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( Wedding Party (2)

Shen Yue pulled them up. He grabbed Mu Yuchen’s hand and put it onto Xi Xiaye’s as a smile spread across his face. “You two have taken your marriage certificate, and now the wedding is complete. Be good to each other and take care of one another, alright?”

Xi Xiaye teared up a little listening to her grandpa. She nodded. “I understand, Grandpa!”

“Don’t worry and leave her in my hands. I’ll never let her down.” Mu Yuchen held onto Xi Xiaye’s hands and smiled.

“I’ll leave her in your hands then.” Shen Yue patted their hands as his voice went quiet.

“Alright now. Xiaye has married into the Mu family, so what’s there to be worried about? We almost became in-laws back then as well. Now, everyone’s happy. I think it ended well. Xiaye marrying Chen Er is great. I’m just so happy right now! I don’t care. The two of you need to quickly give me a great-grandchild soon. Don’t worry about anything else!”

It was Wang Hui who had spoken. Mu Yinan, Xi Mushan, Shen Wenna, and even Mu Tangchuan and Zhuang Shurong came over as well along with Ah Mo and Mu Lingshi.

“I agree! I want a great-grandchild too!” Shen Yue nodded in agreement with Wang Hui’s words as the crowd around them started laughing.

“Bro, Sis-in-law, that’s a tough mission right there. We’ll be waiting for your good news.” Mu Lingshi shrugged.

“You and Ah Mo too. We’ll be preparing for the two of you soon.” Wang Hui glared at her immediately.

“Why is the attention on me now?” Mu Lingshi frowned and narrowed her eyes at Wang Hui. She glanced at Ah Mo and noticed that he was looking at her wistfully. She trembled slightly as she hung her head.

Ah Mo looked down as well.

“Alright, the banquet is about to start. Ah Shi, accompany your sister-in-law to change.”

Zhuang Shurong held Shen Wenna’s arm as she smiled. “Wenna, Xiaye is really beautiful in her wedding dress. She reminds me of you back then. Thank you for giving birth to such a wonderful daughter-in-law for us.”

Shen Wenna smiled back at her. “Xiaye has a lot of shortcomings as well. I hope you will tolerate her and love her. Her father and I… We’ve gone through a lot throughout the years. We feel guilty towards her and we just hope that she can live happily with Ah Chen.”

“Don’t worry about that! I’ll be sure to treat her as if she’s my own daughter.”

“I’m relieved then. I’m not sure about the others, but I can always count on you, Ah Rong!”

The crowd laughed once again.

Mu Lingshi and the two other bridesmaids came to her. “Sister-in-law, let’s go and get changed. We’re all waiting for another grand appearance of yours tonight! I’m not quite sure how great my brother’s dancing is, but we’ll wait for your performance tonight!”

Mu Yuchen lowered his head and caressed her slightly messy veil. “Change out of the wedding dress. It seems pretty heavy to wear.”

“It’s too gorgeous. I don’t feel like taking it off,” Xi Xiaye glanced at herself and mumbled.

He smiled. “The wedding dress is yours. You can keep it and just wear it whenever you want.”

“Have you ever seen anyone wearing a wedding dress to shop? What a waste… I can only wear this beautiful dress once.”

She looked at her wedding dress and then at him. Then, she adjusted his slightly creased tie as a tiny hint of tear could still be seen at the corner of her eyelash.

“Just remember this moment.”

He grabbed her hand, lowered his head and kissed her.

After that, Xi Xiaye, Mu Lingshi, and the others went to the dressing room.

Xi Xiaye changed into a normal dress. As newlyweds, they had to drink quite a lot tonight, luckily with Su Chen and Zhou Zimo around, the newlyweds were still sober after one whole round of drinking, Su Chen and Zhou Zimo were starting to get dizzy, they were just sitting on the chairs even when the bridesmaid asked them for a dance.

The sky turned dark. It was a clear night with countless stars in the sky and things were getting lively inside the castle. Many people from the small town attended the wedding. Whether they were people they knew or not, they were all here to witness this grand and romantic wedding.

A band was churning out some cheerful tunes in the hall and many people were already on the dance floor. Even Mu Tangchuan and Zhuang Shurong were twirling to the music.

Mu Yuchen and Xi Xiaye were barely sober enough to perform the opening dance. After the dance, they just went back to their seats to rest. Luckily, Xi Xiaye made Su Nan prepare an anti-alcoholic remedy beforehand, so they took it secretly and managed to calm down a little.

The banquet continued on until late at night until the newlyweds were exhausted. Mu Yuchen sneaked Xi Xiaye away after telling Wang Hui just in case someone disturbed them later!

It later proved Mu Yuchen right!

The moment after they left, Su Nan, Zhou Zimo and the others were ready to go to their room to tease the couple. When they arrived at their room, there was no one inside, so they asked Ah Mo. Then, they found out that Mu Yuchen never planned to come back here at all. He had brought Xi Xiaye to another hotel in town!

That bastard, Mu Yuchen!

What a sly person!

Su Chen and the others scolded him on the inside. They wanted to look for them but had no idea which hotel they had gone to, so they went drinking with Ah Mo instead.

On the other hand, inside a black car on a smaller road towards the manor, Mu Yuchen smirked as he watched the car in front drive away.



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