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(Shocked (2)

Inside the toilet, Xi Xiaye could hear the sound of footsteps outside. She did not find it out of the ordinary, so she tried to open the door after she was done flushing. To her aghast, however, she tried for a while and it still did not budge!

She frowned when she still could not open the door after several more attempts.

Obviously, someone had locked the door from outside!

Xi Xiaye then remembered the footsteps from earlier. It must have been that person!

She started to have doubts as her eyes were turned furious. She knocked on the door and yelled, “Is there anyone out there? Let me out! Anyone there?”

However, no one answered her as she kept slamming on the door. No matter how hard she tried, she could not open the door and no one was answering!

Xi Xiaye’s heart sank as she started to feel uneasy. She anxiously wrung her hands and then she noticed she had not brought her handbag in.

The turmoil within Xi Xiaye became worse. She took a deep breath and tried to keep calm as she raised her head and looked around while thinking how to get out. Suddenly, the lights in her sight dimmed and she felt a chill behind her with some hissing nearby!

She started breaking out in a cold sweat. Curling her body up and glancing backward carefully, she then realized there was a colorful spotted snake hovering over the little bin at the side!

It was a venomous snake!

It was staring right at Xi Xiaye as it had its forked tongue flickering out!

Xi Xiaye’s whole body strained as she started to tremble!

A snake!

An animal she was extremely afraid of!

Fear emerged in her eyes as her face turned pale. Inhaling a deep breath as she clenched her fists and held onto the door handle, she tried to apply strength on it but the door did not budge at all!

The snake started slithering forward and Xi Xiaye’s body shook as she watched it inch closer. She was too afraid to make any noise. Fear consumed her as her palms were full of sweat!

Who had locked the door?

Moreover, where did this snake come from?

Xi Xiaye forced herself to relax. She moved slowly and turned her body around, but the snake in front of her was onto her. No matter where she moved, its eyes stared right at her as it closed in slowly!

Xi Xiaye was getting more and more nervous.

Was someone trying to harm her?

On the other hand, Mu Yuchen rushed towards the washroom. When he arrived at the corridor by the staircase outside, he saw a sign saying that the washroom was out of order at that moment.

He halted mid-step and his eyes darkened as he tried to calm down. Just as he was about to turn around, an urge within him propelled him forward.

He took a deep breath and followed his heart to advance forward.

He quickly pushed the door to the female washroom open and called out to Xi Xiaye, “Xiaye?”


He heard the sound of footsteps from inside, but no one replied.


Mu Yuchen looked around and his sharp eyes saw that the door of the first toilet stall was tied up with a rope to the pillar beside it. The patter of footsteps came urgently from there.


Mu Yuchen’s heart sank and he rushed over, quickly untying the ropes and opening the door.

“Don’t come near here! Be careful!”

Xi Xiaye had heard his voice long ago, but she could not reply because the snake was already right in front of her. She had no idea how to escape from this narrow space!

However, the snake was startled when Mu Yuchen barged in. In reflex, its flexible body vaulted towards Xi Xiaye’s shoulder, shocking her. She quickly evaded it. However, the snake moved even more swiftly and was about to reach her shoulder. In the next moment, a large hand pulled her back!

Xi Xiaye could only feel herself in his arms and smell his unique scent as she released all her fear and hugged him tightly!



They swiftly backed off.

“Are you okay?” Mu Yuchen looked at her worried after they had retreated to safety.

Xi Xiaye shook her head anxiously. “I’m alright. I don’t know where the snake came from. I… Oh my god, it followed us out!” As she was about to say something more, she glanced by the door and saw the venomous snake nearby.


“Ah Chen, Xiaye, move!”

Before they could react, Su Chen’s voice came from behind them. He leaped over and crushed the snake with the mop in his hand. With a lightning-fast motion, the mop landed right on top of the snake’s head and he grabbed it as it struggled. Xi Xiaye trembled again when she saw that.

“Don’t worry! It’s alright!” Mu Yuchen hugged her tightly as he looked at the snake in Su Chen’s hand. He glanced over at the ropes on the floor as his eyes turned extremely cold.

“It’s venomous! How could this be here?” Su Chen frowned as well as he looked at Mu Yuchen and Xi Xiaye.

“Master, Missus, are you two alright?” Li Si and the bodyguards in black suits rushed over too.

“Clean up the scene here first!” Su Chen handed the snake to one of the bodyguards who quickly took it from him.

“Li Si, go and get the security camera footages around here. Be quick! And get people to guard each and every entrance. Don’t let anyone leave yet!” Mu Yuchen’s expression was chilly just like his tone of voice. Even his stare was extremely sharp.

“Yes, Master! Right away!” Upon noticing the seriousness of this matter, Li Si left quickly after a brief reply.



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