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(Wedding (4)

Xi Xiaye smiled when she saw Su Nan’s curious expression. “You’ll find out what kind of wedding it’ll be tomorrow.”

Actually, she was looking forward to the wedding, but she felt that it was not really that important anymore since she was contented with just the trip in the past few days.

“My brother designed the wedding himself. He’s not really a romantic person, but he really gave it his all for this wedding. All of it was just to give you an unforgettable wedding. What do you think? Is my brother an awesome man now?”

Mu Lingshi took the photo album back. “Alright, my brother just called me and said he just arrived. He told you guys to rest earlier. The makeup artist will be here at 8 a.m. tomorrow. It’s almost midnight now. Su Nan, you should head to bed earlier too. There’s a little one inside you!”

The three of them then lay down on the bed.

“Xiaye, this is your last night being single. Cherish it.” Su Nan sighed as she snuggled down beside Xiaye.

“Come on, I’ve been married for a while now. There’s no such thing as a single night anymore.”

The night quieted down and it was silent all around. Under the ambient yellow light, everyone was excited for tomorrow to come.

It was a day to look forward to. However, it was a sleepless night for someone.

As the first ray of the sunrise crept into the room through the window, Mu Yuchen had already woken up. Su Chen and Zhou Zimo woke up early as well.

“What’s with standing out in the cold this early in the morning? Nervous about your big day?” Zhou Zimo noticed Mu Yuchen standing on the balcony as he watched the sunrise while still in his black sleeping robe. He handed him a cup of tea that he just brewed. ( B oxnovel.c om )

Mu Yuchen turned over and saw Zhou Zimo smiling. His expression softened as he took a sip of the tea. “There’s nothing to be nervous about. She’s mine even without the wedding. She’s not going anywhere.”

Zhou Zimo chuckled as he walked beside Mu Yuchen and rested his arms on the railing. He looked out at the sunrise as well. “As long as you’re happy, bro. You’ve been struggling alone for a long time and now you’ve finally met someone you love. We’ve already given you all the words of blessings that can be said, so I won’t add on much here. Be happy, both of you. You chose Xiaye yourself, and I believe in your choice. You must have picked the right person.”

Mu Yuchen nodded in agreement to Zhou Zimo’s words. “Whether she’s the right person or not, it’s her and her only.”

His eyes were filled with persistence and kindness. As of now, he felt something different whenever he talked about her and he simply could not keep himself calm.

Zhou Zimo nodded back and shot him a smile. “Great! Wash up and have breakfast before changing into your suit!”

Mu Yuchen drank some of the tea again before heading back into the room.

After a simple breakfast, he had a shower before putting on his suit.

On the other end, it was not easy for Xi Xiaye. Su Nan and the others woke her up early in the morning when she was still having sweet dreams. The makeup artist arrived right after she washed up and had breakfast. Xi Xiaye put on the wedding dress Mu Yuchen tailor-made for her, and then Su Nan pinned her down right in front of the dressing table to put on her makeup.

Mu Lingshi was helping her adjust the dress.

“You look so beautiful, Sister-in-law!”

“That’s right, Xiaye! You’re the most beautiful bride I’ve ever seen!”

Mu Lingshi and Su Nan were looking at Xi Xiaye who had just finished her makeup. Impressed, they started giving endless compliments.

“I’m sure my brother will fall head over heels for you again!” Mu Lingshi smiled while she took her sunglasses off. Looking at her now, the scar did not really matter.

Su Nan grabbed Xi Xiaye’s hands as she started to tear up. She gripped her hands tightly and took a deep breath as she looked into Xi Xiaye’s eyes. “Xiaye, in case anything happens, you don’t have to face everything alone anymore from now on. You have to treasure this happiness of yours. You have to be happy, alright?”

She smiled when she saw the tears in Su Nan’s eyes. Xi Xiaye’s heart softened as she put her hand on the back of Su Nan’s hands. A faint light flashed past her eyes. “I will. Su Nan, actually, I think I’ve always been lucky. You were with me through the darkest parts of my life. You’ll always be in my heart. Whenever I was unhappy, you were always the first one to be by my side. I…”

( B oxnovel.c om ) “Silly, you’re the first one to be with me whenever I’m sad as well! You’d leave your work at hand and come to me whenever I needed you. If we’re talking about gratitude here, I should be the one thanking you.”

Su Nan sniffled. She was touched and her tears fell unabashedly. She handed Xi Xiaye a pair of white laced-gloves. “Okay, it’s all in the past now. Someone will be by your side now. No matter what happens, someone will be protecting you. No one will bully you anymore. You’re so silly, but everyone will be relieved that Mu Yuchen is taking care of you.”

Xi Xiaye looked at Su Nan quietly as she took the gloves from her. She wiped her tears away and nodded with her eyes closed, then she replied, “Mmm, I’m relieved that I married him too, so you don’t have to worry about me.”

“Xiaye! What should I do? I suddenly feel that I’ll miss you. Are you going to leave me after you have your man and a child? All these years of friendship are going to end here!”

Su Nan felt conflicted and she hugged Xi Xiaye dearly as her voice turned hoarse. Even Mu Lingshi started to feel warmth and pressure behind her eyes.

Maybe affection like this could only be thoroughly felt by them.



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