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(Wedding (7)

After Shen Wenna dished her advice out, Xi Xiaye felt her eyes turn hot. She held her hand tightly and nodded. In a raspy voice, she said, “Mmm, I will, Mother! You and Father… must be happy too.”

When she said this, Xi Xiaye turned to look at Xi Mushan who just watched the two of them with a sunken expression. His eyes that had gone through so much in these years were mixed with too many emotions.

There were all sorts of emotions such as regret, a reluctance to part, and cherish.

Shen Wenna did not answer her. She just patted the back of her hand and said, “Go and get your happiness, Xiaye!”

She tugged Xi Xiaye’s hand and handed it to Xi Mushan.

Xi Mushan then reached into his pocket for a white glove before he put it on, and then held Xi Xiaye’s hand to walk toward the red carpet.

With Xi Xiaye’s appearance, the crowd exclaimed once again‚

Dressed in a strapless wedding dress that was as white as snow with a blossoming rose on her left bosom designed to conceal her wound, her beautiful long hair was pulled into a bun. Pink pearls adorned her locks and a diamond crown perched atop her head. The necklace on her chest and her veil draped down, merging with the long train behind her. It complemented her and accentuated her slender and elegant figure, highlighting her pure and beautiful akin to an out-of-reach goddess.

She had just stepped on the red carpet when the melodious sound of the violin began the prologue of the ritual. Amidst the gentle and beautiful sound of the piano, someone was softly crooning along to it. With the sound of salvo, colorful confetti flickered and swayed as it fell gently from the ceiling.

Gasps of surprise heralded many familiar faces that appeared on the multimedia screen on the side.

Her assistant, Xiao Mei, was waving to her from the screen and smiling. “Chairman Mu is a great person, Director Xi! Marry him and be happy!”

Others than appeared on-screen were Vice President Zhang Lan, Vice President Liu, and the rest.

“Director Xi, marry Chairman Mu. Wishing you all the happiness in the world!”

“Xi Xiaye, marry Mu Yuchen!”

“Sis Xiaye, marry Bro Mu!”

“The 999th wish! Xi Xiaye, marry Mu Yuchen and live happily ever after! Yay!”

The entire video rapidly cut through with wishes from all over the world. Among those that wished her, she knew some of them, but most of them she did not. Some came from City Z, while some came from cities all over the world such as New York, Los Angeles, Paris, Scotland, and Ireland.

There were different historical sites and scenic spots behind them. You could tell that to collect these videos, he had put a lot of effort in.

The video had just finished when Xi Xiaye’s eyes started to tear up undernearth her veil.

Xi Mushan held her hand all the way as they walked towards Mu Yuchen. As they reached Mu Yuchen, Xi Xiaye’s eyes were already wet from tears and the soft light embraced them.

Xi Mushan stopped his steps, and Mu Yuchen walked up to her. He bowed respectfully to Xi mushan, and then solemnly took her hand from Xi Mushan who smiled gladly. “I’ll leave Xiaye in your hands from now on. You must make her happy. Got it?”

Mu Yuchen smiled and nodded. “Don’t worry, Father. I will protect her for the rest of her life.”

Xi Mushan nodded gently and then retreated to the side.

Mu Yuchen looked down at Xi Xiaye before him as his handsome face brimmed with a faint gentleness. He reached out to carefully lift her veil, revealing that exquisite and beautiful face of hers.

In that instant, his silent eyes could not help but find her stunning. He only snapped back a while after that while Xi Xiaye looked at him with her twinkling and misty eyes.

He smiled calmly, and then took a blossoming champagne-colored rose from the tray that the emcee held to tie around her wrist before handing her the wedding bouquet.

She appeared absolutely ravishing in her wedding dress, corsage, and bouquet.

He planted a kiss on the back of her hand like a gentleman and then held her hand as they walked towards the church ahead.

The sound of the ancient clock could be heard chiming.

Clang clang clang!

The sound of a soft and soothing tune was heard. Despite its gentle lull, it had a very festive vibe to it. It was not the usual wedding march-in tune. Apparently, he had specially hired someone to compose a one-of-a-kind number for their wedding.

He held her hand and walked through the floral arch. Gracefully, they walked along the red carpet one step at a time into the serene and dignified church. Wang Hui and the rest had long been waiting inside. When they saw them walk in hand in hand, the crowd could not help but be infected by their happiness. Su Nan was already in tears of joy. She covered her face as she blinked her misty eyes while watching the two of them walk in. Beside her, Ruan Heng was smiling ear to ear too. Su Chen and Zhou Zimo were already standing in their groomsmen positions. Ah Mo and Mu Lingshi were also standing side by side, quietly watching the bride and groom walk along the red carpet toward them.

Actually, for this wedding ceremony abroad, Mu Yuchen did not invite many people. The guests were only those that they were close to. It was a very low-profile and not lavish wedding. Perhaps this was the key that belonged to him and Xi Xiaye. Amidst the subdued ordinary, they did not lose their warmth and spark, sharing a quiet kind of happiness.

He hoped that such happiness could continue on like this until the end of their lives, and when this lifetime ended, there would be the next lifetime and the next…

When they reached the pastor, the two of them stopped.

“Do you, Mr. Mu Yuchen, agree to take this beautiful Miss Xi Xiaye beside you as your wife, for richer or for poorer? Are you willing to treasure her for life?” the pastor asked with a kind smile.

Mu Yuchen smiled and calmly nodded, then he answered solemnly, “I, Mu Yuchen, agree to take Xi Xiaye as my wife for life.”

“Do you, Miss Xi Xiaye, agree to take this handsome man beside you, Mr. Mu Yuchen, as your husband? Do you agree that no matter what happens, you’ll forever be by his side and treasure him?”

A while after the pastor finished, Xi Xiaye did not answer. She just widened her teary eyes and looked at him, then nodded. Her calm and gentle voice was emotional as she whispered, “I agree to accompany Mu Yuchen for life.”

“Mr. Mu Yuchen, you may now kiss your wife. May God bless your happiness forever!”

When he heard this, Mu Yuchen lifted a hand to brush aside her veil. Then, he lowered his head to plant a kiss on her lips. Cheers and blessings erupted in the venue as the soothing tunes that had stopped began again.

“Missus, you look very beautiful today,” he whispered softly by her ear, “You must be an angel sent by God to seduce me.”

When he said this, Xi Xiaye finally could not help but reach out to hug him passionately.



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