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(Wedding Banquet (2)

Mu Yuchen nodded and said calmly, “That’s right. That’s what we’re trying to do. Have you forgotten that someone from the Yue family is in charge of the showbiz industry within the government? I don’t need to continue further, do I?”

Xi Xiaye frowned. After a while, she understood his perspective, so she took a deep breath and agreed. “I don’t really think about it that much. I thought Yueying…”

“You don’t have to be involved, so you don’t have to know that much. Just leave it to me and work on your South River project.”

He had already delegated the work for her. A part of him was worried that she would be too tired while the other part of him did not want her to be involved in this conflict.

As they arrived at the Imperial Sky Hotel, the groomsmen, Su Chen and Zhou Zimo, arrived as well. Mu Lingshi and the bridesmaids were waiting at the entrance too. They went up together when they saw Mu Yuchen’s car.

“Brother, Sister-in-law! You’re finally here! We’ve been waiting!”

“Ah Chen! Xiaye!”

“Chen, Xiaye!”

“Chairman Mu, Director Xi, have a blessed marriage! May your hearts beat as one!”

The crowd gave them their wishes and blessings as they got out of the car. A colorful rain of confetti showered down from above. Many reporters who were isolated outside were trying to get in to take their best shot of the couple. Unfortunately for them, Li Si and the bodyguards blocked them and did not let them get any clear shots.

“Thank you!” Xi Xiaye thanked them with a smile. Mu Yuchen was holding onto her cold hands as they walked on the red carpet with their hands held tightly together, Su Chen, Zhou Zimo, and the bridesmaids were following right behind. Near the entrance of the hall, Mu Lingshi was already finished with the arrangements in the hall and was now greeting guests.

“Head right in. The guests are mostly here. We were just waiting for you two to arrive. Father and Mother are greeting the guests now. Grandmother’s been really anxious.” Mu Lingshi seemed very happy and excited at this moment as she tried to keep them up to speed.

When they arrived at the seventh floor via the lift, they could hear the merry music from afar, as well as the voices of people chatting happily. In front of the hall, the host was announcing the grand entrance of the newlyweds. Unanimously, the crowd then turned their heads and zoomed attention to the entrance.

The pair of newlyweds made their way towards the stage.

Mu Yuchen wore a dark silver suit, appearing very honorable and graceful. A rarely seen tenderness appeared on his face as he nodded politely to the cheering crowds on both sides. Xi Xiaye wore a beautiful and elegant white gown and she was smiling sweetly.

“Xi Xiaye, may happiness be yours!”

“Chairman Mu, Director Xi, may the two of your hearts beat as one and may your marriage be blessed!”

“So handsome and so beautiful, be happy!”

When they walked past Su Nan and her colleagues, their wishes were heard loud and clear amidst the thundering round of applause.

This was followed by a speech, the toast, and the bouquet toss.

While it was not as romantic as the party in the castle, Xi Xiaye was still thrilled that so many people witnessed her wedding. They made their rounds table by table for a toast. Even with the strong army of groomsmen and bridesmaids behind them, Xi Xiaye was starting to feel dizzy as her steps became unsteady. Mu Yuchen noticed her drunk state and quickly made her sit down.

Mu Yuchen got her a glass of warm water as he asked her, “Are you okay?”

Xi Xiaye took a deep breath before accepting the glass of water. She felt unwell with all the alcohol, but she then replied after sipping some water, “I’m alright. I drank a little too quickly just now, but I’ll be fine in a moment.”

“I’ll get them to prepare some tea to replace the alcohol.”

He smiled slyly. “No one will know you’re not drinking alcohol. Su Chen and the others are very tolerant of alcohol, so they can take all of it.”



As Xi Xiaye was about to say something, a noxious voice suddenly reached them. She was stunned for a moment before raising her head to take a look. Qi Lei stared at her with an odd smile. His eyes were studying her from head to toe as if he did not see Mu Yuchen beside her. He walked over casually. “Mmm, you look really beautiful. Unfortunately, I thought that we’d make a good pair.”

Qi Lei then glanced over at Mu Yuchen who did not show any emotions. Evidently, his tone hid some other intention.

Xi Xiaye frowned slightly as she looked at him on high alert. She grabbed Mu Yuchen’s large hand, noticing that some people glanced over in doubt when they heard Qi Lei.

Many young girls were looking at Mu Yuchen and Qi Lei and started fantasizing. However, with Mu Yuchen married, they could only be envious of Xi Xiaye’s blessings to be able to marry him, but Master Qi could still give them some hope!

Xi Xiaye noticed that Qi Lei came with ill intentions, but she was not sure what he had planned even as she looked into his eyes. He did not seem like he was trying to make a big fuss, so she tilted her head to one side and looked at Mu Yuchen uneasily.

However, Mu Yuchen appeared calm as he had a smile on his face. He said to Qi Lei quietly, “It seems that you have very a brilliant impression of my wife, Master Qi. You have to thank him for his compliments, my dear!”

“Thank you, Master Qi! I’m glad that you can attend our wedding!” Xi Xiaye went along with Mu Yuchen as she stood up.

“It’s nothing considering our relationship! I actually felt sad when I knew you two were having your wedding today. The first woman to move my heart in ages is now married! Can you feel the jealousy in my tone?”

Qi Lei’s smile was getting more and more obnoxious although he made it sound like a joke and shrugged as he looked at Xi Xiaye’s beautiful little face. “I see this is your type. I think I’m pretty amazing as well. Why don’t you reconsider now and choose again?”



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