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( Darkened (1)

Xi Xiaye watched the car with Su Chen and the others inside drive away as she asked, “Is it really okay for us to trick them like this?”

“What’s wrong? If they are really here to mess things up, we’re not going to get our own time tonight at all!”

Before she could react, he left the car swiftly and opened the door on her side. He lifted her up in his arms as he walked back to their room.

He put her down on the sofa right as soon as they arrived at the room. Then, he poured her a glass of water before taking her shoes off. As he expected, her toes had become a little swollen, probably from standing the whole night.

She moved her feet away awkwardly when she saw him staring at them. Glancing at him, she mumbled, “I’ve been standing for too long. I didn’t know having a wedding can be this tiring.”

“How relaxing did you think it’d be?”

Xi Xiaye lowered her head and drank some of the water. Then, she put the glass aside and wrapped her arms around his shoulders. Her eyes were filled with stars and glitter as she peered at him ardently. “The wedding today was really romantic and beautiful. I loved it. Thank you, Mr. Mu!”

“Anything for you, Mrs. Mu.”

He looked at her smile and enjoyed the grateful glance from her. His heart softened like cotton candy as his hands wrapped around her slender body uncontrollably. His strength was so great that their body almost merged into each other’s. He lowered his head and left a kiss on her warm, pink lips.

He released all the passion he had inside him as their tongues clashed. She started to grab onto his shirt and leaned against him helplessly. Soon, she found that her hands were fumbling to unbutton his shirt one button after another after she took his coat off.

The temperature kept on rising. It was so hot that their sparks were almost burning the air. He almost lost control when her fingers went past his garment and reached his skin. He reached behind her back to look for the zip. However, he tried for quite a while and did not manage to find it. The two of them could not take it anymore.


With the sound of the garment tearing, her beautiful dress was ruined right there. He lifted her up and walked towards the bedroom.

Xi Xiaye took a deep breath and said, “The zip is on the sides. It’s a new dress!”

“Satisfy me and I’ll get them to make you another hundred dresses tomorrow!”

Before he could reply, he put her down on the bed as he jumped onto her. His kisses rained down on her and they did not even bother to switch on the lights. They could barely see each other’s faces with the starlight that came through the window.

Several pieces of clothing flew past in the dark. After a while, there was a quiet moan.

Xi Xiaye could not reject him at all; she was together in this with him.

However, both of them never noticed that their phones in the living room had been ringing for a while.

Back in City Z, inside the CEO office of the Han Corporation, Han Yifeng seemed disappointed as he glared at his darkened phone screen. He flung his phone onto the table as he put a hand on his forehead, his eyes glum.

Han Yifeng turned around in his chair, looking at the sky through the windows and taking a deep breath. He felt depressed and terrible.

Some things were left far away in the past. Once missed, there would be no chance of getting it back ever again.

I wish you happiness, Xiaye…


Han Yifeng leaned back and closed his eyes. He was still out of it after a long while when a sudden knock on his door brought his senses back.

Before he could reply, Secretary Wang came in.

“CEO Han, CEO Huang is here…” Before Secretary Wang could finish his sentence, Huang Ziyao had already come in herself.

“You can leave us,” Han Yifeng said coldly without even turning his chair around.

“Yes, CEO Han!” Secretary Wang left the room as Huang Ziyao went forward to Han Yifeng.

“Yifeng!” Huang Ziyao called out to him with a frown when she saw him just sitting in his chair without moving or even looking at her.

“What brings you here today, Mother?” Han Yifeng asked coldly, he took a deep breath with his eyes still closed.

“What brought me here? What’s wrong with you not even picking up your phone? Do you know how worried we are about you? Aren’t you going to do anything?”

Huang Ziyao came to Han Yifeng’s side, feeling pitiful and angry at the same time when she saw him sitting there seemingly defeated. “What are you trying to do now? With all the ruckus with Xinyi, are you trying to divorce her?”

“It’s between the two of us. Just leave us be. I’ll handle it,” Han Yifeng said tiredly.

He did not really want to care about Xi Xinyi and him anymore. He just hoped that he could relax quietly. With a strong desire to escape, he felt there was no way he could get out of this struggle. In fact, he was trapped even worse the more he struggled.

” You’ll handle it? If you could handle it, why would you be sitting here and not see anyone?”

He was her son after all and Huang Ziyao knew him best.

“Xinyi looked for your grandfather. We know that you’re trying to divorce her.” Huang Ziyao looked at Han Yifeng with a complicated expression and she continued after a pause, “Your grandfather was furious after finding out about it. Just how long have you two been married? Do you think marriage is child’s play?”

Han Yifeng did not answer her. Instead, he asked a sarcastic question, “What did she say?”

“Things are so tense between the two of you now along with Yueying’s crisis recently…”

“Crisis? Didn’t you and Father solve it for her behind my back? What else do you want me to say?” Han Yifeng laughed coldly.

After Huang Ziyao and Han Yu spent a great fortune on Yueying’s crisis, they managed to fill up half of the financial void. At the same time, Xi Xinyi agreed to let Yueying be under Qi Kai, and make it a subsidiary of Qi Kai

Yueying barely escaped its doom while Xi Xinyi was still its CEO, and with a strong provider like Qi Kai behind it, the company was salvaged!

“Yifeng, Xinyi still has your child in her womb. Your grandfather has been feeling unwell due to the recent incidents. You know how much he longs to see you marry and have a child, especially when bad things keep happening. He’s blaming himself for indulging you so much back then!”



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