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(Shocked (1)

The wedding banquet continued on till quite late and Mu Yuchen drank a lot too. He was currently sitting on the sofa with Su Chen and some other good buddies as they chatted. Relaxed beside Xi Xiaye were also Su Nan and Ruan Heng.

“Xiaye, I can’t drink liquor, but I’ll replace it with tea to wish you and Master Mu many happy returns.”

“It was not easy for you to reach this stage. Steady now!”

Su Nan and Ruan Heng’s faces brimmed with faint warmth. In the past few days, they saw Mu Yuchen bring nothing but warmth and affection to Xi Xiaye, so they were not worried.

Xi Xiaye pursed her lips as she nodded. “Mmm, you two too. These few days, you’ve been worn out, so rest well in the next couple of days, especially you, Nan Nan. You seemed to have lost weight in these two days. Ruan Heng, you should be careful too. It’s been quite a few months now. In just a few months, we’ll be meeting the little bub!”

Xi Xiaye’s gaze was gentle as she looked at Su Nan’s baby bump. You could tell that she seemed to have admiring envy in her eyes.

Su Nan quickly caught onto her gaze. She could not help but pull her hand to gently lay it on her bump as she smiled to say, “Sometimes, I can kind of feel them moving. If you’re envious, how about having one to play with soon?”

When Su Nan said that, Ruan Heng could not help but reprimand her softly, yet his eyes were filled with doting. “Are children meant to be played with?”

Xi Xiaye went along with it and caressed her friend’s baby bump. Then, she pulled her hand back and smiled. “Do you think it’s so easy to have one? We’ll be quite busy at work after the wedding. Earlier when I went to the hospital for a checkup for Mother’s eyes, my mother even got the doctor to prescribe something to nurse my health or something. She said that I’m imbalanced in terms of nourishment. Do I look like someone who lacks nourishment?”

“You used to, but not anymore! You look quite good. That goes to show that Master Mu takes care of you well. Watch out and don’t become all chubby from the care till you end up looking like me! Then, that would be the end for you!”

As Su Nan said this, she subconsciously touched her lower chin. A few days ago, her double chin seemed to have looked more prominent, but after a few days of being busy, it seemed to be diminishing.

Ruan Heng frowned and looked at Su Nan. “Nan Nan, being healthy is the most important. Who cares if you’re chubby or skinny? You’re not an unmarried woman anyway. It’s just me who’s looking at you. I didn’t even say anything, but it’s you who’s being self-loathing!”

This woman had been flipping out on him because of her weight issue recently. Initially, they thought of having a child only after a couple of years into marriage, yet unexpectedly they did not use protection well and struck only after two times. At first, this annoyed Su Nan for a long time.

Now that her weight kept increasing steeply, she could not slow down. In just a few months, she had gained at least ten kilograms of weight, shocking Su Nan herself!”

“You can do some suitably easy exercises. Perhaps it would help you for labor in the future. After you’ve given birth, then you can think about how to lose weight. For now, it’s the little one in you that’s the most important!”

Xi Xiaye smiled and shook her head as she slowly got up. “Okay, you two sit around first. I’m going to the washroom.”

Su Nan and Ruan Heng nodded.

“Come back soon. We’ll wait for you right here.” Su Nan still wanted to ask more about Shen Wenna’s condition.

Xi Xiaye nodded, then she walked towards the corridor.

The washroom was at the end of the corridor and there was another on the other end.

She realized she had drunk quite a bit as she walked through the long corridor. Her head felt like lead. With a deep breath, she forced herself to stay sober as she continued walking ahead.

The washroom was empty. The swaying and flickering neon lights outside refracted in, making the place seem even more unusually still.

Xi Xiaye walked through the beaded curtains that hung down, going for the sink. After she washed her hands, she then fixed her gown a little before walking into the washroom stall.

At this moment, on the sofa at the wedding banquet venue.

“Su Chen seems to be getting an earful again, look!” Zhou Zimo hinted with his eyes to Mu Yuchen beside him as his gaze looked teasing.

Mu Yuchen calmly looked up, following Zhou Zimo’s gaze. He saw that the elder from the Su family had brought a very young and beautiful girl to Su Chen who seemed to be saying something. From afar, you could already see that Su Chen did not look very pleased. He wanted to leave, yet the stern, white-haired Elder Su had already stood behind with clenched fists to block his way.

As Mu Yuchen watched on, a smile flashed on his handsome face and he shook his head. “Grandfather Su is like this. Su Chen has protested for so many years now, but I haven’t seen him win a single time.”

“Grandfather Su is quite a frank person which is good. Look at my old folks. Now, that’s annoying without a word! They would just bring girls home and you’d have to meet them no matter what. It feels they’ve been unreasonable gangsters their whole life, always strong-arming me! Thankfully, Grandfather Mu is a businessman, so he’s not as unreasonable,” Zhou Zimo lamented sympathetically.

“Elder Zhou is quite a reasonable person. If you want to relax earlier, it’s better if you act quickly. In another few more years, when it’s about time, we can even go out together in pairs.”

“Those are childhood dreams of us buddies going out together, but look at all these years. It hasn’t even been realized until now!”

“I don’t mind you two bringing your families along,” said Mu Yuchen suddenly with a grin. Then, he slowly stood up.

Because he realized that Xi Xiaye’s seat had been empty for quite a while now, he looked around but did not see her anywhere. He suddenly felt uneasy.

“Huh? Xiaye’s been gone for quite a while? It’s been more than 10 minutes!”

On the other end of the room, Su Nan was puzzled as she looked at the time on her phone. She could not help but grumble, “Where’s Xiaye?”

Just as Su Nan said that, Mu Yuchen’s deep voice was calmly heard.

“Master Mu!”

Su Nan subconsciously turned around and looked over to Mu Yuchen who stopped in front of her.

“She said she was going to the washroom, but she’s been gone for quite a while now. She wouldn’t have gotten too drunk, would she?”

Su Nan frowned and looked at her phone screen that remained lit. Deep in her gut, she felt like something was not right!

When she explained this to him, Mu Yuchen’s handsome face darkened, as did his gaze. “How long has she been gone for?”

“About 10 minutes now. Could something have happened to her? She looked like she drank quite a bit too.”

Su Nan started to be anxious now. Full of concern, she turned to Ruan Heng, yet before she could finish, Mu Yuchen had already turned and walked in huge strides toward the washroom.



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