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( Wedding Banquet (1)

They were having their banquet on the 7th floor of the Imperial Sky Hotel. After a simple lunch, Mu Lingshi and the rest went to the hotel to start preparing.

They did not invite many guests. The guest list consisted mostly of just close family and friends. Besides that, they did not overly promote their wedding and reporters were forbidden from entering the hall as well.

Mu Yuchen was wary of the paparazzi since everyone in the industry knew about it. Naturally, Mu Lingshi was aware as well.

“Manager Mu, is the lighting alright?”

Beside the stage in the wedding hall, Mu Lingshi was busy setting the mic up as she was talking to the staff working on the lighting.

Mu Lingshi raised her head and took a look. She glanced around to check and then nodded. “It’s okay. Try going through the whole rundown. It’ll be fine if it goes well.”

“It’s almost time now, Manager Mu. The guests will be seated in around half an hour. Elder CEO and the others are busy greeting the guests. Oh, Elder Madam wants you to give Chairman Mu a call.”

“Manager Mu, the sound system is adjusted!”

“I’ll go and take a look. Tell my grandparents that my brother is arriving soon. Don’t worry.”

Mu Lingshi then picked up her phone and called the Maple Residence.

When they received the call, Mu Yuchen and Xi Xiaye were on their way out. Li Si had been waiting for a long time and he became anxious when he got the call from Mu Lingshi.

“Master, Missus, Ms. Lingshi called. It’s about time and we should really head out soon,” Li Si said.

Mu Yuchen nodded as he adjusted his sleeve casually. “We can go now. Let Su Chen and the others know.”

“Yes, Master!” Li Si replied and then moved aside to let them go first.

Several black luxurious cars were parked outside of the Maple Residence. Outside the door were eight bodyguards in black suits who bowed respectfully when the two of them walked out of the door.

Things had not really been peaceful lately. Ah Mo had arranged for several more bodyguards around Mu Yuchen and Xi Xiaye ever since the accident in City B. Although Mu Yuchen was not really happy with them following him around, it was necessary with such a huge occasion today.

Xi Xiaye could feel that something was going on and her chest felt strained.

“Hello, Master, Missus!”

After a round of greetings, they opened the car door for them. Li Si quickly called the groomsmen Su Chen and Zhou Zimo, informing them to meet at the Imperial Sky Hotel.

As Xi Xiaye sat down in the car, she sighed and ranted, “We’ll be able to relax after the wedding banquet. We’ve been rushing this too much. It was initially set for November, but we’ve pushed it so much earlier now.”

He smiled. “Things will settle down after this. We can have two days of break to rest up.”

“Mmm, we should be focusing on the South River project after the wedding. I gave Vice President Zhang Lan a call the other day and the project is going well. The operations have begun and the budget for the musical fountain has been completed. I believe that will start very soon as well. I wonder if Vice President Qi Lei will still be in charge. Weren’t you impressed by his talents in architecture?”

Xi Xiaye had not eased up at all during the break. She was still keeping up with the South River project, so she was mostly aware about what was going on.

“He’s still in charge, but he’s also in-charge of Yueying after Qi Kai bought over Yueying. We’ll see how it goes. Alright, today is our big day. Put work aside and get this wedding done with me, alright?” He gently touched the golden comb on her hair as he put a jacket over her.

Xi Xiaye then nodded, adjusting his tie. “Mmm, we’ll probably be really busy then. Grandfather has started to relay his authority. After the wedding, he wants me to get familiarized with Fuhua’s work. With the South River project on hand as well as several other projects that I have, I’m afraid I can’t oversee so many things.”

“I’ll delegate it to the others.”

“How about the news about Chenye Movies and Television?”

Xi Xiaye did not forget that before they left City Z for their wedding, there was some negative news about Glory World removing themselves from Yueying and many higher-ups from Yueying joined Chenye Movies and Television. After that, it was overshadowed by Yue Lingsi’s scandal, so she was not sure how things turned out.

“It’s common for businesses to have competition. They’re just trying to make a big fuss out of it. It’s no big deal,” Mu Yuchen comforted.

Xi Xiaye gave it some thought. She could not hold back her curiosity and asked in the end, “Do you think that Qi Kai being willing to take Yueying in as their subsidiary is illogical? Moreover, I think Yueying has no more potential value as of now.” She remembered him mentioning that something interesting was about to unfold.

“I’m just conducting a test, my dear. Don’t look down on Yueying. It can become an important trigger. If I’m not mistaken, Yueying might come back with a new face, but its internal structure will have huge changes. We’re both amateurs in this field. Qi Kai is trying to walk the path of IP. They’re already experienced in this field and our newfound company won’t be able to fight them. Actually, some time ago when Father was still in power, he spoke to me before with some related personnel,” Mu Yuchen said.

“Mmm? Father looked for you before? How come I had no idea about it?” Xi Xiaye looked at him in surprise.

“It’s about work… They don’t want Qi Kai to monopolize the market. There will be some important changes in the future. They aren’t short-sighted fools and they’d need a new source of power as well. At least, a limit of some sort is needed to regulate them.”

She raised her eyebrows and asked, “So, developing Movie City in City B is one of the objectives, isn’t it?”



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