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(Darkened (2)

Huang Ziyao seemed rather disappointed.

“If everyone stopped you back then and made sure you and Xiaye got married, all of these wouldn’t have happened today, especially with what happened to Yue Lings. I never expected her to be someone like that!”

Huang Ziyao looked disgusted. “Knowing Xi Mushan and Shen Wenna were so close back then, it was odd enough that they got divorced. It was even odder that Xi Mushan betrayed Shen Wenna after finding out what happened… Xinyi as well… but even so, we can’t just leave them alone. You know that your grandfather is a straightforward and stubborn person. There’s no way he’ll agree to her abortion!”

“So, you mean she used the child to make a deal with you all?” Han Yifeng’s frigid voice reached Huang Ziyao’s ears as he gradually opened his eyes and looked at her coldly.

“I’m afraid it’s impossible to make her agree to divorce you instantly. You’ll have to keep being her husband for these next one or two years, but after the child is born, it’ll come under the Han family and be totally unrelated to Xi Xinyi, so the two of you can get divorced after two years.”

Huang Ziyao’s tone was heavy. “Your grandfather agreed to these terms. Wait until things have calmed down first and it’ll be easier for you as well. Give your villa to her as compensation. Yue Lingsi is still staying there right now, and your grandfather isn’t going to care about someone like that, so this is what your father and I can do. We invested in Yueying using your name. I hope you can understand us, Yifeng. We’re doing it for your own good as well as for others. Can you understand?”

Han Yifeng remained silent for a long while, then he put on a bitter smile. “What else can I say now? The two of you have taken all the necessary actions already. I just hope you won’t regret it in the future.”

He knew Xi Xinyi too well. One compromise would not be enough to make her stop. She would just ask for more and more later on.

Now that he thought about it, every time after he compromised, it just built up the foundation for the next conflict. Unfortunately, he never calmed himself down to think about it properly. When he reflected back on the past now, he felt extreme heartache now.

How could his prideful self accept this pathetic fact?

“Since you guys have done that, don’t intervene between us anymore. I don’t need you two to make decisions for me about every single thing. I’m not against it if both you and Father want to come out of retirement. I’m exhausted and I need some time alone.” He closed his eyes tiredly as he subtly asked her to leave.

“You grandfather hopes that you can come back home. He has something to discuss with you.”

“There’s no need. You two can just do whatever you want. The final decision is not mine to make anyway. My opinion isn’t important.”

“Yifeng…” Huang Ziyao called out to him when she saw the wornout expression on his face. Han Yifeng turned his chair around as he pressed a button on the phone and asked Secretary Wang to send his guest out.

After sending Huang Ziyao off, Secretary Wang asked Han Yifeng, “CEO Han, should we investigate Yueying?”

Han Yifeng pinched the space between his eyebrows as he shook his head. “The Yue family was just waiting to see what the Han family will do anyway. Grandfather’s actions are just to maintain the Han family’s reputation. To a certain extent, he was trying to promote the Han Corporation’s position.”

He somewhat understood what the elder was thinking.

“Ms. Xinyi really overdid it. She actually used her child to threaten the Han family to help!” Secretary Wang frowned.

“Maybe this is the real her.” Han Yifeng smiled bitterly as his tone was filled with sarcasm.

Morning arrived and the sun rose in the east side of the sky.

Mu Yuchen woke up early. Xi Xiaye was still asleep after he washed up, but he did not wake her up. Instead, he changed into a clean outfit and brewed himself a pot of tea by the veranda.

“Master, there’s news from Los Angeles!” Ah Mo came over anxiously while Mu Yuchen stood beside the railing as he looked out at the sunrise with a cup of tea in his hand.

Mu Yuchen paused when he heard Ah Mo and his eyes brightened as he sipped some tea. Still, his voice was still calm as usual. “What is it?”

“We found something. Master, look! These are the photos they took. See who this looks like!” Ah Mo quickly handed a document to him.

Mu Yuchen glanced at Ah Mo before taking the document from him. The document contained records of the recently launched investigations with several photos.

It was clear that a woman was in the photo, but it was only a side profile. One could identify her facial features, but it was not clear enough to truly recognize who it was.

Mu Yuchen stared at that photo for a while before his eyes turned hard.

“They noticed Ah Bo and the others. This is the best shot they could take. This woman is just right there! Just from her side profile, doesn’t she remind you of someone?” Ah Mo was getting anxious. “I haven’t told Lingshi about it yet. If this is really…”

“It’s her, Gu Lingsha,” Mu Yuchen replied before Ah Mo finished his sentence. His expression darkened as it turned complicated.

“Is that really her?”

Ah Mo’s heart jumped when he heard Mu Yuchen’s response and his heart started to ache.

Mu Yuchen drank his tea calmly as he put the document in his hand onto the table beside him. There was some sorrow hidden in his eyes.

“So, that means Qi Feng and Gu Lingsha are alive, and they are hiding near Los Angeles? But, Master, Ah Bo camped out for a long time and only saw this woman as well as the servants. There’s no sign of Qi Feng anywhere! If this woman really is Gu Lingsha, where’s Qi Feng? Where could he be? Wasn’t he rescued with Gu Lingsha back then?” Ah Mo voiced out his doubts.



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