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(Wedding Banquet (3)

When he said this, Xi Xiaye’s expression darkened. She was about to refute when the man beside her spoke up casually, “Master Qi, there’s no need to mess with Xiaye. We’ve been married for quite a long while now and her taste has improved quite a fair bit. Those who can’t break away from lowly delights and aren’t genuine wouldn’t be so easily entertained. Nevertheless, thank you for attending our wedding banquet, Li Si!”

Mu Yuchen then called for Li Si who understood and immediately served Qi Lei a glass of drink.

Qi Lei smiled faintly and looked amusedly at Mu Yuchen. Then, he leisurely took the glass. “There’s no need to be nervous, Master Mu. I’m a very sincere person. I’m personally very honored to be able to attend your wedding banquet with Xiaye. To commemorate this occasion, I’ve prepared a special gift for Xiaye.”

When he finished his sentence, Yang Sheng immediately brought an elegant gift box from behind and opened it up. A beautiful splendor flickered with the dazzling shine of the lights. Upon one’s gaze passing that dazzle, you could see a stalk of golden rose with diamonds embedded it lying inside. It looked quite similar to the rose that Mu Yuchen had won from the race. Undoubtedly, it was a gorgeous extravagance which bedazzled the eyes. Xi Xiaye was stunned by this sight.

Qi Lei was obviously very satisfied with Xi Xiaye’s reaction. “What do you think? I’m especially giving it to you. Didn’t you say you liked golden roses? This is my gift to you. Am I considered a great person now?”

When Qi Lei said this, he looked provocatively at Mu Yuchen who remained tranquil as always. His unfathomable eyes were dense with a gloom that was hard to pick up while his hand that held Xi Xiaye’s tightened slightly too. He simply looked at Qi Lei in silence.

Xi Xiaye could obviously feel his unhappiness too. A smile immediately surfaced on her beautiful face and she took the gift quite frankly. “Thank you for this then, Master Qi. My Mr. Mu says that roses like this won’t wither. As long as he likes it, so would I. He’s always admired your skills in architecture. Once again, we’re very happy that you could come, so thank you for your presence and for your thoughtful gift!”

Then, she closed the gift box and handed it to Li Si. She lifted her drink and handed another glass to Mu Yuchen. She raised her glass gracefully at Qi Lei. “Let’s toast to you, and I hope that we’ll be able to have a fantastic partnership in time to come!”

Xi Xiaye’s words could calm the underlying storm. Neither did she humiliate Qi Lei, nor did she put Mu Yuchen in a tight spot.

Even Mu Yuchen looked a little shocked at her. Who would have thought that in such a situation, she could be quite a smooth talker?

Qi Lei smiled to himself. Suddenly, he did not know how to continue. He then chuckled drily, his gaze traveling back and forth between Mu Yuchen and Xi Xiaye. Then, his expression instantly returned to normal and he raised his glass.

He downed the glass at one go, and then suddenly walked up to Mu Yuchen, stopping by his side. He whispered something into his ear. Although Xi Xiaye could not hear him, she could obviously detect that Mu Yuchen’s calm eyes had instantly darkened and his hand that held hers tightened again.

She could feel slight pain as she frowned and quickly looked up at him. At this second, Qi Lei sneered and shot Mu Yuchen a nasty look before setting his glass down on a table and turning around to leave.

Qi Lei had just vanished into the crowd when Su Chen walked up. His sharp eyes were fixated in the direction that Qi Lei had left while he asked with a sharp tone, “Why did he come? He looks like he’s up to no good?”

Mu Yuchen set his glass aside, and casually touched the black cufflink on his sleeve. His handsome face curved with a tiny smile. “He came over to give me a word of advice. It looks like he’s been having it pretty tough recently.”

“Advice?” Su Chen frowned as he looked puzzledly at Mu Yuchen. “What advice?”

The corner of Mu Yuchen’s lips curled up even more. He did not answer. Instead, his darkened gaze followed Qi Lei’s figure as he moved further away until he could not see him any longer. Finally, he said calmly, “It’s nothing.”

“This fellow seems quite stubborn. In fact, he always looks like that, making his mother Wang Qin all worried. Wang Qin wants to prop him to be the CEO of Qi Kai, yet he looks quite calm and unhurried. I think that he’s quite hard to read. Don’t underestimate him despite his reputation as a sloppy heir,” Su Chen voiced out his thoughts.

Mu Yuchen calmly retrieved his gaze. “The Qi family is like still waters that run deep. Every one of them is complicated.”

“Okay, let’s not talk about this for now. After the wedding banquet, we still have some things to discuss. How about this? Zimo and I will go over to your place tomorrow night.”

Mu Yuchen nodded. “Mmm.”

“You two go have a seat and rest first. You’ve drunk a lot. I’ll go take a look at Grandfather Mu and the rest!” Su Chen assured before he patted Mu Yuchen on the shoulder, and then walked over to Mu Yinan and the rest.

Xi Xiaye handed her water to him as she asked softly, “Are you okay?”

He responded with a faint smile, “I’m fine. Have some food. don’t starve yourself.”

“Mmm, you eat some too.”

Then, she pulled him back to their seats and took the bowl in front of them. She gracefully served him a bowl of soup and even grabbed some dishes for him. Of course, she got herself a bowl too.

When he saw her putting the bowl before him, the curve on his lips widened. He picked his spoon up and elegantly began to eat.

She lowered her head to drink too. Then, she looked up to see him focused on his meal, so she propped her head up on one hand and silently watched him. She brushed away the beautiful confetti from his shoulders.

Perhaps every girl was waiting to have such memorable love, whether it arrived or not.

She silently watched him for a long while, and suddenly all the images of her journey flashed in her mind. Whether it was endurance, perseverance, suffering, or sadness, all of those would become a part of the memories forever buried in her heart.

She had chased Han Yifeng for so many years, knowing that he did not love her. At first, she had thought about working hard to move him, to win his momentary pause, but you could not force someone to love you. Even if you managed to move the world, you would realize in the end that you could only move yourself, and that was all.

Now, this man that sat beside her was never someone she had thought of chasing, yet he had decided to protect her and be by her side as her husband.

Perhaps this was fate and luck when you let things be.



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