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(Dark Waves (1)

Mu Yuchen sat down on the chair casually with a calm expression. He looked down at his cup of tea without saying anything.

“Master, should we keep an eye on this woman?” Ah Mo asked quietly after a while.

“Investigate what happened to her in the past few years and inform me once you find anything,” Mu Yuchen gave his order coldly as he drank some tea. “I want detailed information as well as the situation about the Gu family.”

Ah Mo was stunned for a moment, but he quickly nodded after a while. “Yes, Master! Actually, I’ve been keeping track of the Gu family in secret. They haven’t taken any notable actions, and I don’t see the Gu family coming into contact with the Qi family either. Except for some necessary business matters, there wasn’t any news about Gu Lingshi from the Gu family’s side as well. I suspect that the Gu family knows Gu Lingsha is still alive, so all these years…

“As for the Qi family, Qi Qiming never give Qi Lei any real power. I think he must be paving a path for Qi Feng who is still alive. However, with Wang Qin persistently pressuring him, he must’ve thought about some trick to get Wang Qin off his back while he gathered people to back him up secretly. Wang Qin is too powerful and many people in Qi Kai don’t really like her. In contrast, Qi Qiming took on the role of a generous and nice person. He has a pretty good reputation in the company,” Ah Mo added on hesitantly. ( Box novel.c om )

Mu Yuchen put his teacup down. “How’re things in City Z?”

“As you expected, Xi Xinyi went to look for Elder Han, and Yueying has become a subsidiary under Qi Kai while Xi Xinyi became the CEO, and they barely managed to escape the crisis, but Yueying only exists in name now. There’s almost nothing left and barely anyone stayed. Most of them went elsewhere to start anew. Its sustainability is very questionable. They would need to rely heavily on Qi Kai to provide resources,” Ah Mo reported.

A hint of sarcasm crossed Mu Yuchen’s face and his tone was calm. “Did the Han family invest in Yueying using Han Yifeng or the Han Corporation’s name? I suppose they became one of Yueying’s stakeholders and partners with Qi Kai, didn’t they?”

“You’re right, Master! As you said, Han Yu and Huang Ziyao invested using Han Yifeng’s name. They can still get the dividends after Yueying goes under Qi Kai. They’re sly foxes! In case Yueying is developed in the future, that would greatly benefit them!” Ah Mo frowned.

“They’ll surely get advantages out of it… A lot of advantages.”

A cold light flashed past Mu Yuchen’s eyes as he spoke. He picked the photos up to stare at it before putting it aside again. Then, he pointed at them. “Compile this and send it to Wang Qin anonymously.”

Send these to Wang Qin?

Ah Mo’s eyes brightened after he heard Mu Yuchen. “Smart move, Master! Wang Qin is probably dying to know about Qi Feng and Gu Lingsha more than anyone else. You just need to leak this information to her and they’ll have conflict within themselves. This would serve as a guard against Qi Lei as well while we just sit aside and watch what happens.”

“Keep this a secret for now and don’t alert anyone. Ask Ah Bo to investigate it thoroughly. You should walk around with Lingshi before heading back to City Z tonight. Are you prepared for the flight?”

“It’s all ready. Lingshi is visiting a small town with Grandmother today. By the way, they asked if there’s anything Missus needs to be delivered.”

“She’s still sleeping. Ask someone to send it over if there’s a need.” Mu Yuchen turned his head towards the bedroom. ( Box novel.c om )

Ah Mo nodded. “Alright, I’ll give them the orders then. We’ll be heading back this evening. The banquet will be on the ninth. With all the work we’ve been busy with, you can have a good rest now, Master.”

“Mmm, it’s alright,” Mu Yuchen replied quietly as his expression softened. “About Lingshi and you, isn’t it about time to start preparing?”

Mu Yuchen’s words caught Ah Mo off-guard. He looked at Mu Yuchen without knowing what to say. He just stood there quietly with a complicated expression. Feeling glum after remembering how Mu Lingshi ignored the hints he gave yesterday, he did not answer the question.

Mu Yuchen laughed as he lifted his teacup and took another sip. “She’s changed a lot lately. I’m sure you can feel it.”

Ah Mo thought about it as he gave his reply, “She’s much more open-minded than before, especially after arriving here. Maybe she doesn’t feel the suffocating pressure over here.”

“If it weren’t for Lingtian’s incident, the two of you should have been married by now. Do you hate me for it?” Mu Yuchen raised his head and looked at him. From the look in his eyes, it was hard to guess what he thought.

“No, Master, whether it’s Lingtian’s incident or things between Lingshi and me, I’ve never blamed you. You don’t have to take on all the pressure alone. Both Lingshi and I know that you’re the real victim here.” Mu Lingshi smiled and his face still seemed neutral. “If I were more generous back then, things wouldn’t have turned out this way, would they?

“Anyway, Master, Lingtian betrayed you first,” Ah Mo mumbled.

Mu Yuchen closed his eyes and took a deep breath. Then, he opened his eyes and spoke calmly, “That’s Lingtian’s own choice. If something has happened, it happened. We can’t pretend it didn’t happen just to push away the responsibility. Lingtian has his own choices and thoughts. I’m not perfect too. At moments like this, I need to reflect on myself and not find faults in others.”

“Yes, Master! I understand!” Ah Mo went quiet for a while before replying although his expression seemed complicated.

Mu Yuchen nodded and closed his eyes. With a wave of his hand, Ah Mo left quietly.




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