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(Wedding (6)

When Mu Yuchen said this, the two of them instantly fell silent. They exchanged a look and seemed to somewhat understand what he meant.

Su Chen felt something flutter inside his heart.

Was it really all that rare?

He was not sure why, but he suddenly felt a little excited for his own love story to unfold. Then again, would it really happen to him?

For many people, things like true love were something that one could only come across and not beg for. Even if he was Su Chen, he dared not lightly greet it, but now since this fellow, Mu Yuchen, had it too, then he and Zhou Zimo should not fare too badly, should they?

They were both good people. Oh no, they were both good men!

“Right, Chen, I heard that your parents-in-law didn’t make it. What are you going to tell your wife?” Zhou Zimo suddenly remembered this. This morning, he saw that Ah Mo was secretly anxious, trying to find a way to contact them, yet there was no news. They were not sure if something had happened, and they dared not tell Xi Xiaye.

When he asked this, Mu Yuchen paused for a moment, then abruptly put his phone away.

“I believe that they love Xiaye. If they really want us to have a perfect wedding with no regrets, they would come,” he calmly said and did not continue.

( B oxnovel.c om ) At this moment, the car slowly drove into the car park at their destination.

The wedding ceremony was going to take place at a church by the seaside of this quiet and beautiful small town. It was a very antique church that had towered silently by the seaside for centuries now, having weathered through wind and storms and great changes. It had also witnessed numerous occasions of joys and happiness.

The road towards the church unwound through the old street of the small town called West Street. Both sides of West Street had extremely unique architecture. The road stretched out straight ahead. In the evenings, when you stood on one end of the street, you could see the sunlight glinting on the surface of the lake at the other end of the street, especially the sunset. When that happened, the entire street would be engulfed in soft, golden light. It looked just like an old street from ancient times, bearing numerous happiness and laughter.

This was also a very famous scenic spot in the small town. The locals called it the hope of dusk.

Sunset, an afterglow, the church, the sea, the ancient town, and long streets…

Walking the streets amidst the afterglow of sunset was a scene that no doubt gave one a huge sense of belonging.

The wedding that he wanted to give her included all of this!

At that moment, a beautiful red carpet extended from one end of West Street to the other while the streetlights that stood on both sides were tied with champagne roses that swayed willfully in the cold breeze. There were red and yellow ribbons that decorated the place too. Both sides of the street were filled with people standing to offer their blessings and attend the wedding.

The car steadily stopped at the carpark and the door opened quickly. Su Chen, Mu Yuchen and the buddies slowly alighted.

“Wow, there are quite a lot of people! Tonight, the entire town’s bustling with celebration! It’s a castle banquet!” Su Chen raised his brows and looked at Mu Yuchen beside him in delight.

Still, Mu Yuchen remained calm as he took a careful look at him. With one hand casually stuck into his pocket, he walked over to the red carpet and calmly walked past under the floral arch. He walked to the other end of West Street while Su Chen and Zhou Zimo stopped at the start of the red carpet.

With Mu Yuchen’s appearance, the crowd could not help but cry out in surprise with hands over their mouths.

Dressed in an all-white tuxedo with golden embroidered corners, the borders of his bow tie carried a classic style. His fine black hair went with his handsome face that was colored with a rarely seen gentleness. He looked extraordinarily honorable and graceful, reserved and profound, and coolly distant as he usually was.

( B oxnovel.c om ) When he reached the end of the red carpet, he stopped. The sun was gradually setting, stretching his tall shadow. Not too far away, the surface of the lake refracted golden light of varying depths. Accompanied by the swaying ribbons, it all seemed to look dream-like and surreal.

The Mu family was waiting at the end of the walkway. With the halt of Mu Yuchen’s steps, the crowd started to gaze at the other end of the red carpet in anticipation, awaiting the bride’s appearance.

When the car drove into the street, it was already close to sunset.

“The car’s here! The bride is here!”

With the rise of exclamations, the crowd swiveled to look. Indeed, the car had already stopped on the other end of the walkway.

The door opened very quickly, and Mu Lingshi swiftly got down. She subconsciously studied at the crowd and could not hide the joyous smile on her face. She turned to Xi Xiaye and said cheerfully, “Sister-in-law, we’re here! Get down.”

Yet, Xi Xiaye did not move in the car. Instead, she looked down at the phone in her hand, her exquisite and beautiful face holding a mix of emotions. Her eyes shifted uneasily too. She looked up at Mu Lingshi and asked sadly, “Did my father and mother not come?”

When Xi Xiaye said this, Mu Lingshi instantly fell silent.

“Xiaye, Aunty Shen’s eyes made it inconvenient for her. Mayor Xi was worried too, so he stayed to look after her. Don’t worry, your grandpa came!” Su Nan coaxed her as she gently held her.

Xi Xiaye gently frowned. Sadness could not help but color between her brows as disappointment graced her expression. Then, she fell silent.

There was no movement from the car for a while. The waiting crowd started to find it a little odd, and puzzled voices could be heard. Even Mu Lingshi could not help but be worried.

“Alright, Sister-in-law, aren’t we all here? My brother’s still waiting for you. Don’t think too much. We…”

Before Mu Lingshi could finish, a familiar and deep voice was suddenly heard.


Startled, she subconsciously looked up towards the sound of the voice and saw Xi Mushan in a black tuxedo as he stood behind Mu Lingshi. Beside him was Shen Wenna in a Qinghua porcelain patterned qipao !

They seemed travel-worn!

Shen Wenna currently wore a pair of sunglasses as Zhuang Shurong guided her. The few of them looked toward her.

All of them had smiles pasted on their faces as they silently watched her.

Xi Xiaye then jolted back from her shock and quickly got down from the car as she lifted her dress.

She walked up to Shen Wenna, suddenly feeling bitterness in her throat. She softly called out to them, “Father, Mother!”

“Xiaye…” Shen Wenna called out her name too as she subconsciously reached her arms out. Xi Xiaye quickly went up and gently held both her hands. “Mother!”

“I won’t say too much now. I hope that you can be good to yourself. From now on, you have to learn how to be a good wife. Ah Chen’s not bad, so you must be happy with him, got it?”

As Shen Wenna said this, her hands that held Xi Xiaye’s hands suddenly tighteneed.



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