?”

“Well… Aah!”

Before she could answer him, he had already turned off the stove with a hand and bent down to carry her up as he walked out.

“What are you doing?”

“What do you think?”

“Don’t! The b-book says that it’s not good for health if w-we do it too often…” she stammered.

“It? Which ‘it’?” He looked down at her in amusement as he smiled.

“That ‘it’! Why are you acting all innocent? Ugh, annoying!” She rolled her eyes angrily at him.

He smirked. “Can’t you think of something else in that head of yours? Do I look like the kind of person who wants unlimited s**? In fact, we haven’t done it for two days now, have we?”

“Well, you…”

“Missus, your husband just wants to let you take a shower and rest earlier. You think too much…”


Half an hour later, on the soft and comfortable sofa, Mu Yuchen had already changed out of his tuxedo and slipped into a dark blue sleeping robe as he leisurely brewed some tea while Xi Xiaye kept shooting him glances from the corner of her eye from time to time as if she wanted to say something, yet she kept holding back.

“Why don’t you ask me what happened earlier?” She thought he would ask him what had happened. However, unexpectedly, he had not asked a single thing ever since the incident. Instead, he had just ordered Li Si to investigate further into it.

“Why? Do you know who did it?” he asked as he looked at her very calmly.

She shook her head.

“Well, then that’s fine. If you recall it, you might scare yourself. Earlier, you broke out in cold sweat all over.”

He had a keen eye and he knew that she was afraid too, so he decided to not to mention it instead.

“I was quite scared. I wonder who it was. From what I recall, I haven’t offended anyone apart from Xi Xinyi who hates me to the bone… but, Xi Xinyi wasn’t invited, was she?”

“Your thought process is simple enough, Missus! Who told you that the person wouldn’t have gotten someone else to do these malicious things?” Mu Yuchen objected.

“Do you really think it’s her?” Xi Xiaye frowned.

“We don’t have any way of guessing who it is right now. Things might not be quite as peaceful in the coming days, so just follow me. Ah Mo will handle Mother’s matters over there and rush back soon. When that happens, I’ll get him to pick a female bodyguard for you.”

Mu Yuchen thought about it for a while, then he added, “To be your special female assistant.”

“A female bodyguard? Is there a need for that?”

“Even if you’re going to be in Fuhua after this, Grandpa would make the arrangements for you too. It’s not a bad thing to be a little more careful.”

Xi Xiaye seemed to have noticed that the situation was a little tense.

The banquet dispersed and it was close to midnight at this point.

At the plaza before the entrance of the Imperial Sky Hotel, there was a black luxury sports car.

Qi Lei leisurely lit up a cigarette, taking a drag on it from time to time. His demonically handsome face looked quite surreal amidst the smoke.

He calmly looked at the hotel entrance where Li Si and the rest were in covertly inspecting everyone. When they let the last guest off, Yang Sheng, who had been standing on guard beside him, walked through the darkness toward the car.

“Master Qi!”

Yang Sheng opened the car door and slowly got in. There were anxiety and confusion written on his face.

Qi Lei blew the smoke out and did not even look at Yang Sheng as he asked indifferently, “What happened?”

“Master Qi, I think something happened to Miss Xiaye in the washroom. Earlier, I saw Mu Yuchen rush over. In fact, Su Chen and the rest followed closely after him too. After that, I saw them hurry to leave the hotel. Something seems to have happened. By the looks of Li Si’s actions, they seem to be looking for someone!”

Yang Sheng had been quite far away, so he had only heard bits and pieces of the news.

When he said this, Qi Lei’s brows slowly furrowed too.

“Something happened? Is she okay?”

“She’s fine, Master Qi. I’ll seek clarification of the situation from them. Earlier, I did see Xiaye following closely behind Mu Yuchen, so she should be fine.”

“Let me know when you’ve found out.”

“Yes, Master Qi! They’ve all dispersed now. We… Master Qi, look!”

Yang Sheng was about to say something when suddenly a black car slowly rolled out of a parking spot beside them.

“The people in that car seemed to have been watching Li Si and the rest for a long while. Earlier, I was watching from a dark corner for a long time. There are two people in the car who’ve also been watching the hotel entrance for an entire night!”




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