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(Wedding (5)

Xi Xiaye hugged Su Nan and took a deep breath, then patted Su Nan’s shoulder. “I’m not going anywhere. Why are you making this so sad? No matter what, our friendship will last forever. Nothing will ever change it.”

“Alright, Su Nan, you’re overthinking. Husbands and friends don’t conflict with each other. My brother is quite an open person. He never limits Sister-in-law’s freedom even after they got married anyway, so you can always call her up and have fun together.”

Mu Lingshi patted Su Nan’s shoulder as well.

Su Nan sniffled and looked at Xi Xiaye. “That’s a promise then. I don’t mind not being your top priority anymore, but remember that I’m forever a good friend of yours. If you ever feel sad, I’ll always welcome you! But I guess Master Mu won’t let something like this happen, will he?”

Xi Xiaye pursed her lips and nodded.

Su Nan let go of her as she wiped the tears of joy away.

“Okay, it’s about time. Where’s the wedding veil? The wedding veil…”

The bunch started to get busy again.

Xi Xiaye was barely ready when Mu Yuchen’s car arrived outside. The bridesmaids were ready and raring to go as well.

Li Si and Ah Mo knocked on the door.

“Congratulations, Missus! The car is here. Let’s have the bride board quickly. Everyone’s waiting!”

Xi Xiaye walked out of the door slowly with the help of Mu Lingshi and her two other bridesmaids.

The sun shone upon her as she walked down the staircase. With amazing weather, the breeze was cool and gentle, accompanied by a pleasant fragrance in the air. She could also hear the soft susurration of the fountain in front.

The beautifully wedding-decorated car was parked right in front of the fountain with a large fleet of cars escorting behind.

All of this seemed too good to be true.

“Get in, Sister-in-law. It’s quite a long way there! Everyone’s waiting for the most beautiful bride in the world!”

After seeing Xi Xiaye remaining stationary for a while, Mu Lingshi grabbed her hand with a grin.

With a curt nod, Xi Xiaye lifted her long dress and walked slowly to the car. Su Nan and the others got into the car together. Behind them were the bridesmaids, some relatives, and friends.

The car started moving towards their destination.

Soon after the car started moving, Xi Xiaye noticed that she was starting to get nervous. Her palms in the white gloves were sweating as her face started to blush as well.

Mu Lingshi and Su Nan smiled on the inside when they saw her. Su Nan handed Xi Xiaye her phone. Taking it, she then glanced at the both of them before she lowered her head and struggled for quite a while before calling Mu Yuchen.

Mu Yuchen was on the way to their destination when he received Xi Xiaye’s call. His best men Su Chen and Zhou Zimo were sitting beside him.

They were looking dapper in their cool, black suits with a boutonniere in their chest pockets, further complimenting their looks!

Mu Yuchen took his vibrating phone out. When he saw the incoming call, his expression turned gentle as he picked up the call. “Are you ready?”

Xi Xiaye’s anxiety eased a little when she heard the familiar voice. “Yeah, we’re on the way there. What about you?”

“Arriving soon,” he replied.

She frowned slightly and held her chest as she took a deep breath and mumbled, “Mu Yuchen… I… I feel nervous… It feels like I can’t breathe…”

He started laughing. “What’s there to be nervous about? I’m not even nervous about marrying you. It’s just a wedding, alright?”

“I can’t help being nervous. I’m not even this nervous when meeting a big client for the first time!” Xi Xiaye ranted, then she took a deep breath and tried to slow her quick heart rate down.

Su Nan and Mu Lingshi could not hold in their laughter anymore. They covered their mouths and looked at Xi Xiaye.

Mu Yuchen laughed as well while he comforted her, “Your Mr. Mu is a good man. He can be presentable on the outside as well as perform well at household tasks too. You won’t lose anything marrying him. Just remember that. What you need to do next is to hold onto him without letting go. Use all your charm to keep him in check and that’ll be enough. Got it?”


“Okay, stop being nervous. We’ll see each other soon, alright?”


Xi Xiaye calmed down a little after the phone call although Su Nan and Mu Lingshi were still giggling.

On Mu Yuchen’s end, Su Chen and Zhou Zimo smiled as well. They could not imagine that the usual cold Mu Yuchen would be this gentle to a woman.

Could love really change a person so much?

Su Chen thought about the question seriously. He squinted and looked at Mu Yuchen who was still smiling dreamily as he exchanged glances with Zhou Zimo who just gave him a shrug.

Naturally, Mu Yuchen noticed their reactions and he glanced at them. “What are the two of you looking at?”

“What? We found something unimaginable! Did love really just transform you into such a gentle man, Ah Chen?”

Su Chen sounded doubtful. “Are you really so in love with her? Why don’t you tell us what’s so fantastic about her that has made you fall head over heels for her?”

Zhou Zimo nodded as well. “I’m quite curious myself. Maybe your sharing with us can be a reliable reference to us. Looking for a partner can be easier if there’s a target.

Mu Yuchen laughed and shook his head. “Maybe love isn’t about how good that person is. It’s about getting used to that person, so you just like the feeling of being with her. You just want to stay by her side. That’s it.”



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