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(Shocked (3)


As Li Si vanished out of the door, Zhou Zimo and Su Nan came rushing in.

“Xiaye! Xiaye! How are you feeling? Are you alright?”

Su Nan was freaked out. Before Xi Xiaye could react, she rushed in and grabbed her as she looked around frantically.

Xi Xiaye took a deep breath. The fear in her eyes had not totally left yet, but she patted Su Nan’s shoulder. “Don’t worry, I’m fine, I’m fine!”

She turned around to look at Mu Yuchen and noticed that he was hiding his arm. She squinted at him and quickly grabbed his left arm to roll his sleeve up only to see a bleeding bite mark!

“You were bitten!” Xi Xiaye yelled out of shock as her body shivered! “Go to the hospital now!”

Her heart was beating like a bullet train. She grabbed Mu Yuchen and was about to rush outside.

“It’s okay!” Mu Yuchen pulled her back with a frown. “Don’t worry!”

“Okay, don’t move him. Does anyone have a small knife?” Su Chen spoke up. Immediately, one of the bodyguards handed him a sharp little dagger.

“Don’t worry, Xiaye, it’ll be alright! Move aside for a bit,” Su Chen comforted her as he grabbed Mu Yuchen’s bitten arm. He carefully sliced a cross mark on the bite before lowering his head and sucking out the poisonous blood. He only stopped when the blood he spat out became bright red again.

He took the Band-aid one of the bodyguards passed over and stuck it onto Mu Yuchen’s arm. Then, he went over to the sink to rinse off the blood in his mouth and wash his hands.

Su Chen wiped his hand with the tissue handed by the bodyguards as he said, “Alright, now we’ll head to the hospital. It’ll be fine after injecting the antidote. Don’t worry.”

“Let’s head to the hospital now then,” Xi Xiaye said decisively.

“I’ll head over with you guys. Zimo, stay here and take care of the rest. Let’s go.” Without waiting for Mu Yuchen’s reply, Su Chen dragged him out and Xi Xiaye followed right behind them.

A car was already waiting as they arrived at the entrance of the Imperial Sky Hotel. They rushed straight to Hospital T after they got into the car.

The doctor immediately examined Mu Yuchen’s wound.

“Master Mu, Master Su, it’s alright now. The wound was treated in time, and with the snake captured, it’ll be fine after we inject the antidote. Be careful at home and don’t let the wound come into contact with water,” advised the doctor as he looked at Mu Yuchen elegantly adjusting his sleeve.

He asked curiously, “Master Mu, this poison is quite strong and this snake doesn’t usually appear easily. How…?”

Mu Yuchen did not reply to the doctor. Instead, his expression just darkened.

Xi Xiaye frowned slightly as well. He was holding her hand, and Su Chen appeared to be deep in thought.

After a while, Mu Yuchen stood up. He grabbed Xi Xiaye’s hand, but his eyes were looking at Su Chen while his tone was calm. “Let’s go back. Zimo should be arriving at the Maple Residence soon.”

Su Chen nodded and turned to give the doctor a smile before leaving with Mu Yuchen.

It was already midnight when they arrived back at the Maple Residence and Zhou Zimo was waiting in the living room.

Sis Wang and the others had been working until pretty late recently, and today was no exception either.

“I didn’t tell them what happened, so they wouldn’t worry. All of them have gone back already. So, what happened?” Zhou Zimo asked with a frown as they sat down.

Mu Yuchen looked at his bandaged wound before glancing at Zhou Zimo. “Have you found the security footages?”

Zhou Zimo’s expression darkened as he lowered his head. “Li Si went to look for it just now and realized the security cameras are being repaired. Someone must’ve planned this.”

Su Chen’s expression darkened as well. Mu Yuchen still seemed calm as if he had already seen this coming.

“Have some tea first. I’ll prepare something to eat.” Xi Xiaye brewed tea for them and then went back into the kitchen.

“Ah Chen, I think Xiaye was the target! I wonder who the perpetrator is! That snake couldn’t have been there on its own unless someone put it there. We’ll wait for news from Li Si.”

“I think that the possibility is very high. Do you want to ask Xiaye if she…?”

Before Zhou Zimo could finish his sentence, Mu Yuchen raised his hand and stopped him. His expression turned chilly. “It might not be that case. This reminds me of the accident in City B.”

Su Chen and Zhou Zimo were both startled by Mu Yuchen’s words. They traded glances with each other. “You mean you suspect…”

“It’s still unclear right now. I can’t make a very good guess, but what happened today is definitely intentional. When I rushed over, there was an ‘out of order’ sign outside the toilet. It means that someone arranged it in a way to lock Xiaye in there after she went into the washroom and then leave the venomous snake there. The intention was obvious,” Mu Yuchen analyzed calmly.

“The doctor investigated the venom in the hospital. It’s not lethal. Due to the Imperial Sky Hotel’s patrol schedule, they would patrol around the hotel every hour, so they would’ve surely noticed and questioned it if they saw that the toilet was under repair. Then, they would’ve found out what happened inside.”

“I understand what you mean now. The perpetrator isn’t trying to kill. Maybe he or she has the same intention as the previous incident in City B. Is he or she trying to leave us a warning? A threat?” Zhou Zimo understood it almost immediately, but his expression was still grim.

“Things would be much more complicated if that’s the case. The enemies are in the dark and we can’t fully protect ourselves from them. No wonder Ah Mo has been extra careful than before, and there are more people around you now,” Su Chen said with a serious expression.

“Who is making such a deliberate plan against you?” Zhou Zimo asked with a frown.

Mu Yuchen put his hand onto his forehead as he replied with an exhausted tone, “They were sending strong messages here. My opinions are still under speculation, so we’ll wait for news from Li Si. I hope things aren’t like what I imagined.”

The two of them nodded when they noticed how exhausted Mu Yuchen was.

“Alright, let’s not overthink it now.”



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