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(Each With An Axe To Grind (2)

Qi Lei shot Xi Xinyi a look through narrowed eyes while the corner of his lips curved into a sly smile. He then took the phone on the table and made a call.

Xi Xinyi’s charming face then flashed with a smile. “Master Qi, don’t worry. Yueying is my property, so no matter what, I won’t ruin my own reputation. As long as the new movie is released in the box office, Yueying’s crisis will truly be resolved. These two movies are the most anticipated releases from our company, so we can’t halt them.”

Xi Xinyi was practically hoping for these few movies to make her comeback. Previously, because of the Han Corporation’s support and Glory World as well as Qi Kai’s participation, they wanted to use their strength and start shooting a few movies at one go. They were looking forward to getting the highest ticket sales at the box office with these few movies to make up for Yueying’s financial loopholes. However, who would’ve expected the things that happened one after another afterward, causing their downfall?

Xi Xinyi even vaguely felt that inexplicably, there seemed to be a string guiding her path, but she could not put her finger on what it was. She could only contemplate that these thoughts were a result of her being too sensitive.

“I’ll wait for you to show some sort of results to prove your decisions today then.” Qi Lei was quite calm as he smiled faintly at Xi Xinyi.

“I’m confident in myself!” Xi Xinyi straightened up too.

Yueying readjusted internally. Since they now had Qi Kai’s resources for support, Qi Kai themselves signed on a lot of huge celebrities. She could completely rely on Qi Kai’s strength to achieve her own plans!

Xi Xinyi soon vanished out of the door and Qi Lei’s expression turned cold in an instant. He then huffed before his hand balled up tightly.

Upon returning to City Z, Wang Hui and the rest returned straight to the Mu residence. They still had a lot of things to do the next day. They also thought that they should give Mu Yuchen and Xi Xiaye a little privacy as newlyweds, so they were not willing to disturb them at the Maple Residence either. Zhou Zimo and Su Chen went straight home too, not wanting to be light bulbs.

When they returned to the Maple Residence, it was close to evening. What shocked Xi Xiaye was the fact that the Maple Residence had been given a simple redecoration. Some furniture had been changed to new ones, and there were beautiful flower ribbons hanging from the ceiling of the living room. It was decorated the way their bridal chamber was.

Even the railings along the staircase were decorated with blossoming champagne roses. Xi Xiaye had just stepped into the living room when this heartwarming and harmonious scene, which was the work of Sis Wang and the rest, greeted her.

Dishes and drinks were prepared and on the dining table in preparation for a candlelight dinner.

“Congratulations on your marriage, Master, Missus!” Sis Wang’s voice suddenly came from behind.

Xi Xiaye subconsciously turned around and realized that Sis Wang and the Maple Residence servants were beaming behind them. All of them held presents that they then gave to Xi Xiaye.

“Thank you!”

Xi Xiaye and Mu Yuchen exchanged a look. Then, they smiled and thanked everyone as they accepted the gifts gratefully.

“Master, Missus, dinner’s ready. You’ve had such a long flight, so you must be quite tired. Have something to eat first, then shower and rest earlier. You have your wedding banquet tomorrow! We’ll go home now!” Sis Wang fussed.

Xi Xiaye nodded. “Okay, just remember to come to our wedding banquet tomorrow.”

“I’m so tired. I can’t muster even a hint of energy.”

She walked to the sofa in the living room before throwing herself onto the soft couch. She lay down all floppy and muttered, “This wedding is really quite troublesome.”

“Some beautiful memories require sacrifice.”

Mu Yuchen handed her a warm and wet towel which she took to wipe her hands. Then, suddenly there was a gentle touch on her shoulders. She subconsciously turned and noticed that the man was gently holding her shoulders. He then started to gently massage them and she moaned in sheer pleasure.

“Where did you learn how to massage? It’s quite good,” Xi Xiaye just closed her eyes and spoke with maximum enjoyment.

“Your husband is innately talented and self-taught. Consider yourself lucky. I don’t serve just anyone.” He chuckled, then took a bolster before stuffing it to her, letting her comfortably lie on her belly before quietly continuing.

“I’ve never seen a person who felt more good about themselves than you, but I’m not the average person either. I am now your Missus Mu. Can you compare the average person to me? That’s just lowering your standards and insulting yourself. They say that a man’s quality and presence is actually presented through his woman. If you’re good to me, that means you are a wise and good man. They all say that the successful ones who are cultivated and have high quality are usually very good to their wives. Look at Grandfather and Grandmother, and Father and Mother? Isn’t that so?” she said very calmly.

As Mu Yuchen listened, he suddenly laughed involuntarily. “What logic? This is nonsense!”

Xi Xiaye shrugged to disagree. “How can you say it’s nonsense? Didn’t I just give you examples? She continued rather justifiably, “However, I do quite like you being self-confident and in high spirits. A good man would be more confident, so you can continue being arrogant.”

“Continue being arrogant? Well then, Missus, what kind of man is considered a good man to you or someone who can be your husband?”

They rarely sat down leisurely for idle chat, so Mu Yuchen and Xi Xiaye were both feeling quite relaxed.

“Mmm… How do I say this? I think that this opinion would change with phases. Had it been before, I would’ve hoped that someone would console me and keep persisting with me, but now that I’ve gone through so much more, I suddenly find that Mother is actually right. I think that a husband and wife should be the kind of friends who speak without holding back. They have to play many roles like being a father, a brother, a teacher or a friend. Those are all the forms of a good husband. Su Nan says I’m really lucky that I managed to get you. Well, now that you’ve married me, do you think that you’ve been cheated or did you got lucky?”

She turned to look at him a little grouchily, her starry eyes challenging him.

“Of course, I got lucky. Do I look like someone who would make a bad business deal?” Mu Yuchen answered confidently without a doubt.

She then nodded, satisfied. “I think you got lucky and profited too. This matches your innate nature as a profiteer more, but I think I got lucky too.”

“Missus, managing marriage is actually like managing a business. Of course, it’d be best to have a win-win situation. Just like how you told me before, I personally think that whether or not we consider marriage, one would need to first consider whether you’d be happier after marriage. If you’re much better off than before, then that means the decision to get married is the right one.”



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