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( Each With An Axe To Grind (3)

His viewpoint was straightforward whilst his tone of voice was clear as well.

She almost forgot he was always a decisive man. His judgment was sharp and he could always simplify many complicated issues.

“There’s nothing wrong with being selfish. You have too many considerations and you trapped yourself. You’re not aiming to become a saint. You’ll be fine as long as you be yourself.”

“It’s not as simple as you said. If it’s like what you said, people would only get married for materialistic reasons. Can’t you think about their feelings?” Xi Xiaye disagreed.

He paused his movements as he looked at her and asked, “When you signed your name on the marriage contract, did you like me very much?”

She had no answer to his question. Instead, she lowered her gaze.

They did not say anything for a while. and Mu Yuchen went on with the massage. As Xi Xiaye was about to say something, her phone on the table started ringing. Mu Yuchen swiftly picked it up, and before he could say anything, a depressed voice came over from the other end.

“Xiaye, it’s me…”

Mu Yuchen raised his eyebrows instantly and he glanced over at Xi Xiaye.

Of course, he recognized who the man on the other side of the phone was.

Who else could it be but Han Yifeng?

His eyes turned cold. Without showing any emotions, he handed the phone over to Xi Xiaye.

“It’s for you.” His tone was calm.

“Who is it?” Xi Xiaye frowned slightly. He was heading toward the coffee table when she took the phone, probably looking for the remote controller.

“Mu Yuchen, could you get me a glass of water? Hurry!” she spoke loudly enough to him as she noticed he did not seem very happy. Then, she answered the call. “Hello, who is this?”

“It’s me, Xiaye.” Han Yifeng’s voice reached her ears.

Xi Xiaye was rather shocked and she sat up straight as her eyes went round in surprise before they darkened soon after. “It’s you!”

Han Yifeng was currently sitting on the chair inside his office. He had been taken aback when Mu Yuchen picked up the phone just now, so his expression darkened as well.

“What’s the matter?” Xi Xiaye asked indifferently. Mu Yuchen had already returned with her glass of water.

“I just want to congratulate you on your marriage. I’ve called you before, but you switched your phone off.” Han Yifeng took a deep breath as his tone became quieter. “I know you’re having your banquet tomorrow, so I’m just calling to send you my wishes.”

“Well received. Thank you.”

She gave a business-like and distant reply which sounded very frigid in Han Yifeng’s ears. He just smiled while being confused about how he was feeling right now. He felt a little sentimental and was tinged with regret, but mostly, he felt lost.

“About what happened before and about whatever Xinyi has done to you, I’m sorry. If possible, I hope you can lead a happy life.”

Han Yifeng had no idea why he made this call. He was not sure if he was trying to fill up the void in his heart, or if he just simply wanted to wish her well.

Xi Xiaye took a sip of water quietly, then she smiled without saying anything.

“I’ve imagined countless possibilities between the three of us, yet I never expected us to end up this way. Say, Xiaye, do you think this is karma?” Han Yifeng asked with a bitter laugh.

Xi Xiaye held onto her glass. “Are you trying to repent now? Maybe you’re right. You can’t force some things, but from what I can see right now, your love with Xi Xinyi is cheap. I’ve told you to keep an eye on her before or I’ll do what I need to.”

“Xiaye, it wasn’t I who helped Xinyi. It was my grandfather’s intentions. I was kept in the dark.” Han Yifeng sighed as he felt exhaustion overcome him. “Xiaye, I know I owe you a lot. Please pardon me for saying this, but can you please let Xinyi go this once? She’s almost lost everything now and I also hope the conflict can end here.”

“You should tell Xi Xinyi instead. Isn’t she linked up with Qi Kai now? Han Yifeng, I’ve given her many chances. She provoked me first every single time. I’ve never looked for trouble with her.” Xi Xiaye frowned as her eyes hardened. Before Han Yifeng could reply, she hung up angrily and threw her phone aside.

“What’s wrong? What made you so angry?”

Mu Yuchen found the remote controller, so he switched the music player on. Soothing music started playing throughout the room.

“He was begging for Xi Xinyi. What a joke! Isn’t Xi Xinyi doing well right now? We almost cleared Yueying out and she still managed to let it survive. I’m impressed!”

Xi Xiaye glared at Mu Yuchen who was in his own thoughts. He then spoke up as he noticed her stare, “Putting in so much effort to save Yueying is meaningless. It’s not something Qi Kai would do, my dear. I’m afraid we’ll be able to see something interesting soon.”

He said oddly before walking towards the dining table with a mysterious smile, “Let’s have dinner first. Don’t mind about what’s going to happen and just leave it to me.”

“What interesting thing? You look like you have it all planned out.” Xi Xiaye then stood up and walked towards the dining table slowly as well.

“You won’t find it surprising anymore if I tell you now, but I have to say that your ex-fiancè isn’t really smart. Fortunately, you didn’t end up with him. Otherwise, with the both of you together, it would make the whole world go stupid,” he mocked her straightforwardly to the point of being rather mean.

“You can talk about him, but why do you have to drag me into this?!” Xi Xiaye frowned as she sat down, rolling her eyes at him.

She kind of understood the situation now. It seemed like Xi Xinyi and Yueying had become his pawns.

What was he trying to do?



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